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tronThere is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are currently players’ preferred means for online gambling transactions, and TRON is one of the hottest tokens at the moment. This is not exactly a new crypto, since the concept behind it was ready way before it went live, but it is getting traction in recent years, thanks to all the qualities it comes with. It combines the strongest suits of the best tokens in the world, and that’s why it is getting the recognition it deserves across the online gambling industry. Players are more than excited to use it for their deposits and withdrawals across international online casino sites, therefore, if one of them, make sure you continue reading to find out how to get started with it and start using it. What is TRON and why choose it as your solution for deposits and withdrawals across online casinos?

About TRON

The concept behind this solution was ready around a decade ago, in 2014, when its creator, Justin Sun, decided to create a crypto solution that would not only serve as a digital money transaction service but also allow people to share digital content in a decentralized manner. That’s how he created a platform that connected providers and users via dApps uploaded on it for them to share. Sun made sure the entire sharing process would be the most cost-efficient and secure, but above all, done in real-time.

tokenThe launch of Tronix (TRX), the token, on MainNet was four years later, on the 31st of May, 2018. Running on its own network, the blockchain that hosts dApps and functions through smart contracts, just like Ethereum, it looked like this crypto took all the best aspects of previous decentralized currencies. By December, its value went from $0.004 to $0.05, which was an astonishing jump. In the meantime, the platform acquired one of the largest solutions for video, audio, and file content sharing across the globe, BitTorrent, and that's how the token retained its value increase until January 2019. That's when it saw its first decrease, and due to the huge competition on the market, with new coins appearing left and right, it continued with the same trend.

Nevertheless, the token is still faster than its predecessors, due to the improved faults the creator saw in existing coins, and can handle up to 2,000 transactions per minute, as opposed to Bitcoin's 3 to 6 and Ethereum’s 25. As such, it is more affordable, scalable, and convenient, particularly when it comes to online gambling transactions.

That’s why it is among the hottest currencies across the online gambling industry. It is quite popular in the industry, for that matter, mainly due to its creator’s publicly known interest in online gambling games, and the fact that the first ever dApp that appeared on its blockchain was TRONbet. It was more than obvious from the very beginning that the token would be a hit across online casinos, and that was exactly what happened. In April 2019, due to the launch of decentralized casinos, over $1 billion in TRON were wagered across the online gambling industry. Today, you’ll find the crypto offered among the top digital currencies at crypto-friendly online casinos, so if ready to know more about how to get started with it, we’ll cover that next so stay with us. 

Getting Started with It

getting-started-with-itIf you’ve ever used digital currencies, you know the drill – but even if you haven’t, we’re here to guide you. So, first things first, we should mention that the getting started process is pretty effortless and made so much easier compared to the procedure that was required in the past.

Now, the first step you need to take is to visit a crypto exchange platform, like Binance or HTX (Huobi) or OKX, for instance. You’d need to create an account with it, and then connect a payment method to purchase your coins in fiat currency (or any other cryptocurrency you may hold). Once your purchase was completed, it’s time to create a crypto wallet account to store your coins. Huobi doubles as one, so with it, you will skip another registration procedure. If you chose it as your crypto exchange platform, you can just sit back and relax, knowing that you’ve created an account already, where you can store your coins. And use them, of course. If you wish to go with another wallet, like Atomic or Trust Wallet, you would need to create an account with it.

The final step would be choosing a site where you wish to pay using your newly bought and stored coins. Meaning, we've come to the next phase of our journey, which is depositing and withdrawing with this crypto. Continue reading to figure out the exact steps you need to take to succeed in it.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with TRON?

Again, if you’re a crypto enthusiast and you already have experience with depositing and withdrawing with coins across online casinos, you’re all set to start using this crypto. But, if you are not one, and you’re just getting started, let us tell you that the processes would be extremely easy. All you need, therefore, is to first find a great crypto-friendly casino to join.

