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Personal payments have been largely diversified in the past couple of decades due to several factors. The development of e-commerce as a separate industry created a new and largely prospective environment for online payment processing. The need for more reliable and efficient options grew proportionately with the industry, with most companies providing dedicated services for specific markets, products and users.

Some payment processors worked on developing an overall international payment solution, covering a much wider user base. This helped advance global coverage, and only further boosted the existing payment processors. On the other hand, a large portion of these businesses dedicated their work to specific markets and niche services, mainly in attempt to improve their response to market demands and individual user needs.

Paykasa Introduction

This resulted in a wide range...

... of online platforms that offer goods, services and all kinds of content and charge their customers without any hassle. Online gambling operators – casinos, online poker rooms, sportsbetting platforms, bingo, lottery and more – find all these payment options particularly useful. The best ones are able to process both deposits and withdrawals of player winnings, although many of them offer many additional benefits to boost player interests in their services.

About Paykasa

The Paykasa payment processing service...

... offers ‘instant online payments’, as it informs all its interested users straight from the official website homepage.

Their solution functions as a sort of...

... prepaid gift card, i.e. voucher that is issued and exists virtually. The company behind it was founded back in October 2015, with headquarters both in London, UK and Larnaca, Cyprus. Their team of professionals, including the founding members are working on maintaining and advancing this payment processor, largely with the help of their previous experience in card acquisition, issuance, chargeback operations and eVouchers.

So far, the payment processor has been featured as an available option at a wide range of online merchants over the world, although greater expansion is expected in the years to come. These projections are all due to the service’s current success, its unique and widely convenient characteristics, as well as their security.

Getting Started with the Service

There is a lot you can learn about this payment processor before you get started with online payments through its channel. Acquiring the Paykasa voucher is made easy and simple through their official website – the page titled ‘Buy Paykasa’ will immediately introduce you to the whole process. While it does have rather restricted approach to eligible users, anyone can purchase the voucher and use it at the given opportunity and convenience.

Interested users will not be obliged to register and provide personal sensitive information anywhere during this process. In fact, all you need to do is simply choose the value of your voucher and the payment method with which you would like to pay for it.

Paykasa vouchers

Paykasa vouchers...

... come in several set values of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100 and €150, and can only be used for total redemption. In other words, users looking to buy one card of a larger value in order to use it on multiple occasions will not be able to do so after using it the first time round. Hence, it is much more convenient to get a card in the value you need, and come back for another one in any other time.

People can purchase this card using their local popular payment methods, including MasterCard and Visa, which are some of the company’s most recent partnerships. Other than this, an added convenience is that they can do this in their preferred currency, while the card’s value will always come in the specific Euro currency.

After all, the Paykasa card is authorized and completely verified according to e-money standards of the EU, and belongs fully within the Eurozone.

Turkey and Greece are so far the only markets where this card is available for use; anyone staying in these countries can make use of such prompt and secure payments.

Once you have opted to buy the card, you can choose to get it virtually, or as an actual card solution. In case you choose the latter option, the specific retail location will issue you a receipt containing the information of the card, as well as a QR code or a barcode. These additional features are purposed to serve mobile users specifically, looking for simpler ways to go through the process of making payments.

Speaking of which...

... even when circumstances call for use of diverse devices, there are some key components of the cards which are necessary for successful operations. These include the 16-digit private PIN card number, along with the CVV code and the expiration date of the card. This PIN bears the information of the card – its holder, amount of funds available and protection – and should be kept safe and used only in cases when it is needed to verify a payment.

As for the actual procedure flow, check out the procedure explained below and you should be able to tackle Paykasa payments in no time:

  • Open the banking page of your favourite merchant and choose this payment processor as your deposit/payment method. Make sure that all the items you chose are in the e-cart, i.e. make sure you have determined the exact sum for this particular transaction.
  • If you have more than one card, find the one whose amount fits your payment needs and get started – once you select this payment method, you will need to input the basic information explained above.
  • Once you are able to confirm the transaction, it is advisable to consider a second look at the trade. Remember, you mustn’t give out your PIN to any service; actually it is most advisable to report any platform requesting your PIN for anything else than for processing payments through the specific gateway.
  • Finally, as you confirm the transaction, expect to see the funds transferred in no time. Bear in mind that this will render your card useless for future transactions, just like any remaining funds on it. On the plus side, the payment should be instantly processed and received by the other party, meaning users can expect to get what they’ve paid for in no time.

Using Paykasa as an Online Casino Payment Method

The Paykasa online payment processor has found application in all kinds of online platforms, as mentioned earlier, and the online gaming sphere is a definite front-runner. This branch of online entertainment only appeared as a result of the numerous tech advances that made it easy and pleasant to enjoy all your favourite games from the comfort of your desktop computer or mobile device screens.

