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In the online gambling industry, where things are evolving and improving all the time to attend to players’ needs, hundreds of payment methods have appeared in the past few years, each more modern and contemporary than the other.

Since cryptocurrencies have entered the industry, payment methods providers have outdone themselves trying to include them in their offering. But what online casino players need is more than just the ability to make payments with cryptocurrencies only. They want the ability to transact with both fiat and digital currencies using one payment solution. And they want the entire transaction process to be fee-free and fast. And while you might think that that’s a lot to ask, there’s one solution that can actually provide you with all of this, NeroPay. This is a solution designed a few years ago which has met all the requirements an online casino player would set. Why choose NeroPay to use across online casinos?

About NeroPay

As introduced, NeroPay is the solution you need if you’re in a search of a banking method that will provide you with fast and secure transactions, at no cost, allowing for transactions with both fiat and cryptocurrencies. It was launched in 2018 by a company controlled by the Malta Financial Services Authority since Malta has embraced crypto completely. Genesis Finance Ltd is registered under the laws of Singapore, and it is a company that has done the impossible: it has created a perfect payment solution. The solution, however, is available across all EEA countries, but not globally.

Essentially, NeroPay is an eWallet which works just like any other out there. However, it is an eWallet that will provide you with so many perks others cannot. For starters, it is available for both mobile and desktop devices. You can download its app from Google Play Store and Apple Store, depending on whether you have an Android or an iOS-powered mobile device. As soon as you do, in just a few moments, you’ll be able to both receive and send money with it.

Secondly, it is a solution that charges zero fees for its regular services. For regular transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals across online casinos, you won’t need to pay any fees. Naturally, if you choose to use its premium services, fees would apply, but if you use it for standard deposits and withdrawals, there will be no fees.

And finally, one of the greatest benefits you’ll get for using it is the fact that you can transact with it with both fiat and digital currencies. This means that, whenever you come across an online casino that accepts both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, you can use the same solution to, say, use euro for deposits and Bitcoin for withdrawals. And as such, it is an incredibly convenient payment method to be used across online casinos.

Getting Started with It

NeroPay, as mentioned, is a solution available in all EEA countries. Therefore, the first requirement you need to meet is to be a citizen of one of those European countries. As long as you are, you can start your registration process. Naturally, since it is an eWallet, you’ll need to create your eWallet account. You can start the procedure on its official website or by downloading the app, as explained earlier. The website is available in eight mainstream languages, so you can choose your native for easier navigation. Whichever you choose, you’ll get detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to get done with the process.

Once your eWallet is ready, you’ll get an IBAN (International Bank Account Number), which you’ll further need in order to receive and send money from your eWallet. The final step would be receiving a Validation Code on your mobile phone via an SMS. You’ll need to enter that code in order to activate your account.

When it comes to funding your eWallet, you’ll get several popularly-used payment solutions to use. Direct bank transfer, of course, would be an option, but so would credit and debit cards. Cryptocurrencies would also be your option. Bear in mind, though, that the default currency of NeroPay is the euro, so if you choose to use any other fiat or digital currency, you'd need to pay currency conversion fees.

As soon as your eWallet is activated and loaded with money, you can start using it across online casino sites, but across many other online platforms, as well.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with NeroPay?

Your eWallet account is up and ready, and now the time has come for you to start using it across online casino sites. The first thing to do, of course, is to find an online casino that accepts the eWallet. Even though a fairly new solution, many online casinos have integrated it for its instant and secure transactions. The list of casinos that accept it continues growing, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to find one that you’d like to join.

Once you join a casino, you’ll see that the depositing process will start right away. Upon registration, you’ll be asked to choose a default payment method. If not, do the following:

  1. Log into your online casino account and head over to the Banking/Cashier/Deposit section.
  2. From the list of accepted payment methods and eWallets, choose NeroPay.
  3. A new window will open where you'll need to log into your eWallet account.
  4. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit on your online casino balance.
  5. Confirm the transaction and you’ll see the money arriving on your balance in an instant.

How to Withdraw with It?

Clearly, the depositing process is pretty intuitive, but so is the withdrawing process, as essentially, you would need to repeat the same steps. Naturally, instead of looking for it in the Deposit Methods section, look for it in the Withdrawal section. From there, you know the drill.

The casino would have to review your withdrawal request to see whether you have any bonus terms and requirements left unmet and whether you have enough money to cash out. As soon as it approves your request, the money will arrive on your eWallet in a few hours or a couple of days.

One thing to remember, though, is to check with the casino whether it accepts NeroPay for withdrawals. Casinos have different policies and terms when it comes to payment methods, so even though the eWallet allows you to both send and receive money, the casino may not accept it for withdrawals.


This eWallet, as mentioned, does not charge you a fee for the basic services. Therefore, there will be no account activation fee, no annual or monthly maintenance fee and no upgrades fee. Depositing at an online casino is free, and so is withdrawing.

Account to account transfers are free if you’re the receiver, but if you are the sender, a €1 fee would apply. The earlier mentioned premium services go from €15 to €70, depending on the resources used and the relevance of the services. Also, SEPA transfers are subject to a fee, which varies depending on the amount of money being transferred. If you're curious to know more about these fees, make sure you explore NeroPay’s official website.

Allowed Countries

Since it is a solution available in the EEA countries only, all of the other countries are restricted. However, as long as you’re a player from the following countries, you can freely use NeroPay.

The countries where you can use the eWallet are Sweden, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Republic of Cyprus, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Luxembourg, Finland, Malta, France, Lithuania, Germany, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Hungary and Ireland.

Available Currencies

The default currency of the eWallet is the euro, as this is the currency mainly used across the allowed countries.

However, the respective currencies of these countries are available, as well. Bear in mind that if you choose to use a currency different from the euro, you would need to pay a currency exchange fee.

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How can I be certain my funds would be safe with NeroPay?

The eWallet is protected with highly-secure firewalls and employs plenty of algorithms and encryption protocols to ensure your money is kept safe, plus it is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, so you can rest assured that your transactions are secure.

How old should I be to be eligible to register an account?

The age limit is 18 years old or older, as stated in the European laws. But that's also the age limit across most online casinos, so unless you're 18 or older, you can expect to create an account neither with the eWallet nor with any online casino.

Is it possible to use a different method to fund my eWallet account than those offered?

If you get in touch with the Customer Support agents, you may find a way to use a different method to fund your account other than bank transfer, credit and debit cards, sure.

Can I have more than one NeroPay account?

No, absolutely not. Due to regulatory and safety reasons, only one account is permitted per user. You cannot have two accounts under your name.

Is there any limit as to how much I can fund my eWallet account with?

As a matter of fact, yes. You can load up to €50,000 in one calendar year. If you exceed that limit, your account will be automatically blocked by NeroPay’s team. You can then contact its Customer Support agents to receive instructions on how to unblock your account.

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