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Royal Deal


Royal Deal plays like standard video poker, except that a dealt royal flush pays 10,000 coins with a maximum five coins bet. That reduces to 2,000 per coin bet, which is 1,200 more coins than the 800 the player would win in standard video poker on a deal royal.

The probability of a dealt royal flush is 4/2,598,960. So, the value of the extra 1,200 coins is 1,200 × (4/2,598,960) = 0.185%.

The games and pay tables I noticed for this game at the Encore casino on Sep. 27, 2016, were common ones. So, to get the return for any game and pay table, simply look up that game list of return tables and then add 0.185%.

For example, the Encore offered 8-5 Jacks or Better as a Royal Deal game. Normally, that game and pay table return 97.298%. In Royal Deal, add 0.185%, for a total return of 97.483%.