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The online casino and gambling industry in general, have provided benevolent circumstances for additional businesses' growth and development. While this includes service-specific companies, such as those dedicated to providing gaming software content and the likes, others have established their brand names in wider contexts. Such is the case with one of the biggest financial service providers used for payment processing purposes in the said iGaming industry, American Express.


About the Company

American Express is one of the longest standing corporate establishments, dating back to the middle of the 19th century, or 1850 to be exact. It first went into the business of express post delivery and managed to achieve success through a constant drive to improve, evolve and meet the needs of its time.

Namely, it gained the public's attention in 1952 during the merger with Wells and Fargo, who soon afterward decided to go off on their own and start a separate post business. Nevertheless, the innovative affiliate practices of the American Express services launched it towards greater achievements.

The Company Taps into Banking

It is prompted by an inconvenience that left numerous Americans on the European mainland without a bank willing to accept their letters of credit. While it proceeded to develop its express postal service, it was definitely the financial area that got most of the managerial team's attention.

With several subsequent merges during the second half and end of the 20th century, the company definitely oriented itself towards the finance sphere, and it wasn't long before they started issuing credit cards.

In fact, they are the first company to issue today's plastic cards, interestingly as a replacement for what was once achieved by a piece of paper with the customer's name and bank account number typed on it.

Either way...

...American Express is a target to due praise, as it has since expanded all the way to the travel and network providing service industries. At the same time, it continued building onto the foundations of its financial segment, progressing into a fully fledged symbol of credibility, fiscal stability and affluence.


AmEx Financial Services

The American Express provides financial services specializing in finding the right card for your personal or business needs. It is this thorough approach to all their endeavours which has made it into an indicator of quality customer service for all its affiliations.

Types of AmEx Cards

Currently, this company issues personal and small business cards, as well as cashback, gift cards and travel miles credit cards to fit all their customers' needs. When it comes to their use in the particular field of iGaming, most AmEx cardholders choose to transact with their personal cards, which still leaves a range of options to choose from.

The selection is vast and can be filtered through your card benefits preferences as well as the membership points and privileges associated.

A few which have gained most prominence include:

  • American Express Gold
  • The Platinum Card
  • Simply Cash Card from American Express
  • Blue Sky Credit Card

Each of these offers players its own Welcome Bonus of points, miles, discounts at select retailers and much more, practically preparing them for the world of online gaming platforms filled with the corresponding player perks.

The Black American Express Card, however, is just as popular as the aforementioned, but it is solely issued to a select user pool without being commercialized, as a symbol of luxury reserved for the extremely affluent elite.

American Express Membership Rewards

The American Express Rewards points system is one of the most famous among the range of financial service providers globally. Users can choose from points-only or mixed points-and-cash benefits that are redeemed according to your country of residence.

Namely, the card of your choosing may feature cashback or direct discounts for purchasing items from a particular store, yet the store brands may be unavailable for your jurisdiction.

What is more...

...the rewards users get can even come in the form of ready-made products, including top-of-the-line Apple devices and similar tech gadgets, and may have special surprises for particular events, dates and holidays.

Due to such wide, varied and generous benefits, using an American Express card as your means of payment is definitely bound to make your loyalty worth the while. Thus, users are constantly looking for ways in which they can use their card to make their required payments and accumulate points.

Added Convenience

The fact that such points don't just expire, so people can make use of theirs as they please – in portions or in full. The online casino industry flourished under the rapid and wide-spread progress of technology, security and player awareness, and AmEx introduction into the appropriate Cashier sections of these platforms. Players were inclined to use this payment method from the selection in order to enjoy all the positive sides of the service.

As an Online Casino Payment Option

Evidently so, the American Express cards can be used to make payments and other kinds of transactions both in land-based and online establishments, including online casinos among the likes. In order to attract players to their respective platforms, many operators have provided play-for-fun versions of their game offering, but you would still require AmEx or any other reliable payment processor to experience real online gambling action.

First off...

...players are advised to go through their choice of casino operators offering this service among their banking method options. Namely, the rather divided and even contrasting legal situation in the US regarding online payment practices has left such processing companies in a compromising situation, as they are most likely to get penalized for facilitating transactions that help fund such remote gambling practices.

As a result, American Express is known to take special precautions before making their services available at a given platform, hence the company's synonymous meaning to an online casino's overall reliability. While this payment processor employs only the latest encryption technology and security software, checking for the online casino's licensing, certification and protection protocols is an added useful consideration.

Once you have chosen a suitable AmEx casino site

It is time to enter its premises – opening your player account at these casinos is no different than other such platforms. All you have to do is enter the personal player profile information and access your casino's online lobby.

Normally, the Banking or Cashier section should be available straight from that page, immediately taking you to the list of options you can choose from. A key consideration in this regard is checking for American Express' availability as both a depositing and withdrawal method.

While this may differ from USA to UK-dedicated casino operators, per se, it could also be the general policy of the casino operator. Either way, for players wishing to use their AmEx card, this matter may be far more decisive and should be taken into account when funding your newly opened player account.

Once the technicalities have been completed, players can make use of these funds like any other time, and simply go back to the same Cashier/Banking section whenever they wish to make a withdrawal out of their winnings pot.


