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Before you join an online casino, you are faced with many options which you need to consider. Online casinos, seemingly similar, differ in the number of games they offer, the list of payment methods and the bonuses and promotions they run.

That's why you need to explore many options before you go with the one that suits you the most. And while the choice of games and bonuses is important, the payment methods offered are paramount. Not all payment methods are global and can be used by anyone. Not all solutions allow for quick and cost-effective transactions in multiple currencies and even two cryptocurrencies. But MiFinity most certainly does. Why choose MiFinity over any other solution to use across online casinos?

About MiFinity

MiFinity is an eWallet created and owned by a UK company with more than 15 years of experience in providing online payment services, MiFinity UK Limited. The company, licensed by the UK financial authorities FCA, and certified by Union Pay, has made sure to connect the eWallet with all kinds of sectors, including airlines and construction, retail banking, education, insurance and travel, therefore, making it an eWallet available to anyone, anywhere.

Since the eWallet supports the MoneyExpress remittance program, and it offers an extremely secure platform, it is also able to offer acquiring services. Thanks to the latest technologies, it manages to connect consumers, merchants and businesses, providing them with all kinds of products, virtual cards included, but the services are headlined by the eWallet. The local payment services and banks it has partnered with enabled it to offer money transfer all across the world, making the eWallet a global one.

The thing is, this eWallet is accepted in more than 170 countries and used by people from all across the globe. Being a global solution, its website and mobile apps support over 17 mainstream languages and accept multiple currencies and even cryptocurrencies. It is not difficult to conclude why users prefer it over any other.

And as such an incredible payment solution, with high credibility, it is a solution that has easily found its way into the online gambling industry. Since you can load it with money whenever you want and deposit with it across hundreds of online casinos, it is the perfect solution to use if you’re looking for convenience, speed and cost-effectiveness. This is just what online casino players want, and that’s why hundreds of operators are offering it to attend to their demand.

Getting Started with It

Online casino players mostly use MiFinity as an eWallet, thanks to its role as a facilitator, connecting players with their bank or preferred payment method, and their online casino. As a facilitator, it allows you to keep your bank details away from operators. You need to create an account with it, fill it with money and spend the money from there.

The entire process goes like this:

  1. Visit MiFinity’s official user-friendly website, and you’ll find step-by-step instructions to create your account.
  2. Choose whether you’ll go with the website-based procedure, or whether you’ll want to download the dedicated Android or iOS apps.
  3. Should you choose to go with the apps, download them from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, respectively.
  4. Enter the required details about yourself and create your username and password.
  5. Verify your account and it will be ready to be used.

The next step would be funding your account. You should know that many premier payment methods would be at your disposal for funding your account, such as VISA, Klarna, MasterCard, and Trustly, among others. Whichever you're already using, you can use it to put money on your eWallet account.

As mentioned previously, even though when funding your eWallet account you’ll need to share some credit card or banking details with it, your details will be perfectly safe, and never end up in the wrong hands. You won’t ever need to share them with your casino, and that’s one of the biggest advantages you get for using it.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with MiFinity?

Getting started with this solution is pretty intuitive and straightforward. But so is depositing with it. The first step towards depositing is finding an online casino that accepts it. Hundreds of online casinos already do, and new ones add it to their brands, to their lists of accepted methods constantly, thanks to all the benefits it can offer to both players and operators.

After you create an account with a legit casino, do the following:

  1. Enter the casino’s Cashier/Banking/Deposit page and find MiFinity’s logo.
  2. Log in to your eWallet account using your username and password.
  3. Specify the amount of funds you’d like transferred to your online casino account.
  4. Confirm the transaction and watch the money appearing on your online casino account instantly.

Yes, the process of depositing with this incredible eWallet is that easy. You don’t need to share with the casino more than your username and password, and as soon as you enter how much you wish to deposit, the money is instantly transferred to your online casino account. You can use it to play any game you’d like, just like that, considering deposits with it are instant.

