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Hit Me Baccarat


Hit me Baccarat is a baccarat variant by Eyecon, where if the player loses his original bet, he can buy an extra card for a second chance at winning. The win depends on the card you have to beat, the harder it is to win, the more a win will pay.


As usual for baccarat games, I capitalize the names of bets and use lower case for the one playing the game. Thus, Player is a bet, but a player is the one playing the game.

  1. Eight decks of cards are used.
  2. Standard baccarat rules are followed, which I assume the reader is familiar with.
  3. If the player bet on the Player or Banker and loses to anything other than a total of nine, then he may play the Hit Me round, in which he buys an extra card.
  4. The player may bet whatever he wishes in the Hit Me round, subject to casino limits.
  5. The object in the Hit Me round is to beat the total of the other hand.
  6. Ties lose in the Hit Me round.
  7. The following table shows what wins pay in the Hit Me round according to the total to beat of the other hand. It does not matter what the player's own hand is. These pays are after subtracting out a 2.5% commission on wins, which is applies to the win only and not the base bet.

    Hit Me Pay Table

    Card to Beat Pays
    8 10.725
    7 4.875
    6 2.925
    5 1.950
    4 0.975
    3 0.975
    2 0.4875
    1 0.4875
  8. Contrary to what the help file says*, wins are rounded up to the nearest penny.


*: The help file says that wins are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and use the example of a $1087.50 win being rounded up to $1088. However, my actual play on the demo game shows this not to be the case and wins are rounded up to the penny only. To be specific, I bet $10 in a situation that paid 1 to 2. I won. Before rounding, my win should have been $10 × 0.5 × 0.975 = $4.875. My actual win was $4.88.


The house edge of the primary three bets are well known, as follows:

  • Player -- 1.24%
  • Banker -- 1.06%
  • Tie -- 14.36%

The following table shows the probability of winning and house edge of all situations of the Hit Me round. The analysis is based on an infinite-deck.

Hit Me Analysis

to Beat
Pays Winning
Probability House
8 10.7250 1 7.69% 9.81%
7 4.8750 2 15.38% 9.62%
6 2.9250 3 23.08% 9.42%
5 1.9500 4 30.77% 9.23%
4 0.9750 5 38.46% 24.04%
3 0.9750 6 46.15% 8.85%
2 0.4875 7 53.85% 19.90%
1 0.4875 8 61.54% 8.46%

It should be noted that the casino help indicates the house edge ranges from 0.5% to 16.5%. You may decide for yourself who to believe.

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