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Cashless payments are a thing of the future, as global industries and entire marketplaces are experiencing the benefits and proving to have even greater potential to progress under such circumstances. This method of payment processing has become a matter of interest back in the middle of the previous century. Banks and financial institutions were looking for more efficient, permanent and secure ways for funds storage, and ultimately provided their account holders with plastic credit and debit cards the likes of MasterCard.

With the advent of technology...

...new and improved ways of using these banking services were additionally included in the offering. On top of that, separate companies have also established their own online cashless funds transfer solutions. Such were e-wallet products like PayPal and Neteller, reaching global application, as well as other, locally optimized options. Promoting their products across a wider audience pool has allowed easier expansion, familiarizing people with the key features, functionalities and further possibilities.

As a result...

...more and more such solutions became available online, differing in one aspect or another. Ultimately, users have identified the optimal feature package as a free, instant and widely available, yet secure online processor – in one word, Swish.

About the Method

Swish is a Fintech business established back in 2012, on December 12th, which has dedicated their operations to facilitating cashless funds transfer. ‘Swishing’ someone, as transactions made with this product are known nowadays, is an easy way to use your personal mobile device in order to make all kinds of payments.

The establishment first started off...

...as a peer-to-peer solution, with private individuals as an initial target audience. It was intended to make it easier to split the check at restaurants or pay someone back for a loan, although individual application went way beyond this initial intention. Soon, people became interested in using it to make transactions to businesses, mainly due to the largely convenient nature of the service.


...was intended to be its next grounds back in 2016, but the company faced certain technical difficulties and was only able to release their business-related solution a few months later.


...people from all over Sweden, 52%+ to be exact, are using it as the top payment option anywhere they can. With over 5 billion users, a stable expansion and traffic growth rate, and further functionalities added for a more personalized approach, Swish is establishing their position in the world of Swedish finances.

After all, the company was initially started as a joint effort of the top banking institutions in the country. Nowadays, the first six names on the list were joined by a number of partnering establishments named below:

  • Danske Bank
  • Handelsbanken
  • Länsförsäkringar
  • Nordea
  • SEB
  • Swedbank and Sparbankerna
  • Forex Bank
  • ICA Banken
  • Skandia
  • Sparbanken Syd
  • Ålandsbanken

How Does It Work?

The financial transaction principles of this service are easy to understand, obtain and use in practice. In order to get started with this type of transactions, you will first need to hold an individual account. For this purpose, interested users will need to meet several requirements.

For one...

...holding an Android or iOS-operated mobile device, smartphone or tablet, is the intended access point to your Swish account. Naturally, you can simply make use of the account, paired with your internet banking in order to receive money, but sending funds and making payments is solely available through these mediums.

Next off...

...you need to download the dedicated app, made completely compatible for both operative systems and customizable to various screen sizes. You can find it at the respective Google Play and Apple App Store, although until recently it was also available on the Windows Phone App Store for devices running Windows 10. Nowadays, however, all you need is an updated Android or iOS version to get started.

Getting the internet or mobile banking...

...platform on the same mobile device is the third thing you need to ensure in order to make payments through this processor. Mobile BankID confirmations are the primary layer of security provided by it, along with standard encryption and safety measures. Once you link the mobile number to the bank account, and later use the same number to 'swish' funds to other users or businesses, the Mobile BankID is what allows you to verify each funds transfer before finalizing it.

On a final note...

...make sure the bank account you hold is with one of the partnering financial institutions. While this shouldn't be a problem, since the above-listed ones represent top leading names in the industry, consider this matter in due time.


Key Features

  1. List of favourites - Regular Swish users are bound to have some recipients - private individuals or businesses - that they transact with on a regular basis. No matter whether it is a spouse, friend, or your favourite online shopping platform, as long as they are using the payment solution as well, all you need is the phone number they use for the service. To make them more accessible, the service first started off by allowing users to import phone contacts, and later enabled a 'favourites list'. Here, you could place the contacts used the most, and gain easy access at all times.
  2. Success story - Even though this isn't technically a feature of the payment solution, it is one of the key characteristics of the establishment as a whole. Getswish AB, the official name of the company behind it, is a joint product of the six initial banking institutions in Sweden. With more partnering in over the years, it has been easily proclaimed as a joint success of the most massive proportions so far.
  3. Card personalization - When sending funds, users are supposed to input the phone number and amount as mandatory information. One other field provided at this stage of the transaction is the message box - you can type out a quick message for the funds recipient and send it along with it. Nowadays, for a more personal touch, the app features the option 'add a card', where all you need to do is click on it and choose from the various designs. That way, you end up sharing a gift card of the specified value, which can be later repurposed for purchases from the wide network of cooperating businesses.
  4. QR code payments - One of the latest inventions in online payments are the QR codes. These are specific black and white codes which carry information about a given user profile. Anyone using the service can generate their own QR code, specify its value and even complete it with a message. On the other hand, those looking to make a payment to a recipient can simply scan the respective code instead of inputting the information mentioned above, and confirm it via the Mobile BankID.
  5. Fees policy - Most online payers are concerned about the fees they would be subject to during their online transactions. In respect to this, Swish does not charge any type of fee for individual, private individuals sending or receiving funds to their account. As for the more recent addition to the user pool - businesses, there is a small charge of SEK 1.5-2 for using the app as an eligible banking method at their establishment.

