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DuItNow in Malaysian Casinos

Given the fact online gambling is so accessible to Malaysian online casino players and they can basically join any online casino that meets their eye, what players need to look for when searching for the site to join is a great local payment solution like DuItNow. Malaysian players were faced with a lack of such methods when this incredible eWallet stole the spotlight and solved all of their issues. This eWallet is unbelievably popular with Malaysian users, and that's why the minute it launched, it immediately got offered across the leading online casinos that cater to Malaysian players. It is easy to use, cost-efficient, and supports transactions in Malaysian ringgits. That's basically everything every Malaysian player has dreamed of, so if one, make sure you continue reading to find out more about it to eventually start using it across the many online casinos that target players from your country. What is DuItNow and why decide to use it as your payment method across Malaysian online casinos?

Online Gambling Regulation in Malaysia

Despite the old gambling ban that is still the main piece of regulation in Malaysia, the industry is thriving in the country. Malaysia is one of those countries that due to the poor economy and several other issues, has turned a blind eye when it comes to enforcing the ban and does basically nothing to prevent players from accessing casino games.

The ancient ban was introduced in 1953, so in theory, it should apply to both land-based and online gambling, since it forbids all forms of gambling. However, the Malaysian government did nothing to clear this out, whether it applies to online gambling too or not, probably because it was not concerned about enforcing the ban on land-based gambling activities either. Therefore, as a Malaysian player, you can rest assured that you are free to visit both land-based casino establishments and online casinos that give access to Malaysian players, without worrying about ever getting penalized for it. In recent years, the Malaysian authorities blocked more than 500 websites that offered online gambling services to Malaysian players, but we could find no evidence of any Malaysian player ever getting prosecuted for joining a casino, brick-and-mortar or online casino.

So, your only task would be to look for sites that allow access to Malaysian players. Since there’s a ban in the country and by default, no gambling authority, you won’t find Malaysia-based casinos, but you will find hundreds of international online casino sites that you can access. These are all casinos offering a varied choice of games, from slots, to poker, table games, and up to Live Casino titles, developed by giants like Evolution, Pragmatic Play, Relax Gaming, and Games Global.

Knowing that you’ll certainly have a great choice of games to play, the other important thing to look for at an international online casino is the list of banking methods offered. More specifically, look for casinos that accept DuItNow, as this is a local payment solution that will provide you with an effortless online gambling experience. It is an eWallet that supports the Malaysian ringgit, your native currency, which is one of the most important things for players in your position. Two, it can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. And three, it is cost-efficient, 100% fee-free actually, and incredibly easy to use. For these reasons, it has risen to become one of the player-favorite methods across many online casinos catering to Malaysian players, and its popularity continues to grow. So, if you wish to learn why and how to use it, stick with us, as we'll explain everything you need to know about it in the next two segments.

Using DuItNow Across Malaysian Online Casinos

Debuted in 2018 by PayNet, a Malaysian financial institutions network, where the major shareholders are the leading Malaysian banks, DuItNow is one of the most convenient local payment solutions you will find across international online casinos. The network behind it is also the one that launched other leading systems that handle most digital transactions in the country, like JomPay, GIRO, MyDebit, and FPX. Therefore, you can rest assured that it is perfectly safe to use and backed up by a powerful network.

You won’t ever have to register an account with the solution to use it, let’s clear that right away. You are immediately eligible to use it as long as you have an active bank account with any Malaysian bank. Assuming you’re a bank account holder, with any major bank in the country, with it, you’ll be making secure and instant bank transfers in just a few taps on your mobile device. That's why it was created in the first place: to facilitate the way Malaysian citizens transact online, without having to remember or share important details like bank account numbers or credentials, but with a proper ID and mobile phone number, make swift transactions.

To clarify, you must have your bank’s mobile app installed on your smartphone, log into your online banking profile, and select the Transfer product, and with that, you’ll be ready for the next steps that you’ll be making when depositing with this solution across online casinos. You would need to look for DuItNow’s icon on your banking profile, enter the amount you wish to transfer and the recipient’s (the operator’s) DuItNow ID, and that would be it. A DuItNow ID can be an IC Number, mobile phone number, police/army number, business registration number, or passport/MYKad number. The system immediately recognizes the owner of the number and that's how you avoid remembering, writing down, or sharing bank account numbers and other banking details, and you still get to make instant transactions!

