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When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals across online casinos, South African players have difficulty finding a proper payment solution to use, since there's not that much choice; but anyone that can find SnapScan in their chosen casino’s accepted methods page, should be over the moon happy for it and stick to that site. This is a modern, ever-evolving mobile payment app that has been around for a decade now, so it is quite popular with South Africans already. It is just now getting the recognition it deserves across online casinos catering to players from the country, so if haven’t found it so far, don’t despair; many South African casinos have started adding it to their lists of accepted methods, so you’ll have plenty of sites to explore to join one. What is SnapScan and why should you choose it as your payment method across online casinos that accept South African players?

About SnapScan

Already a decade operating, SnapScan waslaunched in 2013 with one purpose only: to make the everyday transactions of millions of South Africans easier and faster. It is a mobile payment app that allows South Africans to pay quickly, safely, and most importantly, in the easiest way possible, via their mobile devices.

Designed in collaboration with Standard Bank with headquarters in Cape Town, it is one of the first mobile payment applications that appeared in the country ten years ago. But thanks to its rich history, the solution already has established a nice reputation for itself. Leveraging the bank’s expertise and infrastructure, the app changed the way users pay and get paid online, as the company behind it wants to call it “one snap at a time”.

Becoming a household name, the app is currently being used by millions of South Africans and offered by more than 60,000 merchants. Its merchant network is nationwide and never stops growing, as is its user base, with more and more users choosing it over any other solution to make the smoothest online transactions.

Its dedicated, problem-solving team continues passionately inventing and finding new ways for safer, faster, and easier online transactions. They make sure users get to transact online without having to share cards or bank account details with the merchants whenever they need to pay for or purchase something. As if that wasn’t enough, the team also continuously seeks ways to eliminate complex fees and any types of barriers users might bump into, in order to make their experience better each time they decide to transact via the app.

Now that you know so much about it already, it is time to learn how to use it, and we’ll cover that next. But first, let us get your attention here for a minute. Before you finally decide that this is a solution you’d like to use, let us give you one more reason why you should consider it. The app is offered across the top South African casinos, and what’s more, it is offered for both deposits AND withdrawals! Even though mobile payment apps normally process deposits only, SnapScan will actually be your option for cashouts, too! You’re convinced now, right? So, let’s see the steps you need to take to get started with it.

Getting Started with It

SnapScan is actually an all-encompassing mobile payment app, so to get started with it, you first need to decide on the services you wish to use. So, first and foremost, make sure you visit its official website to look over the different functionalities and services it offers you to experience the most effortless funds management and the smoothest transactions.

Go to the Make Payments page and you will find out that with the app, you can make fast payments by scanning the SnapCode, which is a unique QR code designed via its infallible software. Then, you will see that you can download its free app, use its Wallet service, and even link cards to it, issued by any bank in South Africa. South Africans, on that note, can also use the Prepaid products for paying airtime, data, bills, parking, electricity, and donations, among other things.

So, go to Google Play, Apple App Store, or Huawei AppGallery and download the app for your smartphone, respectively. Assuming you have a South African mobile phone SIM card and a credit/debit card, you are pre-equipped with what you need to get started.

Scan your card or manually enter the card details and with that, you’re ready to use the solution! Now, you can start paying with your card by scanning the previously mentioned SnapCodes, but this is a more popular way for land-based payments. The merchants provide these codes upon payment completion, so you just quickly scan them and that’s it.

By default, when paying with the app, the card you last used is the default payment source. If you wish to use the Wallet, you need to select it first. The Wallet functions very similarly to your normal online banking profile, so you can easily receive and send money to and from it. You just need to enter your app, press “Wallet” on the home screen and you’ll see different features it offers, among which we can mention the one that interests us the most, the “Receive” money feature. With it, you can have someone send money to your Wallet just by scanning your QR code.

Meaning, with this feature, you can successfully make withdrawals from an online casino! The operator can scan your code and send you your winnings. Or, you can send the operator a link via SMS or Whatsapp to send you your money. There’s a catch though; to use this feature, you must have verified your account first. You have to link a bank account to the Wallet and scan your South African ID so that the money can be withdrawn to your South African bank account.

