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Following are the significant rules to Scarab.

  1. The game is always played with 75 paylines.
  2. Wins are left to right only.
  3. The wild may substitute for any symbol except the Scarab and Bonus.
  4. The game goes in 10-spin cycles.
  5. The Scarab symbol serves as a blocker. However, the position on the screen in which a Scarab is appears shall be framed in a golden border for the remainder of the 10-spin cycle.
  6. After the last spin of a cycle, any positions surrounded by a Golden Border shall "unlock" and turn into a wild and the screen scored.
  7. If a Scarab appears in a position that already has a golden border, then nothing happens.
  8. Before the first spin in a cycle, the screen will be reset by erasing all golden borders.
  9. Three or more Bonus symbols trigger the bonus game.
  10. After triggering the Bonus, the player may choose to have 5, 7, or 10 wilds per free spin. The more wilds he chooses, the fewer free games he gets. The specific choices are in the table below.
  11. The Wild symbols may change position in each free game.
  12. Free games may retrigger within the Bonus, up to four times.
  13. The Bonus symbol in a free game shall transform into the Wild symbol, if it helps the player.
  14. The player may play for 75, 150, 225, 300, or 375 credits per bet. The pay table below is based on a 75-credit bet. All wins are proportional to the amount bet. For example, wins for a 375 credit bet are 5x as much as those for a 75-credit bet.


Scarab Bonus Options

5 Wilds 7 Wilds 10 Wilds
5 45 30 15
4 30 20 10
3 15 10 5

Scarab Pay Table

Symbol 5 Pay 4 Pay 3 Pay 2 Pay
Wild 200 50 20 2
Ankh 75 25 5  
Eye 75 25 5  
Pharaoh 60 20 5  
Bird 60 20 5  
Dog 60 20 5  
Cat 60 20 5  
A 30 10 2  
K 30 10 2  
Q 30 10 2  
J 30 10 2  
10 30 10 2  

Rule Screens


scarab pg 1 scarab pg 2 scarab pg 3 scarab pg 4 scarab pg 5 scarab pg 6 scarab pg 7 scarab pg 8 scarab pg 9

Example of Scarab Feature

The following image shows the outcome after the first spin in a cycle. Note a golden border appears around the Scarab in the middle of the bottom row.

example 1

The next image is after the second spin in a cycle. Note the two Scarabs in reel 4 are bordered in gold. In addition, the middle position of the bottom row is also surrounded in gold, from the Scarab found there the previous spin.

scarab example 2

Finally, after the 10th spin, all the positions with a golden border, from Scarabs found over the course of the ten spins, are transformed to gold.

scarab example 3


Most of the time this game is left in a state showing "Game 10 of 10" at the bottom. That refers to the last game played, so the next game would begin a new cycle. You do not want to play unless the previous player was kind enough to leave some wilds for you.

The following is my advice on how many wilds you should require in the first THREE REELS, according to how many games have already been played in the cycle.

  • After game 1 to 4 — Two wilds in first three reels.
  • After game 5 to 9 — Three wilds in first three reels.

You may make your own adjustments if reels 4 and 5 have lots of wilds and it's early in a cycle, but my simple strategy is to ignore those reels.

Final Word

As of this writing, in June 2022, casinos have been known to take countermeasures against players who play slots in an advantage state only, up to barring such players.

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