How to Withdraw with It?

The withdrawing procedure is pretty much the same. This time, however, as soon as you log in to your online casino account, you would need to visit the Withdrawal page. Once you click or tap on MiFinity’s logo, you’ll need to enter your username and password again to log in to your eWallet account and specify how much you'd like to withdraw. The casino will take its time to check your request, and see whether you have any wagering requirements or other bonus terms and conditions left unmet.

But, as soon as the casino approves the withdrawal, you’ll see the money arriving on your eWallet account instantly. Now, there’s something you should know here, and that’s the fact that the casino may accept MiFinity for deposits, but not for withdrawals. Therefore, before you even join it, the wisest thing to do would be to check whether withdrawals with it are an option, or you’ll need to request them through different eWallets or different payment methods entirely.

Applicable Fees

MiFinity is known for its low fees, and that’s one of the reasons why players choose it over any other eWallet for online casino transactions.

The fees depend on the method you’ll use to fund your eWallet account and withdraw winnings from it. If you’re using VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to fund your account, you’ll need to pay a 1.8% fee, for instance. Giropay, Klarna and Trustly charge the same fee, plus €0.25, €0.19 and €0.19, respectively.

To withdraw funds from it, you would need to use either local bank transfer (SEPA) with €1 fee, VISA EEA with €1 fee, VISA Interregional or MasterCard EEA with €1.75 fee and MasterCard Interregional with a €2 fee. As you can see, the withdrawal fees are fixed and pretty low, making this eWallet one of the greatest options for cashing out.

In case you wish to explore the entire list of deposit options, make sure you visit its official website and check them out, as well as the applicable fees.

Available Currencies

The eWallet, as mentioned, offers multiple currencies, and even cryptocurrencies for you to transact with.

The available fiat currencies are the Australian, New Zealand, the US and the Canadian dollar, euro, Great Britain pound, Swedish krona, Romanian leu, Swiss franc, the Czech koruna, and the Polish zloty. The accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Restricted Countries

MiFinity, as you already know, is available in more than 170 countries. However, it does have a list of banned or restricted countries that cannot use its services.

These countries are Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Yemen, Belarus, the US, Congo DRC, Turkey, Cote d’Ivoire, Syrian Arab Republic, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, South Sudan, Iraq, North Korea, Liberia, Nicaragua, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and Myanmar. If a player from any of these countries, you cannot use MiFinity across online casinos.

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Is there a maximum deposit or withdrawal limit I should be aware of?

If your account has not been verified properly, you can transact up to €2,000 in a year. If verified, you can transact up to €10,000. If you wish to transact more than that, you would need to provide enhanced due diligence and become a VIP, but it is a possibility.

Does MiFinity offer its own Customer Support service?

Of course. Being the most attractive global eWallet that it is, it gives you the option to contact its Support via the on-site contact form, but it also gives you the real addresses of its main offices in Malta, the UK and Ireland and their phone numbers. These numbers are +356 2034 5600, +44 28 9587 0100 and +353 1 205 7931, respectively.

Is the eWallet accepted in most European countries?

Yes, absolutely. Not only is it accepted but it allows for many benefits to the UK and European players, considering it is a solution originating from the UK and abiding by both UK and European financial laws and regulation.

Will I need to pay any other hidden fees when using this eWallet across online casinos?

There are no hidden fees when using this eWallet on its part. The eWallet charges €1 per month if you don’t log in for a period of 12 months and your account is considered inactive or dormant. Other than that, and the fees for depositing and withdrawing, no other fees would apply. However, make sure whether the casino you’re playing at charges fees on its own upon deposits or withdrawals. Such casinos are rare, but they do exist.

Can I open more than one eWallet account?

Yes. A maximum of nine eWallet accounts can be opened by a single person, so you can make a combo of, say the Travel and Gaming eWallet categories, and use them under the single MiFinity account.

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