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Video Poker Speed Records


The purpose of this page is to document the known fastest video poker players. I have two records, one for play on a single machine and one on two machines. Here are the current record holders:


Machines Speed* Record Holder Date
One 2,262 Dr. Antonius 11/1/2017
Two 2,544 Ken 10/17/2017

* Speed measured in hands per hour.


  1. Play will be measured over a period of approximately ten minutes.
  2. All play will be recorded on video to verify accuracy.
  3. For any mistake, three hands for every 1% loss in expected value will be deducted from the total hands played, as determined by our video poker hand analyzer.
  4. Play may be on any five-card draw game. This would exclude games like Pick 'Em Poker and Double Down Stud.
  5. Only single-play games. What matters is decisions made. So, please, no more inquiries about 100-play video poker.


Single Machine Record

The current record holder is "Dr. Antonius" with a speed of an amazing 2,262 hands per hour. He chose to remain as anonymous as possible but you can at least see his hands pressing the buttons in this video of his record-breaking performance.

Before Dr. Antonius challenged him, "Ken" was both the single-machine and double-machine record holder. Here is Ken's performance at one machine.

Finally, here is an honorable mention to "gerbackk" for a speed of about 2,032 hands per hour on a 10/6 double double bonus machine. I have not gone through the entire video yet, nor checked the play for accuracy.

Double Machine Record

The record playing two machines at the same time is held by "Ken" at an incredible rate of 2,544 hands per hour. Ken kindly agreed to be on camera for an interview as well. Here is the video of his record-setting attempt.

Just for fun, I did another short video of Ken playing from a wider shot. Here is playing at an even faster rate of 2,590 hands per hour. However, since this test wasn't over the required ten minutes, we don't consider it an official record.

Seeking Challengers

If you're confident you can beat either of these records, please contact me. You can reach me through the "contact" form here or at my forum at WizardOfVegas.com.