While Paykasa is considered to be somewhat limiting, both in terms of amounts and eligible users, there are some definite benefits to choosing this as your online casino banking method. The fact that players can perform both deposits and withdrawals with it instead of shifting between different processors is enough for starters. Learn how to request both transactions before moving on to the full ‘pros and cons’ breakdown.

Making Online Casino Deposits

Making Online Casino Deposits

Step 1: The best way to get started with Paykasa deposits is to check for its availability as a payment method for your chosen online casino site. It is best that you log in with your existing account, or register for a new player account beforehand, just to make sure you are given access to all the options and information available on the platform. Should you find it as an eligible option, move on with the procedure.

Step 2: The first thing you would need to do when making deposits and online payments in general, is select the payment processor. Clicking on the Paykasa option, in this case, will show players to a separate window where they will need to provide information from their voucher card. Luckily, no personal or banking information are required, and players can go on as soon as they specify the amount they want to deposit.

Step 3: Then, players will need to authorize their payment by entering the 16-digit PIN code. This unique code bears information to identify the card from all others, referring to its amount, holder, issuance and more.

Step 4: Finally, with the full amount of the card transferred to your online casino player banking account, players will be able to make the most use of this payment method. Instant payments ensure that the funds have reached the player account momentarily, while the secure nature of the payment gateway prevents from any intrusions or misuse of information. All in all, deposits with Paykasa are rather advisable, whenever available.

Requesting Online Casino Withdrawals

The ability to make Paykasa withdrawals along with deposits is an added and valued convenience of this payment method. Considering you have hit enough wins and would like to cashout your loot, it is best that you inform yourself of the correct procedure to withdraw your funds.

Despite the fact that...

... many services do not authorize this transaction, Paykasa allows for speedy and straightforward payouts.

All players need to do is choose it as a withdrawal option and specify the amount of funds they would like to withdraw from their casino player account. The rest is up to the operators themselves – after submitting the amount, the casino in partnership with the payment method will provide the player with a new, unique voucher/gift card that contains the funds. This card can be redeemed into hard cash or repurposed for another purchase.


Security – The main reason for this service’s impeccable security is more than the fact they employ all the usual encryption standards. Not only is the payment processor fully recognized according to eMoney provisions, but it is most unique because it manages to eliminate sharing any personal or banking details, or using traditional payment options.

Fee policy – The payments processed with this method are instant and extremely efficient; yet, for such service, there is no charge by the actual provider. Some online casino operators may impose an additional fee, but deposits with Paykasa are predominantly known to be free of charge.

Speed & convenience – As mentioned several times, the transactions are practically instantaneous, but also convenient. They do not require a lot of work like signing up or picking up a physical card from the bank or a different issuer, yet allow holders to cash out the cards anywhere they find fit.

Accessibility – The company is constantly working on improving and increasing the number of representatives across the territories of the countries where it is eligible. While this is still a relatively small territory, the service has put in a lot of effort to allow us to get this far, so that online casino players from Turkey or Greece could cash out their vouchers at any retailer, reseller or other partnering establishment.


Limited user pool – Just the topic of discussion, players from Turkey or Greece are the only ones so far eligible to use the functionalities of the payment service. The level of satisfaction is quite high amongst them, but they are much less in number than financially sustainable for a longer time.

Amount restrictions – Considering that cards can’t be partially redeemed, and players can only get the cards in the values given by the company, these players will definitely face limits in their gameplay. So, make sure your online casino gaming needs would be met by any of the amounts available from these cards, or a combination of them should the operator allow, just to avoid issues and dissatisfaction.

Limited availability – Geography isn’t the only parameter that seems to be blocking Paykasa’s progress. As it seems, the range and number of platforms offering this payment option in their banking page is also a rare occurrence. Still, there seem to be chances for more merchants to start including Paykasa, although it might depend on some more detailed analyses.

Paykasa Casinos

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Can I claim bonuses and promotions from the Greek and Turkish online casinos when using this payment method?

Yes, players can claim any of the bonuses or promotions using this payment method, as long as they qualify for it.

Which would be the best alternatives for those players that aren’t eligible to online casino banking with this payment method?

Those ineligible to use this payment method will most likely need to turn to regular standard credit and debit cards, or revolutionize their gambling to the utmost, making use of the latest in cryptotechnology – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin among others.

Deposits are free of charge with this method, but what about withdrawals?

Payout commissions through this method may reach up to 3%, which is still significantly low, while deposits remain free of charge. A similar fee payment structure is developed for merchants as well, with all the more benefits as they progress in the industry.

Is this payment method associated with direct bank transfer operations for funding purposes, the same way it is with the MasterCard and Visa services?

No, this payment method is not yet available for direct bank transfers, although responsible personnel are working on resolving this matter.

Name a few casinos where I could use this service for deposits and/or withdrawals?

Some of the top casinos for Paykasa deposits and withdrawals include Betin Casino, CasinoWin, 1XBET Casino, Lucky Bet and more.