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Monkey 6


Monkey 6 is a side bet offered on Monkey Baccarat, a commission-free form of the game, that pushes a winning 3-card Banker 7. The rules are below.

As of this writing, in November 2019, I am aware of a placement at the Commerce Casino in the Los Angeles area.


As usual when writing about baccarat, I capitalize the names of the Player and Banker bets and use lower case to refer to those playing the game, to avoid confusion.

A "Monkey" in baccarat is a term for any face card. A 10 is not considered a Monkey for purposes of the Monkey 6 side bet.

  1. The Monkey 6 can be found on games titled Monkey Baccarat.
  2. Eight decks are used.
  3. Monkey Baccarat follows standard baccarat drawing rules, which I assume the reader is familiar with.
  4. Banker wins in Monkey Baccarat pay even money, except a 3-card winning Banker total of 7 is a push.
  5. The Monkey 6 side bet wins if all of the following conditions are met:
    • A total of six cards are in play, between the Player and Banker hands.
    • The Player's third card is not a Monkey.
    • The Banker's third card is a Monkey.
  6. Wins pay 12 to 1.


The following table shows my analysis of the Monkey 6 baccarat. The lower right cell shows that when wins pay 12 to 1 the house edge is 23.14% (ouch!).

Monkey 6 Return Table

Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
Win 12 295,533,789,192,192 0.059126 0.709508
Loss -1 4,702,864,486,311,170 0.940874 -0.940874
Total   4,998,398,275,503,360 1.000000 -0.231366

The following table shows the house edge for every pay from 12 to 15 to 1.

Monkey 6 House Edge

Win Pays House Edge
12 23.14%
13 17.22%
14 11.31%
15 5.40%

Effect of Removal

The advanced readers *ahem* may be interested in the effect of removing any given card from the shoe. The following table shows the effect on the player's expected return by removing a single card from the shoe (so positive is good for the player). I'll leave further analysis on the topic as an exercise for the reader.

Effect of Removal

Win Pays House Edge
10 0.0000580
Ace 0.0000578
2 0.0000241
3 0.0000346
4 0.0000385
5 0.0000655
6 0.0001636
7 0.0001875
8 0.0003183
9 0.0002851
Face -0.0004110

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