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Going over online casinos to join, Malaysian players need to look for such sites that offer convenient payment methods to use for deposits and withdrawals and choose a site that offers DuitNow. This is one of the most commonly-used payment solutions across the country, convenient for online casino transactions. It is super-easy to use and offered by most, if not all, Malaysian banks, therefore, all players need to do is select it as their payment method to enjoy seamless online casino deposits and withdrawals. What is DuitNow and why choose to use it as your payment method across online casinos?

About DuitNow

Launched a few years back, in late 2018, DuitNow is a convenient payment method offering Malaysian users the most effortless online banking. It was launched by PayNet, which is a network of financial institutions, with major banks being shareholders, which is also the name behind other leading systems like GIRO, FPX, MyDebit, JomPay. It goes without saying that these systems handle basically most if not all, digital transactions in Malaysia.

Everyone that holds an account with any Malaysian bank can use DuitNow. In fact, upon its launch, all major Malaysian banks were heavily promoting it via SMSs to their users. Considering this is an instant payment system, it is actually an eWallet that can be funded with ShopeePay, MAE, GrabPay, Maybank, CIMB, Boost and Touch’n GO, all well-established solutions across the country.

Although an eWallet, the solution is mostly used by users to make swift and secure bank transfers, with users only providing a mobile number of IC Number, to be elaborated on later. It was designed to be incredibly easy to use, therefore, users can use several identifiers in order to complete a transaction, not only these two, but also army/police number, MYKad/passport number or business registration number, depending on their preferences.

In fact, PayNet’s whole point for creating this solution was to facilitate users' experience by allowing them to make quick transactions without needing to remember or write down the recipient's details like bank account numbers. It was designed in a way that only the proper ID would do for the transaction to succeed, helping those forgetful users who don’t want to go through exhausting processes of filling out long forms with needed banking details.

While the DuitNow Transfer is the most popularly used solution, you also have DuitNow QR and DuitNow Request to use in case you ever need them. We’ll elaborate on them more soon, but for now, you should know that the Transfer solution is mostly used across online casinos accepting players from Malaysia. In fact, all online casinos that cater to Malaysian players offer it, due to the ease of use and convenience it provides players for safe and instant transactions. If you’re interested in using it, continue reading to figure out all details about it.

Getting Started with It

The first thing you should know about DuitNow is that you won’t need to register an account with it to use it for deposits. If you are already a bank account holder and you have installed your bank's app on your mobile device, you can start using it right away. Additional steps need to be made for using the different products and for withdrawals, but we’ll cover them all next.

To start using the Transfer product, you’d need to log into your online banking profile, locate the solution’s icon and enter the transfer details, like how much needs to be sent and the recipient’s DuitNow ID. You can send money to any entity that has such an ID. With that, you’ll just need to confirm your payment and that’s it.

To use the QR product, you’d need to open your online banking profile or eWallet that supports the solution and choose the DuitNow QR solution to get the QR code. With that, just by scanning the QR code of the recipient, via the interoperable QR standard under Bank Negara Malaysia’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework, you can send money to anyone. You’d just need to confirm the payment details and specify how much you’d like to send. With this product, you can even receive payments, by generating QR codes for HSBC, AmBank, Alliance Bank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, OCBC and Maybank account holders, among others.

Finally, you have the Request product, allowing you to transmit a digital payment request to another user, which is the preferred way to request a withdrawal from an online casino operator. With this product, you can make a Request to any mobile, internet banking or eWallet account, using the payee’s MyKad number or mobile number. You can request up to MYR 50,000 per day using this solution.

Now that you have all your options laid out, you could make your decision on the product you’d like to use to make a deposit or withdrawal across Malaysian casinos. Let’s see next how those processes would go.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with DuitNow?

