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Bonus Blackjack


I have seen five versions of side bets called Bonus Blackjack through the years. What they have to do with each other, I don't know. I'm going to treat and explain each one separately below.

Bonus Blackjack — Version 1


It seem this side bet has been at the Riverside in Laughlin since forever. This is a simple pair of side bets that the player and/or dealer will get a blackjack. Wins pay 15 to 1. The player may bet on a player blackjack and/or dealer blackjack. If the player bets at least $1 on both and both the player gets a blackjack, composed of an ace and jack of spades, then the player will win a progressive bonus.

As the number of decks increases, the probability of a blackjack decreases, making the player's odds worse. The following table shows pertinent information about this bet as explained below.

First column: Number of decks
Second column: House edge if just one bet is made
Third column: Overall reduction in house edge for each $100 in meter if both bets are made
Fourth column: Point meter must reach for bet to have zero house edge.

Bonus Blackjack — Version 1

Decks House Edge Reduction in House
for each $100 in Meter
Break-even Meter
1 22.78% 3.77% $604.00
2 23.53% 3.73% $630.00
4 23.89% 3.72% $643.00
6 24.02% 3.71% $647.33
8 24.08% 3.71% $649.50

Bonus Blackjack — Version 2

This is another side bet called "Bonus Blackjack." I noticed it at the Sycuan casino near San Diego on October 25, 2009. The only bet amounts permitted were 50¢ and $1. The following table shows the pay table, probabilities, and return for a six-deck game. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 40.78% (ouch!). This assumes the player always tries for a 678 or 777 if possible, even if it violates basic strategy. The cost of such strategy deviations are not indicated.


Bonus Blackjack (Sycuan) — Six Decks

Hand Pays Combinations Probability Return
777 500 12144 0.000404 0.201862
678 50 82944 0.002757 0.137873
Suited BJ 20 357120 0.011872 0.237447
Loser -1 29627712 0.984966 -0.984966
Total   30079920 1 -0.407784


The next table shows the house edge for various number of decks.


Bonus Blackjack (version 2) — House Edge

Decks House Edge
2 45.16%
4 41.92%
5 41.24%
6 40.78%
8 40.20%


Bonus Blackjack — Version 3


I noticed this third version of Bonus Blackjack at the Riviera casino on November 17, 2012. It was played on a single-deck game. Wins are based on the player's first two cards, and for the highest win, on the dealer's cards as well. The following table shows everything you need to know.


Bonus Blackjack — Version 3

Event Pays Combinations Probabity Return
Player and dealer blackjack 25 2,880 0.001773 0.044325
Player suited blackjack 10 18,880 0.011623 0.116231
Player unsuited blackjack 3 56,640 0.034869 0.104608
Pair 2 95,550 0.058824 0.117647
Suited 1 362,600 0.223228 0.223228
All other -1 1,087,800 0.669683 -0.669683
Total   1,624,350 1.000000 -0.063644


The lower right cell shows a house edge of 6.36%.

Bonus Blackjack — Version 4


I noticed this fourth version of Bonus Blackjack at the Golden Gate on October 27, 2016. It is similar to version 3 above. The return table below shows each win, what it pays, the probability, and contribution to the return. The table is based on six decks.

Bonus Blackjack — Version 4

Event Pays Combinations Probabity Return
Player and dealer blackjack 25 5,034,240 0.002167 0.054163
Suited blackjack 15 26,328,960 0.011331 0.169961
Suited pair 10 37,358,100 0.016077 0.160772
Unsuited blackjack 5 78,986,880 0.033992 0.169961
Unsuited pair 3 134,489,160 0.057878 0.173633
All other -1 2,041,476,480 0.878556 -0.878556
Total   2,323,673,820 1.000000 -0.150065


If you should see this bet on a game with a different number of decks, the following table will show you the house edge, assuming no other changes.

Version 4 House Edge

Decks House Edge
8 14.16%
6 15.01%
5 15.69%
4 16.71%
2 21.87%

Version 5

I noticed what I call Version 5 of Bonus Blackjack at the Rampart casino in Las Vegas. Wins are based on the player's first two cards and the dealer's up card. For all my rules and analysis, please see my page on Version 5 of Bonus Blackjack.

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