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Siru Mobile is a new online payment processor that allows for the mobile transfer of money. The service was launched in Finland in 2011 and has become popular throughout Europe and Asia. The company’s Siru Mobile Gateway and Wallet products facilitate deposits and payouts between players and casinos.

Under the product, funds are transferred instantly and have no additional fees associated with them. This is a new payment processor that’s being widely adopted by betting sites.

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How does Siru Mobile work with a specific mobile payment that needs to be processed?

Basically, Siru Mobile functions on the principle of charging users from their phone bill. So, all you need to do to use it at any of the chosen e-commerce platforms, online casinos or retailers is to head over to the banking page and select it from the list of payment methods. Don’t forget to specify the amount you need to pay or deposit into the respective online account and confirm the transaction.

The best part about this process is that you wouldn’t need to go through any registration beforehand. This eliminates additional login username and password information to remember, and makes the whole payment procedure even more simple and straightforward.

In which countries is Siru Mobile available nowadays and through which mobile operators?

Siru Mobile is headquartered in Helsinki, and has so far managed to set up operations across Finland, Norway and the UK. It is oriented towards expanding into new markets in Europe and Asia, but currently only UK online casino players will be able to make use of the benefit of easy and secure mobile payments on the go.

T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, DNA, Elisa and Telia are just some of the mobile operators that have partnered with the service. The bulk of them include the most popular operators in the Nordic region and the UK, meaning most mobile users are also able to make payments via Siru.

What kind of deposit amount limits are applicable with Siru Mobile payments?

Siru Mobile deposits can be made up to a specific limit, after which you would need to wait for a 30-day period to have the balance available again, after making your deposit while the limit is full. Thus, users from the UK are restricted to 80 GBP in24 hours, and 500 GBP per 30 days, while users in Sweden can make daily payments up to 1500 SEK, and 30-day payments to the amount of 4500 SEK.

For users from Finland, there are different limits depending on the user’s profile; in this regard, new users are limited to 70 EUR in 24 hours, and 150 EUR in 30 days for the first 90 days of using the service. Afterwards, their limits increase to 300 EUR in 30 days.

This still fits the needs of most mobile casino players, as the respective operators normally consider the entertainment factor of their gambling content and accept relatively low deposit limits. Nevertheless, big spenders and ‘notorious’ casino highrollers could end up feeling largely constrained by these terms.

What are MySiru and Siru Wallet; are they the same as Siru Mobile?

Aside from the initial Siru Mobile payment processing service, the company additionally went on to provide some more services. MySiru is just and online access, profile for Siru Mobile payment services, allowing them to gain full overview of transactions and limits.

As for the Siru Wallet, it is a dedicated e-wallet service, functioning like any other, only straight from your smartphone or tablet. For this service, you will need to choose a deposit method and top up the Siru Wallet account before using it at online merchant platforms.

What fees are users subject to when using Siru Mobile as a payment method?

These payments are widely known to be accessible for all user types, meaning they come with low or non-existing fees. Still, it is best to check it out for yourself, since the official site claims that, upon each payment, users are charged the full amount of the purchase or deposit, a transaction fee, as well as an operator subscription fee (possibly).

The transaction fee varies depending on the product in question, as well as the platform where you are paying with the help of Siru Mobile. Even at that, you will still be provided the full amount of the fee, and the total charge for the payment process upon checkout, rather than being subject to unexpected costs once the charge is complete.