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The gambling industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing business environments nowadays, with a number of tech advantages contributing to its progress. For one, security has been thoroughly regulated by official authorities, and therefore improved by the relevant services. Players everywhere are able to share their personal information without fear of identity theft or misuse of their funds.

Gaming variety…


… has improved just as promptly, as online platforms are able to provide a much wider range of blackjack titles and other table games, slots variety, online bingo, lottery, sports betting and the likes.

Many advances contributed to such a boost in player convenience, but one of the key factors is undoubtedly the development of better online payment processing services. Traditional credit and debit cards processors are complemented by all kinds of virtual payment systems, e-wallets, and even revolutionary cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. One such e-wallet service that has greatly benefited all parties of the online gambling sphere is Zimpler.

About Zimpler

In its inception, Zimpler was initially known as PugglePay, an online payment solution issued by the Swedish company ‘Smart Payments Nordic’. Established back in 2012 by Johan Friis and Kristofer Ekman Sinclai, this company’s main product swiftly gained momentum and within a year managed to obtain a number of reputable online casino partners.

By 2014, it had even been ranked among the finalists for the award ‘Nordic E-commerce Newcomer of the Year’. This is all the more impressive when taking into account the fact that the e-wallet was specifically designed to service the online gambling niche industry.

In terms of security,…

… the company has dedicated massive efforts to ensuring there are no weak points in their solution. The e-wallet was licensed and certified by the Swedish Financial Services Authority, which granted it the needed approval to attract users from countries across Europe.

In 2016,…

… the governing officials of the company decided to take matters to the next level through a clever and quite successful marketing trick. They renamed their e-wallet product from PugglePay to Zimpler, calling upon the wordplay in order to make it easier to stick to potential customers.

Register for a Zimpler

How to Register for a Zimpler Account?

Becoming a Zimpler user is easier than ever, now that the service is available both via mobile devices and computers both. All you need to do is follow the few simple steps below, and enjoy prime online casino banking.

Step 1: First thing to do is open Zimpler, either from your chosen browser straight to their official site, or through the mobile app. Once you are in the service, you will receive straightforward guidelines regarding the next move. First off, users are supposed to input their mobile phone number.

Step 2: Providing the service with your phone number allows it to send you a specific verification code that needs to be entered on the second step of the signup form. This verification code additionally acts as a password for each subsequent time you decide to sign in. That way, users will not be limited to memorizing a strict password, and only those holding their mobile phone device will ever actually be able to log into the account.

Step 3: Upon entering the code, the service will automatically generate your new user account that will be available upon each sign in. Once you are in, you will need to choose your preferred payment method, as the service is not completely free. In fact, the payment method of your choosing will determine how you wish to fund your online casino transactions through the Zimpler e-wallet service. Thus, your choice may additionally depend on the Zimpler casino where you wish to use this banking option, and on the legal provisions in your specific country of residence.

Either way, users can choose between two different payment options:

  • Bill: Users will get a bill via text message directly to their provided phone number, or to the email address they will decide to link with their Zimpler account. This bill can then be paid by a direct deposit or a bank wire transfer. However, users need to bear in mind that the bill is due for payment in the 14 days following the receiving of the notice – otherwise, they will be subject to additional fee as a penalty charge.
  • Card Option: Should you choose to pay by a card, as soon as you make a transaction using Zimpler, the charge for the transaction will be automatically credited from the card you have linked to your account. Users who prefer to automate as many aspects of the service are bound to benefit from this latter option, and will additionally avoid any risks of going over the permitted time limit for the payment.

Zimpler as an Online Casino Payment Method

Both Zimpler, and its predecessor PugglePay were initially and specifically designed for the purposes of the online gambling market. This has made it easier for their creators to track, identify and meet any arising needs by the specific user pool, and orient the e-wallet solution towards them. When it comes to online casinos, poker rooms and similar gambling platforms, deposits and withdrawals are the two forms of commonly executed transactions.

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Depositing Using Zimpler

Depositing Using Zimpler at Online Casinos

Zimpler is a great banking method when it comes to funding your online gaming player account. In order to apply it for your online casino action, here are a few guidelines:

Step 1: The first thing to do when engaging in online gambling specifically funded through Zimpler, it is crucial that you find the most suitable online casino platform that supports this payment method. Zimpler casinos nowadays are a widespread occurrence, thanks to the popularity of the service, meaning that interested players shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the one that offers a game selection from their favorite online casino software providers.

Step 2: Register for an account with the casino and go to the Banking/Cashier section. Here, you are most likely to find Zimpler under the e-wallets section. As soon as you select it as your deposit payment processor, you will be transferred to the signup window. Enter the phone number you have already used to register for Zimpler, get the verification code, and you should immediately be able to access your Zimpler account.

