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Last Updated: October 3, 2005

Double Draw Aces


Double Draw Aces is a video poker variation I noticed at the Frontier on October 2, 2005.

The game plays like normal video poker except the player gets two draws if he keeps and retains two or more aces on the draw. After the first draw the player may elect to either keep the outcome of that draw or take a second draw. In the event the player chooses the second draw the cards obtained on the first draw will be inserted back in the deck. In other words it is like replaying the first draw, except the second draw is final.

The following table shows the possible outcomes under optimal player strategy. The lower right cell shows an expected returnof 96.26%.

Double Draw Aces

Hand Probability Pays Return
Royal Flush 0.000025 800 0.020028
Straight Flush 0.000096 50 0.004798
Four A + 2-4 0.000110 400 0.043989
Four 2-4 + A-4 0.000149 160 0.023773
Four A 0.000294 160 0.047074
Four 2-4 0.000401 80 0.032046
Four 5-K 0.001736 50 0.086789
Full House 0.008680 5 0.043402
Flush 0.010221 4 0.040883
Straight 0.010670 3 0.032010
Three of a kind 0.083444 3 0.250333
Two pair 0.110352 1 0.110352
Pair 0.227143 1 0.227143
Nonpaying hand 0.546680 0 0.000000
Total 1.000000 0.962619

The strategy is the same as normal for the specified pay table except as noted.

  1. Player should keep two aces over four to a straight flush after the deal.
  2. If the player keeps two aces after the deal then the player should stand with three of a kind or better on the first draw .
  3. If the player keeps three aces after the deal then the player should stand on any four of a kind on the first draw.

For those who may be interested the player will not get two aces or break them up 95.832% of the time, keep the first of two ace draws 0.517% of the time, and keep the second draw 3.651% of the time.

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Written by: Michael Shackleford

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