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C3: A Blackjack Side Bet


I noticed a side bet in blackjack called the C3 at the Bregenz casino in Austria on March 10, 2018. It seemed to be on every blackjack table. Other bets, called the C4 and C5, were on other games. Following are the rules.


Wins are based on the player's initial two cards and the dealer's up card. In the event the player qualifies for a win more than one way, only the higher pay will be paid. The pay table is as follows:

  • Highest hearts (three ace of hearts) pays 300 to 1.
  • Jacks in black (three jacks in the color black) pays 200 to 1.
  • Trips (three of a kind) pays 50 to 1.
  • Red carpet (three red cards) pays 4 to 1.


The following table shows my analysis for six decks. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 10.86%.

C3 — Six Decks

Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
Highest hearts 300 20 0.000004 0.001197
Jacks in black 200 220 0.000044 0.008777
Trips 50 26,072 0.005201 0.260027
Red carpet 4 617,760 0.123224 0.492895
All other -1 4,369,248 0.871528 -0.871528
Total   5,013,320 1.000000 -0.108632

The house edge with four decks is 12.90% and with eight decks is 9.83%.