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Asia Live Tech Progressive


Asia Live Tech Progressive

What I call the Asia Live Tech Progressive is a side bet I saw at an Internet casino using live dealers by Asia Live Tech. They just called it the "progressive," so the rest of the title is mine. It is a pair of side bets, one on the Player hand and the other on the Banker, that win if the chosen side is a king-9.


The Asia Live Tech progressive is based on standard eight-deck baccarat rules, which I assume the reader is familiar with. There are actually two bets, one on the Player hand and one on the Banker hand. The pay table is as follows, based on the side chosen.

  • King-9 spaded beats any natural 9 — Pays progressive jackpot
  • Colored or spaded king-9 on — Pays 50 for 1
  • Mixed colored king-9 on — Pays 30 for 1

The Asia Live Tech rules seem to state the player may bet on one side only, although I don't see why they require this. Their flat bet amount if $0.50.


Asia Live Tech Progressive

Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
K-9 spaded beats any natural 9 Jackpot 514,112 0.000070 ?
Colored K-9 50 43,257,280 0.005862 0.293088
Mixed K-9 25 43,771,392 0.005931 0.148285
Other 0 7,292,040,336 0.988137 0.000000
Total 7,379,583,120 1.000000 0.441373 + ?

For every 1,000 bets in the jackpot meter, the return goes up by 7.0%. It reaches breakeven at 8,019 bets.