Step 3: Choose the amount you wish to deposit to your online casino account and confirm the transaction. Considering the casino is able to approve incoming transactions momentarily, you should experience practically no wait time before your funds are available for gaming. Zimpler will then issue a charge for the service, which you will be able to pay based on your chosen method – bill or card payment. Bear in mind that Zimpler does not limit the amount of funds users are able to transfer to online casino platforms. However, some casinos may impose their own restrictions in this regard.

Withdrawing Using Zimpler at Online Casinos

So far, the Zimpler e-wallet online payment processing solution has proven to be rather beneficial for casino deposits. Unfortunately for its user pool, the service is yet to provide the same payment processing for withdrawal transactions in the opposite direction. According to statements from company officials, the developing team is working hard to make this service available to all Zimpler users, and they should expect to have it sooner rather than later.

Advantages of Using Zimpler as an Online Casino Payment Method

Advantages of Using Zimpler
  • Security – As already mentioned, security has been properly addressed as one of the key features of any such online financial service. Aside from the fact that it is approved by Sweden’s FSA, Zimpler is further made reliable by the high-end 256-bit encryption applied to all its transactions. What is more, the service allows users to set up their respective accounts without entering any particular information aside from phone number. That way, they don’t have to go over the process of sharing personal data upon each signup, and significantly increase their anonymity.
  • Dedicated service – Considering that the Zimpler e-wallet service has originally been developed for online casino gambling purposes, its dedicated service has greatly improved players overall satisfaction with Zimpler online casino platforms.
  • Instant payments – Unless the operators have imposed any restrictions or require time to process payment requests, all deposits made via Zimpler should be instantly credited to your online casino player account.
  • User bonuses – The sole availability of this payment method for players of specific countries is enough reward, considering its largely beneficial nature. What is more, the casino sites have additionally provided a range of top player bonuses for those who decide to deposit with this payment method.
  • Bankroll management capability – A rather welcomed advantage for Zimpler casino players is the ability to practice proper bankroll management through the service. Interested players can contact the Zimpler customer support via email and request that a budget limit be imposed on their respective account. That way, they will only be able to play through a set amount per month. Such limits can naturally change, upon request of the specific player; changes to the budget limit are applied seven days after the request is made.
  • Mobile access – With the rising number of mobile online casino platforms, Zimpler’s mobile optimized accessibility is a major benefit for this portion of the player pool. That means players can enjoy unobstructed mobile casino action funded straight from their portable device.

Disadvantages of Using Zimpler as an Online Casino Payment Method

  • Fee charge – The services provided by Zimpler are not free of charge – users will be subject to a specific fee ranging from 9 SEK to 49 SEK. This usually depends on the amount of funds deposited to the casino account.
  • Penalty charge – Not only are players subject to a specific fee for transaction purposes, but they are additionally going to be required to pay it within the given timeframe. Should they go over the 14-day limit, an additional penalty charge is applied in order to prevent late fee payments in the future.
  • Country restrictions – Zimpler is slowly expanding its coverage outside Sweden, and nowadays there are a number of online casinos that can offer it as a payment method to their player pool. So far, players from the UK, Finland and Germany are able to make Zimpler online casino deposits, along with those playing at the top Swedish-oriented online gambling platforms.

Zimpler Payment Method Fees and Facts

Available accounts
1 account
Withdraw fees
Two Factor Authentication
3D Secure
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Does Zimpler feature a customer support and service center?

Yes, Zimpler users will be able to address the dedicated Zimpler customer service center both through email and phone number. The representatives are known to be knowledgeable, responsive and available 24/7.

Can players from the USA make online casino deposits using the Zimpler e-wallet?

No, players at the top USA online casino sites will still need to find a different payment method to fund their online gambling action. So far, the e-wallet is solely able to cater to players from the above-listed countries.

Which are the top Zimpler online casino destinations?

Zimpler casinos are significantly increasing in number, meaning players should be able to find an option that fits their needs without any trouble. Still, for greater convenience, the brands listed on this page include some of the top online casinos providing Zimpler among their banking methods.

Are there any alternative payment processing options for players who can’t use Zimpler?

Players who are restricted from using Zimpler to fund their online casino action will be able to do so through its suitable alternatives. E-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill are just as good solutions, although players are additionally able to choose from online payment processors, traditional credit and debit cards and similar options.

If I choose the bill payment option, will I be able to pay the bill directly from my bank establishment?

Yes, players who choose to settle their fee with the service via a bill will be able to pay it straight from the tellers’ offices at their bank of choice. What is more, the Zimpler service offers the ‘can’t find my bill’ option for players who have lost their bill SMS or email. This option allows them to get a copy in due time.