Advantages of Using American Express Cards at Online Casinos

This payment processing option for online casino platforms can be considered to have its advantages and shortcomings, like any of the other similar services. While the facts mentioned so far advocate the promotion of this method and provide rather solid proof of the operator's reliability in itself, it is best to consider both sides as objectively as possible before making a final decision.

On the one hand...

...players are bound to experience safe and secure, and completely uncompromised transactions. This is so both due to the AmEx online casinos' licensed and regulated status, and the fact that the financial service has taken the necessary precautions on its own.


While the matter of security is of primary concern regardless of the payment method or their specific format, it is worth emphasizing that the American Express card has an even more secure approach to the processing operation.

The security issue in such banking methods predominantly focuses on the fact players share their personal banking information with the casino platform, which is why AmEx tends to promote the use of the card CCV digits to avoid such distribution of sensitive information.

Another pro-AmEx argument can be made on the basis of their online banking account services. Namely, the card account holders are able to preview their entire account history – incoming and outgoing transactions, or any in-app payments, points status and redeemable reward options.

Easy access to such information at all times allows players to stay on top of their spending habits, possibly establish a separate bankroll and practice wise management of their disposable income. This advantage not only does it benefit the player as an AmEx cardholder but also as an online casino player.

Considering that gambling practices are a form of entertainment, any player looking to enjoy in this pastime focuses on this rather than the profitable aspect. Thus, many enthusiasts have come to consider that the real trick is to turn a bigger profit by risking as little as you can of your own hard-earned cash.

This purpose is achieved at most regulated and proven fair gambling sites, but all the more guaranteed by using American Express as a payment method. Namely, players that are able to make transactions with the given method will both get their deposit/withdrawal request processed in a timely and secure manner, and at the same time receive benefits – cash or points rewards – for simply doing it with the given service.

American Express transactions, due to their established credibility, enjoy certain perks within the online casino platform. As such, players who have chosen this service as their payment method are likely to see instantaneous deposits and prompt withdrawals, with the maximum of about a business week at the most.

Fees are also pushed back to a minimum or completely eliminated, meaning anyone experiencing such charges during AmEx transactions is most likely under the online platform's individual fee policies.


...the amount of funds limiting deposit and withdrawal operators is much more convenient for the respective online casino players. American Express deposits are known to permit reliable players to fund their casino player accounts with more than the usual sum, as well as to withdraw a higher than regular cash winnings amount.

With so many benefits to match the quality gameplay experience, players should still keep an open mind and consider all angles, taking into account the service disadvantages just the same.


Disadvantages of Using American Express Cards at Online Casinos

On the other hand, there isn't such a widespread banking method at this type of gambling platforms. More often than not, those sites that do include the service will only make it eligible for deposits, leaving players to face another pool of choices for their withdrawal transactions.

In other words, as beneficial as it is with its fee-free and instant request processing features, it is much less available at the operators' website.

In terms of limitations, the withdrawal transfer time is normally average, but numerous cases have been known to exceed the proposed 3-5 days framework. While this is predominantly due to their extremely thorough anti-money laundering and corruption policies, it can also have a negative effect on players' bankroll management, staking systems and general gameplay.

Pros far Outweigh the Cons of the service

However, it is bound to leave interested players with a swarm of additional questions regarding the precise mechanics. The following section of most frequently asked questions aims to address the issue as much as possible.

Nevertheless, should players require further assistance, they are welcome to address their concerns with the American Express team of customer support representatives or their relevant casino's customer service contact channels.

American Express Casinos

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What are the closest and most appropriate alternatives to American Express as an online casino payment method in case it isn't available on my chosen casino platform?

Considering the fact that it is the industry's tendency to simplify and optimize the payment processing operations segment, the different options and service formats have all come to function on the same principles of opening an account and connecting it with your online casino player profile.

While there are some differences in the request mechanics, any of the services Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin would serve as a suitable replacement.

Are there multiple currency exchange functionalities available through AmEx payments?

American Express has been present on both continents since before WWI, which helped its subsequent progress and expansion across international borders.

With today's global coverage, it is more than expected that its payment processing services will be available in multiple currencies, and on multiple languages including EUR, CAN Dollars, USD, British Pound etc.

Will I be able to claim Welcome Bonuses and other promotional offers if I choose AmEx as my payment method?

Yes, players should be able to claim all the regular bonuses and promotions provided by the American Express online casinos of their choosing. Should the offer indicate the use of a particular payment method other than AmEx, normally for promotional purposes, it will only apply to players using the specific service.

How do AmEx payment processing techniques compare to an e-wallet's – which one should I choose?

Just like AmEx, e-wallet transactions have their pros and cons too. They may not provide the banking information directly to the platform, but they do store them at third-party servers which are just as likely to be the target of a hacker attack and intrusion.

Will I be able to make deposits and withdrawals using my American Express card when gambling on my mobile device?

As mentioned, the American Express account management services have been completely digitalized in order to provide players with direct and most convenient access to their payments. This made it all the easier to further optimize said account for mobile compatibility, just as the payment processing operations at AmEx casinos' mobile clients. Hence, nowadays, players choosing to gamble ‘on the go' are able to choose American Express as their compatible payment method.