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Duo Bao Analyzed for Better Gameplay


Duo Bao Analyzed for Better Gameplay

If my Chinese is right, Duo Bao means Many Treasure. It is a baccarat game with several poker-based side bets. Since the baccarat rules are the same as conventional baccarat, I shall file this game as a collection of baccarat side bets.

I'm not sure where these side bets can be found but judging by the Duo Bao web site, they seem to be casting their net all over Asia.


  1. The games is based on conventional baccarat with eight decks of cards.
  2. All bets may make use of any Player or Banker card.
  3. Bets on poker hands normally requiring five cards still do. In particular, a straight, flush, straight flush, or royal flush must be composed of at least five cards.
  4. Wins for a three of a kind to five of a kind must contain at least that many cards but may contain more. For example, the three of a kind bet would win in the event of a four of a kind.
  5. The straight flush bet wins in the event of a royal flush. Bets on a straight and flush win in the event of a straight flush or royal flush.



The following table shows the probability and house edge of each available bet. Pays are on a "to one" basis. The inverse column is the inverse of the probability, or the average number of hands between wins. The number of winning permutation is out of a possible 4,998,398,275,503,360.

Duo Bao Analysis

Bet Pays Permutations Probability Inverse House Edge
Six of a kind 60000 5,872,124,160 0.00000117 851,208 92.95%
Five of a kind 2000 356,942,987,520 0.00007141 14,003 85.71%
Four of a kind 200 12,630,904,546,560 0.00252699 396 49.21%
Three of a kind 15 261,128,938,702,080 0.05224252 19 16.41%
Royal flush 20000 27,068,989,440 0.00000542 184,654 89.17%
Straight flush 5000 118,177,136,640 0.00002364 42,296 88.18%
Full house 60 41,531,141,836,800 0.00830889 120 49.32%
Flush 75 33,091,507,833,600 0.00662042 151 49.68%
Straight 100 24,432,592,551,936 0.00488808 205 50.63%

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