Using Swish as an Online Casino Banking Method

So far, Swedish residents are the only ones eligible to make use of this service, which is why e-commerce platforms catering to this marketplace are the only once looking to obtain it. Even so, there are a growing number of interested commercial establishments, online and land-based retail locations, looking to allow they customers to make such payments.

As one of the leading industries globally, online gambling establishments have largely focused on the territory of Sweden, catering to the respective player pool. LeoVegas is a top brand in this regard, with sister sites such as PlayOJO and Maria Casino on its heels. Names like these have introduced Swish as a regular payment method across the legal and regulated Swedish online gambling sphere, allowing players to make deposits and withdrawals with the payment facilitation tool.

Depositing with Swish

Step 1: In order to start transacting with this payment method, make sure it is available among the ones listed at your casino operator platform. With the ones mentioned here, and a growing number of additional sites introducing it in their Cashier sections, you should have plenty of destinations to choose from. Register for a player account, download the suitable app for your mobile device and get started.

Step 2: As soon as you are inside the casino lobby, head towards the Banking/Cashier page and choose Swish. You will be provided with the necessary information, or most likely a direct QR code. Just get your smartphone or tablet's camera ready and scan it through the app and make the transaction.

Step 3: Don't forget about the Mobile BankID confirmation - you will need to verify the transaction in order to prevent identity theft and funds misuse. On a different note, you should also check for any qualifying deposit amounts and adjust your funding accordingly. That way, you will additionally be able to claim any bonus funds and make use of all the player promotion offers available industry-wise.

Withdrawing Online Casino Winnings

While deposit methods are numerous, withdrawals offer a different story across the top online casino platforms. In order to provide secure, fast and fully functional cashouts of player winnings, operators tend to offer only the top payment processing services. From January 1st, 2019, new regulations regarding online casino banking and gambling practices in Sweden have included Swish as a legitimate service, allowing it to facilitate both deposits and withdrawals across such businesses.


Advantages & Disadvantages for Online Casino Players

The widely satisfied Swedish player pool speaks volumes regarding the numerous benefits of the service. Prime security is definitely a perk they enjoy having at their disposal, as the service is fully licensed, regulated, supported and practically run by the top financial pillars of the country, which adds much to its credibility. Along with the Mobile BankID feature, it is practically impenetrable.

Accessibility and mobility are two other advantageous aspects - the service can be accessed by both desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. If you want to make payments instead of solely receiving them, the latter two options are favoured on account of the first one. Either way, such mobility to fund your player account, withdraw cash from it and use it at a number of partnering land-based and online e-commerce operators fits perfectly in today's rapid lifestyles.

Moreover, the tendency to improve and update their product, its features and the service's level of personalization are just as important points in the line of key benefits of Swish.

Geographical restrictions across other countries are naturally its greatest shortcoming, as the service could prosper much further should it be able to cater to additional casino marketplaces. Incompatibility between the banking systems of various countries, the dedicated design of the app and overall payment processing platform, as well as the risk assessment are all crucial factors that prevent such endeavours for now. In time, the booming popularity will find a more suitable, efficient and sustainable way of getting it across to other interested consumers.

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How many contacts can I have in the 'favourites' list?

A single user can have up to 10 contacts listed as their favourites. However, this isn’t too restrictive, as they are additionally given the freedom to add and remove them for a more optimized experience.

What is the maximum amount of funds that I can transact? Are there any currency exchange rates affecting this aspect?

Normally, users are able to transact funds up to SEK 20,000 (about $2,200), although specific deposits can go up to SEK 150,000 ($16,485). These amounts are not subject to internal exchange rates considering the service is solely available in the Swedish national currency.

Is there any customer support service provided to Swish users?

The customer support available for Swish users is top notch, considering it is the same as the one offered at the partnering banking institutions. In other words, users can either address the well-equipped FAQ knowledgebase straight from the Getswish site or contact their respective bank for further information.

Why does the app require access to my phone's/tablet's Camera app?

With the addition of the QR code functionality, the app will need access to the mobile device's Camera app for scanning purposes. Once you approve it once, every time you need to send money to someone using their QR code, you can simply open the app at the new payment section, scan it directly using the Camera incorporated in the device, and send the funds.

What would happen with the funds if I lost the Internet connection mid-transaction?

This depends on the stage when you lost the transaction - if you have already input all the necessary information and confirmed the transfer, it is most likely that it has gone through. Otherwise, you will need to repeat the process from the start. Either way, the app has a 'Payments' section that provides a full preview of all incoming and outgoing transfers, where you can check the status report on your last operation.