There’s another product you can consider using, the QR product, to send money to anyone really, or by generating QR codes for AmBank, HSBC, Alliance Bank, OCBC, Hong Leong Bank, and Maybank account holders when receiving money. This product is not that popular across Malaysian casinos, so we won’t focus on it. We’ll, instead, focus on the next product, as it is extremely important for you as an online casino player.

When you use the Request product, you also get to request transactions to be sent to you, or in our case, you also get to make withdrawals with the solution across online casinos. You’d only need the operator’s mobile phone number or MYKad number, and you'll be able to request up to MYR50,000 daily. We'll elaborate more on the depositing and withdrawing procedures next, so you'll get a clearer picture of how your online gambling experience would be when using this amazing payment solution.

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Depositing and Withdrawing with DuItNow

We already mentioned that, due to its popularity with Malaysian players, DuItNow is already listed as an accepted payment method across many international casinos that cater to players from the country, but the number of sites that accept it continues growing, so you should expect even more choices in the future. For now, consider excellent sites like Empire777 Casino, for instance, which gives you the chance to use the solution to make a deposit, but feel free to explore other options.

After you decide on the site to join and register an account with it, you can proceed by depositing. To make your first deposit with DuItNow, you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Locate the Banking page on your registered casino player profile and look for the Deposits section.
  2. Find DuItNow’s logo, tap it, and repeat the steps we explained for the Transfer product.
  3. In the pop-up, the casino’s ID should be pre-entered, so just enter how much you want to deposit*.
  4. Confirm the transaction and in an instant, the funds will reach your casino balance.

*If the casino’s ID is not pre-entered, make sure you get in touch with its Support Service to get it, since without it, the transaction won’t succeed.

As far as withdrawals go, while they are possible, they are a bit trickier, as they involve a few more steps. First, you’d need to go to your online banking profile, create your DuItNow ID, and then go back to the casino's Banking page, the Withdrawals section, and select the solution's logo. In the pop-up, you'd need to go back to your online banking profile, use the Request product to specify how much you want to withdraw and go back to the casino's Banking page. Enter your ID, and confirm your request. The casino will check it out, and once it approves your request, the funds will reach your bank account instantly.

We should mention here that, due to the complexity of the withdrawing procedure, not all operators will accept the solution for withdrawals. Empire777 which we mentioned, for instance, doesn't accept it for withdrawals.


Being fee-free, allowed for both deposits and withdrawals and easy to use, DuItNow is the perfect local payment solution to use as a Malaysian player across international online casino sites. You get to transact in your native currency with it, too, so you even don’t pay conversion fees, therefore, do not give it a second thought and select it as your payment solution right away, to get a seamless online gambling experience.


Is online gambling legal in Malaysia?

No, not really. Quite the opposite, actually, online gambling is banned in Malaysia, with an old 1953 gambling ban. However, we have found no records of players getting prosecuted for gambling online.

Are Malaysian online casino players allowed to access international online casinos?

In theory, they are, since the government does not enforce the ban on players. And while it does put efforts into getting rid of illegal online gambling sites, it does not go after players for deciding to gamble online. In fact, hundreds of casinos still allow access to Malaysian players, so you should get plenty of awesome casinos at your disposal to check out and eventually join.

Do any fees apply with DuItNow?

We said that the solution is 100% fee-free and we weren’t kidding. Considering it was designed by major banks basically, who wished to make users’ online banking easier and more affordable, transactions of up to MYR5,000 come with no fees whatsoever. Those larger than that, however, would be subject to an incredibly low fee of only $0.50.

Which are some of the banks that support DuItNow?

MUFG, Alliance Islamic, BankRakyat, Agro Bank, Kuwait Finance House, Bank Muamalat, Public Bank, Standard Chartered, MBSB, Bigpay, and BNP Paribas are just some of the leading Malaysian banks that support the solution.

How can I be certain DuItNow is a safe solution to use across Malaysian online casinos?

Given the fact it is a product launched by a network consisting of leading Malaysian banks, you know that the entire banking system has your back when transacting with it. Top-tier security measures are implemented, as well as identification tools, to ensure that your money is always safe with it.