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What's New with Baccarat at the Wizard of Odds

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Mar 9

Jackpot Baccarat: Side bet seen at Harrah's Las Vegas

Jan 31

Dragon Dragon Baccarat Progressive: New side bet seen at the Gold Coast.


Oct 25

Baccarat Natural Hand Side Bets: Side bets on a natural 8 or 9 in baccarat.

Jan 11

Lucky Max: Baccarat side bets seen at the Gold Coast.


Dec 29

Power 8's: Baccarat side bet seen in South Africa

Nov 20

Super 6: Side bet seen on the U.K. variant of commission-free baccarat.

Nov 2

Quik Baccarat: Side bet seen at the Palace Station.

May 26

Pala Interactive Commission Free Baccarat: Banker wins on 8 pay1 to 2.

Jan 15

Lucky Draw Baccarat: Baccarat variant seen in the UK and Australia.


Nov 12

Baccarat side bets: Playtech side bets added: Big, Small, Either Pair, Perfect Pair


Feb 23

Baccarat calculator: Odds for any distribution of remaining cards.

Jan 30

EZ-9: Baccarat/pan variant seen at the Hollywood Park casino.


Oct 15

Baccarat game: Featuring a full history display and odds calculator.

Sep 27

Baccarat calculator: Get the odds for any deck composition.

Aug 16

Baccarat Statistics Monitors: If you don't know a Big Eye Boy from a Cockroach Pig, this page is for you.

Jul 21

2 to 1 Baccarat: Baccarat variant seen in Australia

May 31

Power Baccarat 98: Baccarat variant in Singapore with higher pays.

May 14

7 Up Baccarat: Baccarat variant where the first Player card is always a seven.


Oct 21

Card Counting the Panda 8 Side Bet in EZ Baccarat: Card Counting the Panda 8 Side Bet in EZ Baccarat

Oct 3

Card Counting the Dragon Side Bet in EZ Baccarat: How to gain the advantage against the Dragon Bet in EZ Baccarat

Aug 9

Matching Dragon: Countable baccarat side bet in Macau.

Mar 1

Baccarat Insurance: Mid-state baccarat bets offered in Asia.


Oct 5

Baccarat Gold: Baccarat variant seen in California.


Dec 5

New Baccarat Side Bets: Three new side bets seen for baccarat in the San Diego casinos: Lucky Bonus, Three-Card Six, and Dragon Bet.


Aug 12

3 Card Baccarat: Baccarat variation seen in Macau.