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Slot Machine Appendix 3F


Miscellaneous Slot Return Percentage

A 5 Canadian cents Leopard Spots machine tested had a return of 89.975%. 5 Canadian cents are equivalent to 3.15 U.S. cents.

Observations: Montreal only has one casino, the Casino du Montreal, which has mostly 3-reel slots. I could only find two banks of nickel video slots, which contained among other games Leopard Spots. This is another type of Leopard Spots than they have in Las Vegas. In Vegas the bonus spins are free and in Montreal the player must still pay for them. If you do play this game in Montreal be sure to not walk away from a machine that still has bonus spins on it. An interesting thing about this game is that although the player bet in nickels the game returned quarters when the player cashes out.

Monte Carlo

A 0.50 Euro Texas Tea machine tested had a return of 92.504%. At the time I played 0.50 Euros were equivalent to 50.77 U.S. cents.

Observations: Like Montreal, Monte Carlo has mostly 3-reel slots. However I did find some video slots at the Sun Casino, including a Texas Tea, which I was able to test. It should come as no surprise that the game coinage was 0.50 Euros, all games carry very high minimums in Monte Carlo. I also checked the Casino Monte Carlo and the Casino du Paris, which did not have any video slots. The Sporting casino I never checked.

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