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Online industries owe much credit regarding their existence and progress to the top banking and financial institutions which enabled wireless payment processing. While the e-commerce platform of your choosing works to make their products and content available to clients, it is the payment service that facilitates the profitable part of the business.

It should be noted…

…that such services are distinguished by several key features such as speed, security and availability. While it is only expected that not all services will be able to meet them to the same extent, it is precisely that which allows users to distinguish between all the variants and ultimately choose their most suitable solution.


Speed is normally dependent on the format, type of the payment processing service due to the different verification process of each mechanism. On the other hand, availability may easily be determined by the legal regulative of the country, or the specific one of e-commerce platforms. Either way, both characteristics can vary on the basis of different criteria, but when it comes to security, there are some undisputed standards that need to be met.

In this regard,...

...some processing solutions are better disposed at maintaining user security and anonymity than others, and the CASHlib voucher is definitely one of the former.

About CASHlib

Owned and operated by EmCorp, the CASHlib online payment processing service is just one of many that perform such payment facilitation between online platforms and their clients. It is based on the voucher scheme, which is a rather convenient and unique way of providing users with disposable cash for online payments and transactions.

The CASHlib service...

... was only established a few years back, in 2015, mainly as a response to the shutdown of several other prepaid cards that used to operate on specific territories. Still, instead of aiming to replace their functionality with its own, the CASHlib voucher service offered a fresh new payment processing option with its fair share of novel options.

About CASHlib

Bear in mind...

...that the service is only available at a range of chosen countries, all the more important when looking for land-based retail locations to purchase the voucher. When it comes to this matter, users from the following countries will be privileged to find offline locations where they can get a voucher for a particular cash payment – Germany, the UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, the Netherlands, Poland, Luxemburg, as well as several other countries of the EU.

A growing number...

...of online marketplaces have recently shown great interest in the service, particularly upon seeing existing ones benefit from its features. Still, there is the matter of funds that you will need to bear in mind before going on to apply for a CASHlib voucher. After all, the voucher can only carry a certain amount of cash at a time – from a minimum of 10GBP to a maximum of 180GBP, i.e. 10EUR up to 250EUR. With a limit of up to 5 cards as the most a single individual can hold in their possession, they are practically solely eligible to store up to 900GBP or 1250EUR at a single time across all available cards.

Getting a CASHlib Online Voucher

Should you be eligible to use CASHlib as an online payment method for your purchases or deposits, all that’s left is to choose how you want to get one. If you opt for the land-based purchase, you will only need to go personally to the authorized retail location. For those of you that aren’t sure where they can turn to for such an option, the official website of the service offers a store locator. Simply enter your address, city or postal code, and choose the country from the drop down menu; this will automatically generate the available locations in your vicinity straight on the map provided.

On the other hand, should you opt to obtain your voucher via an online channel, just go straight to the BeCharge platform. The service is also listed straight on the service’s website, as an option for users residing in the UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland and Luxemburg.

Aside from using it for CASHlib purchases, residents of these countries can additionally load their mobile phone credit at national and international operators, use it as a money transfer service the likes of Western Union and Moneygram, or alternately, to pay for select items chosen from the ‘Entertainment’ or ‘Gifts & Services’ categories offered there.


... will give you the e-money option, which lists CASHlib among other such e-money services. Here, you just need to select the amount of the voucher you are looking to purchase, and the specific method that you are planning to use for the payment. What you get is actually a 16-digit code that serves to identify your CASHlib voucher from the rest when you input it at any of the service’s Business Partners.

Using CASHlib as a Payment Method

Using CASHlib as a Payment Method

With regard to the last statement, this online voucher service boasts a variety of Business Partners – online merchants and retail locations that have incorporated it as a payment method. From the official website, it is evident that these can be random e-commerce platforms, as well as financial service providers, and ultimately gaming websites. Each of these types of websites charges their clients for the service or products they offer, and provides CASHlib as the ultimate payment option to settle such a situation.

CASHlib as an Online Casino Payment Method

As it is clearly stated on the e-money service website, it is a readily available payment method for gaming and gambling platform operators in the countries where it is eligible. Still, despite such restrictions which keep the service out of some of the largest online markets such as online gambling in the US, there is more than enough traffic to sustain and support the CASHlib service.

Depositing Using CASHlib as an Online Casino Payment Method

Step 1: In order to use CASHlib as an online casino banking method, you will need to find a casino that offers it in the first place. Considering you reside at one of the jurisdictions where the payment service is available, most casino platforms should include it in their Banking/Cashier section. Hence, players will most likely be able to choose a casino site that features top titles from all the leading software providers, a rewarding bonuses and promotions section, and additionally CASHlib as a payment method

Step 2: The best way to make sure the method is available for online casino deposits at your chosen platform is to sign up for a player account and head to your casino e-wallet. Here, at the Banking page, simply locate the CASHlib voucher option and click on it.

