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When it comes to choosing the proper payment method to use across online casinos, players are often doubting which one would suit them most, based on country availability, first and foremost, but there's one option that is globally accepted you should consider, MoneyGram. This is a global money transfer service operating literally all over the world, with maybe a few country exceptions, which you could consider using, as it will provide you with the most effortless transactions. Why choose to use MoneyGram across online casinos?

About MoneyGram

Every single human being on the planet has used or at least heard of MoneyGram, the most impeccable global money transfer service out there. You've at least seen its logo walking down the street of your hometown, that's for sure since the solution is basically everywhere! It started out in the US, even though today, it is available all over the world.

A Minneapolis-based money order company called Travelers Express, founded in 1940, acquired the solution back in 1998 when it merged with Integrated Payment Systems Inc. The company started expanding with time and by 2004, it became available globally, changing its legal name to MoneyGram International.

Back in the day, as said, you could use it by going physically to one of its land-based stores wherever you saw its logo, but since it became a leading digital P2P payments provider, it went online, too. Leveraging its API-driven and contemporary platform and partnering with all kinds of world-class brands to offer its direct-to-consumer service, its retail network became huge, counting over 150 million users.

Thanks to all of this, today, you can simply create an account with it, specify how much money you’d want to send and to whom, how they would like to cash it out, and then simply pay with your card or directly from your bank account, to make a smooth online transaction with it. You can easily do that via its official website or its dedicated Android and iOS mobile apps, and just by filling out the required details, your transfer will be on its way. You can even track it!

Knowing all of this, it is not hard to deduce that the solution has widely spread across the online gambling industry. With its already-strong land-based presence and its availability online, MoneyGram is today listed across the top online casinos all over the world, as one of the best money transfer services players from anywhere can use for deposits and withdrawals. It is one of the most reliable, cost-efficient and safest money transfer services out there, so in case you wish to get started with it and use it for your online casino transactions, stay with us to learn how to do it.

Getting Started with It

We just mentioned that you could visit one of its official stores to request a transfer physically, or you can do it online. We'll now go over the steps you'd need to make in both cases so that you have all the information you need and decide which way would suit you better.

Either way, make sure you first visit its official website. Once there, you can either start the registration procedure for the online option or locate the Locations tool to type in your address and find the nearest branch where you can request a transfer. If you go with the offline option, you'd need to visit that branch, give the desk clerk the needed transfer details, and pay either with cash or a card. As simple as that!

If you go with the online option, you’d need to register your account with the solution, either right there on the website or by downloading one of its dedicated apps. It is totallyfree creating an account with it, and you can do it just by entering your phone number, email address and password. After you accept the solution’s T&C, your account will be up and running.

You’ve finally come to the step where you make your request. As mentioned, you’d need to enter the amount you wish to send, to whom, and then select the way the recipient would like to receive the money. The solution will calculate the exact amount of money you’d need to deposit, fees included. Using your card or directly via your bank account, make the payment. When it comes to the fees involved, these would depend on the currency, the amount of money being sent and the methods used in the process. Get the receipt and keep it, since there, you’ll have the reference number you’d need to send to the recipient to successfully receive the transfer.

Even though fees are charged, MoneyGram gives you 20% off the fee for your next transfer after you’ve signed up for an account. You’ll be also getting Plus Rewards, special perks and advantages to get an even better experience. These change constantly, so you’ll be in for a real treat! If convinced that this is a solution you’d love to use, let’s cover the actual depositing and withdrawing processes across online casinos with it.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with MoneyGram?

We said that the solution is accepted all over the world, and as such, it is one of the most popular online casino payment methods. Thanks to its global availability, operators list it on their accepted payment methods list, to attend to their global players. Players, too, like using it, and that’s why you’ll find the solution accepted across the very best online casinos. Make sure you find the right online casino for you to join and create your account with it.

To make a deposit with MoneyGram, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to the online casino’s Deposit/Banking page.
  2. Locate MoneyGram’s logo and click or tap on it.
  3. In the pop-up, log into your account.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and the casino's information (if not pre-entered, contact its Customer Support to give you the details).
  5. After fees are added and the total is calculated, complete the transfer by paying via your card or bank account.
  6. The money will reach your casino balance as soon as the casino receives the reference number.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

While many money transfer services are not an option for cashouts, you can certainly make withdrawals with MoneyGram. In fact, this is one of the preferred USA method for withdrawals! Players from other places across the globe also like using it, so if one, here’s what you need to do.

You’d need to go through the exact same steps as described for depositing, except this time, you’d need to specify to the casino how much you’d want to withdraw. After you receive the reference number, enter it in the required field and the money will arrive on the method you chose to use.

Fees and Limits

As said, creating an account with MoneyGram is free. However, we mentioned that fees do apply when making transfers with it.

These fees depend on your country of residence, the currency, the amount you’re sending and to whom, meaning how the recipient chose to receive the payment. These are calculated right there on the spot, after you enter the amount you wish to send, so, in case the fee doesn’t work for you, you can always choose not to send the transfer after all, and look for an alternative solution with lesser fees.

Allowed Countries

Even though launched in the US, MoneyGram is certainly a solution you’ll find all over the world. Seriously, just get out of your house and turn the next corner, and voila, you’ll find at least one MoneyGram branch!

Since it went online, though, its availability was further strengthened, so you can rest assured that no matter your country, you will be able to use the solution for the most seamless online casino transactions.

Available Currencies

Since this is a global solution, offered all over the world, you probably gathered that most, if not all, of the world's currencies, are available currencies to transact with.

Of course, we mentioned that the fee charged will also depend on the currency used, so the currency you choose will affect the fee, keep that in mind.

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Are the fees charged hefty or symbolic?

You’d need to visit its official website, enter all the details needed for the transfer, and you’ll see the fee calculated for you. But to give you a clearer picture, MoneyGram charges pretty reasonable fees compared to its rivals. Keep in mind that the fees charged are transfer fees, depending on many factors, but we wouldn’t say they are hefty; on the contrary, they are pretty affordable.

Will I find the solution on social media?

Sure thing! MoneyGram is a global, popular money transfer service with a strong online presence, available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

In which languages will I be able to explore its website?

In addition to the globally-used English, you can explore its website in Spanish, too. No other language options will be available.

Which are some of the currencies I could use to transact using the solution?

As said, all of the world’s currencies are your options, so you can certainly use US dollars, euros, UK pounds, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, etc.

Does MoneyGram offer Customer Support?

Sure. Once on its website, at the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find the Help Centre page, where you can find the FAQs section, the Contact Us on-site contact form as well as many other pages to go through to find any answers you might need.

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