On that note, we should mention the supported banks for the feature, which are Investec, Sasfin, Standard Bank, Sasfin, FNB, Capitec, Discovery Bank Limited, ABSA, and African Bank. All of these offer the feature and charge a 3.5% withdrawal fee.

Finally, we must mention the last way you can make a payment, without scanning. You can request the merchant or in our case the operator, to send you a SnapLink via social media, email, or SMS. You'd then just need to tap the link to complete the payment, since you'll be redirected to the Pay screen on your app. Decide on the option to go with, and you'll be ready to actually start using the solution across all South African casinos that accept it. In fact, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to actually do it.

How to Make a Deposit at Online Casinos with SnapScan?

As mentioned already, SnapScan is getting an increased popularity across South African casinos. Operators wishing to cater to South African players in the best way possible are certainly adding it to their accepted methods lists. One casino we can mention, which surely accepts it, is Tusk Casino. So, make sure you check out at least several sites to find the one that you want to join and register an account with it.

You can rest assured that any casino that offers it is a registered merchant to its ever-growing merchant network, meaning you will both be allowed to use both the link and the scan option upon payment. Therefore, choose the option you wish to go with and proceed to make a deposit with SnapScan:

  1. Go to your chosen casino’s Cashier page and look for SnapScan’s logo.
  2. Press it, and you’ll see a pop-up with a link or a ScanCode.
  3. Specify how much you wish to deposit and complete the payment via your Wallet or card.
  4. Authenticate the transaction and watch the money arrive on your casino balance instantly!

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

We basically already explained how the withdrawal procedure would go with this solution, but let’s repeat the steps in casino terms. So, select the solution as your Withdrawal payment method and open your app. Go to the “Receive” money option, and specify how much you wish to cash out. The operator can use the QR code or link option to send you your winnings to your Wallet, via SMS or WhatsApp. Once the operator approves the request and authenticates the payment, the money will arrive in your Wallet, and from there, it will be transferred to your chosen bank account so that you can cash it out whenever you want.

Fees and Limits

We already mentioned the 3.5% withdrawal fee which applies when you make a withdrawal to your bank account, when we talked about verification and bank account linking.

Now, other than that fee, no extra fees would apply when using this amazing mobile payment app. It is free to download the app but keep in mind that a test payment of ZAR2 will be deducted from your account to inspect whether the account is working properly, but these will be returned almost instantly to your account.

Allowed Countries

It goes without saying that SnapScan is only available in South Africa. Only South African players across online casinos can access it and be able to use its services.

Therefore, unless you are such a player, you would need to look for a different solution to use at your chosen online casino, since this one is of limited availability when it comes to allowed countries.

Available Currencies

Given all that you’ve read so far, you’ve probably already gathered that the South African rand is the only currency you could use when using SnapScan.

Considering it is a solution that only works in South Africa, transactions are processed in ZAR, and no foreign currencies are supported; this means that if your bank account is in a foreign currency, you’d need to pay unnecessary conversion fees, so the wisest thing to do is to link an account in your native currency.

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Does SnapScan offer Customer Support?

Sure thing. The solution offers a Support team, at your disposal in a snap, via the email address [email protected] and the phone number +27(0)212500960.

Is the solution available on social media?

Yes, indeed, it is. Since this is a modern solution, with mostly millennials as its users, it is available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to share news and developments with them on a daily basis.

Can I explore SnapScan’s official website or the app itself in Afrikaans or Zulu?

No, not really. Both the website and the app are only available in English. But this should pose no problems for you, since after all, English is the second-best most-spoken official language in South Africa.

Can I link only one credit/debit card to my app or more?

You can, in fact, link up to three credit/debit cards. What’s more, you can even change those cards, meaning remove one and add a new one, and you can do it three times a month.

What means of protection does SnapScan implement?

First of all, all transactions you’re making via the app and all card details on it are encrypted. Secondly, just like with any app, you can add an extra level of protection by enabling the fingerprint/FaceID or PIN authorization before transactions are completed.