Following, you should view a new window. Here, all you need to do is input the amount you wish to deposit at your casino player account, along with the 16-digit PIN code mentioned above. That way, the funds will get transferred from your voucher specifically, straight to the casino platform.

Step 3: Due to the nature of the service, such transactions are bound to be processed instantly. The established partnership between the service and the casino operator ensures such convenience, allowing players to instantly engage in top blackjack, roulette, casino or poker gameplay.

Withdrawing Using CASHlib as an Online Casino Payment Method

Unfortunately, so far, the CASHlib online voucher service has only been optimized for online payments and deposits. There is plenty of work to be done in order to make the service available for online casino withdrawals, as is the case with most prepaid cards, gift cards and online vouchers such as the specific one in question.

As a result, those players who have been lucky enough to make use of the slot player benefits and hit a win will need to look for an alternative banking method fit for their specific jurisdiction.

Advantages of CASHlib

Advantages of CASHlib Online Casino Payments

  • Security – CASHlib payments at online casinos, as well as other e-commerce platforms, are completely secure and anonymous. Starting from the first steps towards using the service, CASHlib retail locations do not require any particular user information. Offline retailers won’t even ask for a name, as all you need to do is pay the amount of the voucher in cash and get on with your business.
  • Speed – The instant payment processing capability of the service is nowadays turning into the standard for such online facilitators. Thus, in order to keep up with the latest provisions, it is mandatory that the user pool will be able to make use of their deposited funds, or execute their payments in real time.
  • Convenience – More and more casino platforms, online poker rooms, sports betting sites, as well as regular online retail destinations are allowing their clients to make use of the benefits of CASHlib transactions. As a result, it is nowadays considered one of the most convenient options available.
  • Online & Offline Availability – Speaking of availability, and in regard to the security matter, it is yet another rather specific advantage that users are able to choose from online or offline retailers. What it means is that, if you want to make use of the service, you will most definitely be able to obtain it.
  • Refund policy – Refunds are usually a major concern for online casino players, and online shoppers in general. After all, they are known to make some purchase mistakes, or transfer money without any intention, which is why the refund policy of this service is largely advantageous for its users, contrary to other services which don’t process such transactions.

Disadvantages of CASHlib Online Casino Payments

  • Country restrictions – The list of eligible countries provided above indicates a stable and gradual growth of the CASHlib network of partnering merchants. Nevertheless, there are just as many portions of the online casino player pool waiting to make use of the service, as the case with the US market mentioned above.
  • Account maintenance fees – While the service is rather beneficial on the whole, they still apply a 15GBP fee for maintenance, considering the voucher has not been handled by their holder properly.

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Which are the major currencies accepted for CASHlib voucher payments?

When it comes to CASHlib transactions, they support the top popular currency options – Euro, British Pound and the US Dollar.

What are some suitable alternatives to the service for players ineligible to make use of this payment method at their casinos?

Those who won’t be able to make use of the CASHlib benefits can seek out suitable alternatives. Such are other services of the same format – prepaid and online payment processors, e-wallets the likes of Neteller and Skrill, or even standard payment methods such as wire transfers or cards payments.

Does CASHlib offer some kind of a customer support option for their user pool?

Yes, users can choose to contact the customer support team via an online contact form or to seek out the answer themselves from the extensive FAQ list. Users from different countries shouldn’t worry either, as the whole site is available in a range of language versions – English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, German, Greek, Polish and Russian, to be more exact.

Could I still benefit from online casino bonuses and promotions when using the CASHlib payment method?

Yes, of course, online casino players should be able to benefit from all the regular bonuses and promotions whenever they are offered at the CASHlib online casino. What is more, some of the operators of this type will additionally provide specific bonuses for those using this payment method in order to increase its traffic.

What is the ‘Use by Date’ piece of information related to my voucher, and is it different from its issue date?

The issue date is the specific day when the voucher was issued to the holder by the Partnering Merchant. Alternatively, the ‘use by date’ specific piece of information denotes the date of validity of the 16-digit PIN code that is given to voucher holders upon purchase.

Could I completely cancel the CASHlib voucher after having obtained it and realizing that I don’t need it?

Yes, for those who remember to revoke, i.e. cancel their voucher in the first two weeks (14 days) since the issuance will be able to do so without being subject to any additional fees. A cancelation following these two week time will yield a redemption fee of 15GBP/EUR, which may still be a good deal considering you have purchased a higher-value voucher.