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Hexbreak3r, also known as Hexbreaker 3, is a popular slot game by IGT that is sometimes in a positive state. This make the game an advantage play sometimes.

The gist of the game is the number of symbols displayed on each reel varies, from 3 to 8. Whenever the player earns a horseshoe symbol, the reel will expand by at least one position, up to a four. When the player earns a horseshoe on a reel that already has eight positions showing, the player will win something and that reel will reset to three positions. When the reels are long enough, the game offers a player advantage.

Base Game Rules

The following are the significant rules to Hexbreak3r. This is not necessarily a complete list, but I believe hits on everything pertinent to the game.

  1. The player may play for 80, 160, 240, 320, or 400 credits. Typically, a credit equals one cent, which means a bet will range from $0.80 to $4.00.
  2. All pay table wins are proportional to bet amount.
  3. There is a separate progressive jackpot for each bet level. Each progressive starts at 141.25x the bet amount.
  4. Any given machine has five separate states, one for each bet choice.
  5. This is a "ways to win" game, as opposed to a payline game.
  6. There are five reels. Each reel can be show three to eight positions.
  7. With the reels of variable length, the number of "ways to win" can range from 35 = 243 to 85 = 32,768.
  8. The horseshoe symbol increases the reel it landed on by at least one position. The increase is usually one or two positions, but I have heard of up to four.
  9. When a reel advances, the horseshoe will advance to above the top symbol on that reel, temporarily leaving a blank position. Then, all symbols below the original location of the horseshoe will move up one position, plus one symbol below the original bottom position on that reel.
  10. Above the eighth position on each reel is the "Luck Zone."
  11. The Luck Zone consists a different win, or bonus, for each reel. The reel 3 position in the Luck Zone is marked with a black cat and always awards the progressive jackpot.
  12. When a horseshoe appears on a reel that already has eight symbols, the player will get the award for that reel. Then, that reel shall reset to three positions high.
  13. The "Bonus" symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 only and occupies three positions on the reels.
  14. If the player gets three entire Bonus symbols, then he shall play the bonus game.
  15. The pay table for the base game is below.
  16. Wins pay in both directions.
  17. The wild symbol may substitute for any symbol except the Bonus and Horseshoe.

Hexbreak3r Pay Table — Initial Spins — 80¢ Bet

Symbol 5 Pay 4 Pay 3 Pay
Black cat 15 15 15
Crow 10 10 10
13 10 10 10
Salt 5 5 5
Voodoo doll 5 5 5
Spade 5 5 5
Heart 5 5 5
Diamond 5 5 5
Club 5 5 5

Bonus Game Rules

The free spins in the Bonus have much the same rules as paid spins, except as noted below.

  1. The Bonus is a free spin game with an indefinite number of spins.
  2. The Bonus starts with five reels of three symbols each at the TOP of the screen.
  3. When the player gets a horseshoe, the reel it appeared on shall expand downward by one position.
  4. The bottom of the screen in the Bonus is known as the Jinx Zone. Each reel in the Jinx Zone shall have a symbol at the bottom.
  5. Some symbols in the Jinx Zone are marked with a symbol that looks like the sun and a fixed win amount. If a reel reaches such a win, the player shall be awarded that amount and that reel reset to three positions.
  6. The middle reel in the Jinx Zone shall be marked with a white cat. If the middle reel reaches the white cat, the player shall win the progressive jackpot. Then, that reel shall reset to three positions.
  7. The other reels shall be marked with the Jolly Roger symbol (skull and bonus). If a reel reaches that symbol, the player will be awarded the fixed prize indicated and the bonus will be over.

Hexbreak3r Pay Table — Free Spins

Symbol 5 Pay 4 Pay 3 Pay
White cat 15 15 15
7 10 10 10
Clover 10 10 10
Lady bug 5 5 5
Lucky penny 5 5 5
Spade 5 5 5
Heart 5 5 5
Diamond 5 5 5
Club 5 5 5

Rule Screens

If my rules above were not clear, I invite to you read the rule screen directly below. Click on any thumbnail for a larger version.

hexbreaker 1 hexbreaker 2 hexbreaker 3 hexbreaker 4 hexbreaker 5 hexbreaker 6 hexbreaker 7 hexbreaker 8 hexbreaker 9 hexbreaker 10 hexbreaker 11 hexbreaker 12 hexbreaker 13 hexbreaker 14 hexbreaker 15 hexbreaker 16 hexbreaker 17 hexbreaker 18 hexbreaker 19


Please take the following advice with a grain, no make that a teaspoonful, of salt. This analysis is based on educated guessing and the advice of some advantage players who have been generous with their advice, unlike most AP's. Please also use your best judgement as well to determine when the odds are in your favor.

For my advice on when to play, I define the "combinations" as the product of the reel lengths shown across all five reels. For example, in the image below, the number of combinations is 6*4*3*6*6 = 2,592. This figure is also conveniently shown in the lower left side of the game screen.

I shall refer to the "height" of a reel as how many positions are shown. For example, in the image below the height of reel 1 is 6.

hexbreaker -- full game

The advice given is for the average casino, which I assume to have an RTP (Return to Player) of 90%, including the value of points. In borderline line cases, the player should be more inclined to player at generous casinos and less at stingy ones.

That said, my preliminary advice on Hexbreak3r is to play if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The number of combinations is at least 3,500.
  • The height of reel 3 is at least six. Five is borderline.
  • Any reel is under a Bonus in the Luck Zone has a height of eight.
  • If reel 2 or 4 has a height of 8 and is under a win the Luck Zone of at least 20x the bet.

Please note that the reels advance at different rates. Reel 3 advances very slowly, about 1 position every 1,900 spins. Reels 2 and 4 advance the fastest. In general, the faster the reel advances, the lower the prize in the Luck Zone.

It should be noted that the game in the panel of the game where the player chooses how many credits to bet, the game will usually illuminate at least one in yellow and the words "hot bet." I am not sure what criteria need to be meet to be considered a "hot bet." Do with this information as you wish.

hexbreaker -- buttons

Final Word

As of this writing, in June 2022, casinos have been known to take countermeasures against players who play slots in an advantage state only, up to barring such players.

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