As you will see, the crypto is offered across many such sites, so your options will be quite a lot. We’re talking BitStarz, MoreSpin, Bitsler, and 7Bit, among plenty of others. Therefore, you’d need to select a few candidates and inspect them, check whether they offer games that support crypto, like BetSoft, iSoftBet and Yggdrasil, for instance. Find your winner, and create an account with it. To make a deposit with TRON, do the following:

  1. Visit your chosen casino’s Banking page and locate the Deposits section.
  2. From the list of cryptos offered, find TRX’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, you’ll see the casino’s crypto wallet address; make sure you copy it.
  4. Enter your crypto wallet, specify how much you wish to deposit, and paste the casino's address.
  5. Press Send and watch the coins arriving on your casino balance instantaneously.

Before you press Send, though, make sure you double-check the details you entered, since once you press it, the transaction will be instantly processed. And since transactions with TRX, as with any other token, are irreversible, once sent and processed, they cannot be retrieved.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

It goes without saying that TRX is also an option for withdrawals, and quite frankly, one of the most preferred options among players, due to the instant processing times. The procedure is similar, only this time you're copying your wallet address and entering it in the required field after you specify how much it is you wish to cash out. A vetting process will follow, with the operator making sure you have enough to cash out, and after the approval, the coins arrive safely and instantly in your crypto wallet.

Fees and Limits

As with any other digital currency, fees apply for transactions with TRX, but these are pretty insignificant, only a fraction of the whole amount that is being sent or received.

That’s one of the reasons why operators are offering it, and the reason why players choose it. Add to that the fact that usually, for cryptocurrencies, operators don’t impose limits as to how much it can be transacted, and there you have it – the perfect solution to use to fund your online gambling time.

Allowed Countries

It is common knowledge that cryptocurrencies, due to their decentralized nature, are offered globally. Anyone can get access to them and use them, and so is TRON.

However, bear in mind that some countries have banned cryptocurrencies, like South Korea and Russia. Others, on the other hand, have embraced them, so if a player from Malta, the UK or the US, you are in for a real treat – these are all regulated online gambling markets that allow crypto deposits and withdrawals, so just enjoy.

Accepted Currencies

We mentioned when we talked about the getting started procedure with this crypto, that you can purchase it with fiat and digital currencies. This means that any fiat and digital currency offered at the exchange platform you chose to go with would be an option.

Most exchanges offer mainstream fiat currencies like the US dollar, the UK pound, and the euro. They also offer tokens like BTC, ETH, and LTC, for instance, so you have plenty of options to go with when purchasing your TRX. Keep in mind that conversion fees would apply. 

TRON Payment Method Fees and Facts

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What are the biggest disadvantages of using TRON across online casinos?

The two most obvious disadvantages of this and any other crypto for that matter, are the fluctuations in value and the irreversible transactions. This means that you can never be certain of its value, its ups and downs, and you can never retrieve the coins you sent if sent to the wrong address. And this, in return, means that you must always be alert to its market value and double-check all details when transacting with it.

Is TRON a popular crypto across online casinos?

Yes, indeed, it is. This is one of the top cryptocurrencies offered across crypto-friendly casinos, and in fact, around 60% of its current dApps are connected to online gambling companies, so the token is here to stay.

How many casinos approximately offer TRX for deposits and withdrawals?

A lot, truly a lot. You will find over 300 global casinos that accept cryptocurrencies and TRX, which you can explore and join, regardless of your country of residence, to use this token.

Who do I get in touch with in case I wish to know more about deposits and withdrawals with TRX?

If you wish to know how to use it for deposits and withdrawals, the wisest thing to do is to get in touch with your chosen casino’s Support agents. They will give you the guidance you need and answer any questions you might have about it. But you can also explore its official website, to learn more about the crypto overall, and get the information you need before you get started with it.

Can I use TRON across online casinos via my mobile device?

Yes, indeed; and in fact, mobile devices are encouraged, because you already have your crypto wallet app installed on them; all you have to do from there is request a transaction with it, enter your crypto wallet quickly, and get the deposit sent in the blink of an eye. The same goes with withdrawals; once approved, the coins arrive in your wallet immediately, and you can reuse them right away, via your mobile device.