Most, if not all, online casinos targeting players from Malaysia will offer DuitNow or any other solution related to it, that would enable you to make deposits and withdrawals with it. As one example, we could mention Empire777 Casino, which allows you to make deposits with it, but you could explore many other options by yourself, to find the proper casino for you to join. After you’ve gone through the registration procedure at your chosen casino, you’ll be ready to make your first deposit with the solution.

To make a deposit with DuitNow, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go over to your online casino’s Banking page and select DuitNow as your payment method.
  2. Follow the procedures as described previously to send money to your casino, depending on the product you’d like to use (Transfer or QR).
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and the casino’s ID information, which should be available in the pop-up.
  4. Or, enter the amount you wish to deposit and scan the QR code that popped up using the QR scanning app.
  5. Confirm the transaction and watch the money arrive on your casino balance in an instant!

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

To receive money via the solution, you’d need to go through a few more steps. You’d need to log into your online banking profile and create an ID there. Once your ID is ready, you’d be able to make your request. You’d need to go to the casino’s Banking page again and choose the solution as your withdrawal method. Then, you’d need to log into your online banking profile and enter the casino’s info. Specify how much you’d like to cash out and confirm the request. After the casino approves it, the money will arrive on your bank account immediately.

Keep in mind that not all operators that accepted it for deposits will also accept it for withdrawals. For instance, Empire777 Casino only accepts it for deposits. Therefore, before you decide on the casino to go with, if you wish to use the solution for withdrawals, you’d need to double-checkwhether it is an option for cashouts.

Fees and Limits

Considering this is a solution designed in collaboration with major banks, it is 100% fee-free. That is, for transactions of up to MYR 5,000. For transactions larger than that, there would be a certain fee, set by the bank, usually around $0.50.

And since the solution allows you to transact using your native currency, you won’t even need to pay conversion fees. Therefore, it is safe to say that this is a pretty cost-efficient payment solution to use.

Allowed Countries

We were clear from the very beginning that DuitNow is a solution launched with Malaysian users in mind, to make their online transactions as easy and swift as possible.

But you should know that, in addition to Malaysia, the solution is also offered in some other Asian countries, like Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Therefore, if a player from any of these countries, you’d be happy to hear that you can also use this remarkable payment solution. Other countries, like countries across the US, Africa and Europe, are restricted, of course.

Available Currencies

Since the solution was created for Malaysian users, the Malaysian ringgit is the official and the only supported currency.

So, even though as a player from Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia you could use it, you’d need to pay currency conversion fees each time you’re transacting with the solution using your native currency.

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How can I know DuitNow is a safe solution to use?

Considering it is backed up by Malaysia’s top banks and supported by the interoperable QR system, you can rest assured that top-tier security measures are in place whenever you’re transacting with it. Plus, identification measures are also implemented to ensure your money is safe at all times.

Are transactions with it really instant?

Yes, indeed. Any deposit you make with it would be processed instantly, that's for sure. As far as withdrawals go, you'd need to wait for the casino to process your request and approve it before the funds are transferred instantly.

What other banks support the solution?

If you’re an account holder with any of the following banks, you can use the Transfer solution: Affin Bank, Affin Islamic, Alliance Islamic, Al Rajhi Bank, Agro Bank, Bank Islam, Bank of America, Bank of China, Bank Muamalat, BankRakyat, Bigpay, BNP Paribas, BSN, CITI Bank, Deutsche Bank, Finexus, J.P. Morgan, Kuwait Finance House, MBSB, Mizuho, MUFG, OCBC, Public Bank, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered, UOP and several others.

Do online casinos charge fees for using the solution for deposits and withdrawals?

In most cases, no. Your deposits and withdrawals would be completely fee-free unless otherwise specified. The best thing to do is to check with your casino before you request a transfer, to ensure whether it charges any fees for using the solution.

Where can I use the QR product?

While the Transfer product is offered across most banks, the QR is only offered via Touch’n GO, Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, Razer Merchant Services, Public Bank, UOB, CIMB Bank, Boost and AmBank.