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Online casino players from the UK have the chance to pick from a variety of global payment methods to make smooth deposits across online casinos, but there’s also a local solution, Payforit, which would be even more convenient. This is a solution launched in the country to facilitate the way users pay online via their mobile devices. It is a mobile payment processor that is incredibly easy to use and above all, safe, therefore, if you’re considering using it, stay with us to learn more about it. What is Payforit and why choose to use it as your deposit method across online casinos?

About Payforit

Launched by four of the largest mobile network providers in the country, Payforit is a UK mobile payment processor that is incredibly popular among users. It is the brainchild of Vodafone, Three, EE and O2, a channel that enables users to make online transactions effortlessly, with just a few taps on their mobile devices. No lengthy procedures are involved in the process of making a transaction since users don’t need to share any details about themselves when using it other than their mobile phone numbers.

Considering it is a facilitator, a service for making easy online transactions provided by mobile network providers, it is not a full-fledged company. It is not even a product, but a service provided by the four giants to offer mobile users the most convenient mobile banking there is, with transactions processed safely and quickly.

Taking all of this into account, you have probably gathered that you need to meet two conditions to be eligible to use it: you need to have an active mobile phone number with one of the four network providers and be a UK citizen. As long as you’re meeting these two conditions, you can start using the solution right away; you don’t need to have a creditdebit card, not even an active bank account, to make an online transaction.

That’s one of the reasons why the solution is incredibly popular across the online gambling industry. Considering the fact that the UK Gambling Commission banned credit cards for online gambling transactions in the country, which became effective in 2020, this solution comes quite handy since you don’t have to have a credit card to use it.

You’d need your mobile device, and you’d need to join an online casino that accepts the solution to make a deposit. Any UK casino that offers Payforit would do. The best part is, once your transaction goes through, the money you deposited will be deducted from your phone credit if you’re a prepaid user, or added to your monthly phone bill if a postpaid user.

As you can see, you can just use your mobile device to make the smoothest deposits across many online casinos. Before we get into that, let’s first see how you get started with it. We’ll go through the procedure next, but let us tell you right away that there aren’t any exhausting steps you need to go through. You won’t even need to create an account to use it, so this is the perfect solution to use if you’re leading the busy lifestyle that we’re all leading nowadays. Let’s see next how to start using it.

Getting Started with It

You’ve gathered by now a few things, but we need to clarify them better so that your entire experience goes as smoothly as planned. So, first, you should make sure you’re meeting the two conditions to use the solution. As long as you have an active phone number with Vodafone, Three, EE or O2, and you’re a UK citizen, you’re good to go.

As said, you could either hold a prepaid or a postpaid phone number, and you’ll still be eligible to use it. Since no registration procedure is involved, your entire experience would be based on the two packages, the prepaid or postpaid package. If a prepaid user, you're using the pay-as-you-go package, meaning the amount you deposited will be deducted from your credit. If a postpaid, the deposit you made will be charged to your monthly mobile bill.

What happens is, when transacting with the solution, your phone number is your ID; you never need to share any banking or credit card details, no personal details, nothing. That's because you never have to create a separate account to use it, but all you need is to connect your device to your 3G, 4G or 5G network and make the transfer.

The recipient, or in our case, the online casino operator, will identify your mobile phone number and you’ll receive a confirmation SMS to confirm the transfer, letting the system know that you’re the one that requested the transaction. As soon as you confirm it, the charges are either deducted from your credit balance or charged to your monthly bill. As simple as that.

As an added note, if you’re a Vodafone user, you could go to its official website and decide to agree with its Terms and Conditions to basically agree to be connected to Vodafone’s network and enable the Payforit service. With that, you’ll be allowing the operator to charge the amount of the deposit to your mobile phone bill or have it deducted from your credit balance.

Finally, you should know that if you’re not connected to your data network but you’re using a Wi-Fi network connection, you’d need to prove your identity upon depositing, to confirm that you’re the one that’s using the number and requesting the deposit. You’ll receive a one-time authentication code on the phone number you’re using via SMS, to confirm the transfer by verifying your identity and transaction. And that’s all there is to it. Now that you have all the needed information, you’re ready for the next step: depositing across online casinos with Payforit.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Payforit?

Many online casinos accepting players from the UK, legit casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, accept Payforit as a payment method. Among them, we can mention CatCasinoTusk Casino, and Casoo. The solution is growing in popularity across UK casinos, so you have several options to explore before you decide on the one to join.

As soon as you’ve found your casino and created an account with it, to make a deposit with Payforit, you’d need to go through these steps:

  1. Visit the casino’s Banking page and go to the Deposits section.
  2. From the list of Deposit methods, look for Payforit’s logo, or choose the Mobile Payments/Pay-By-Phone option.
  3. Check out the list of mobile network providers and pick yours.
  4. Specify how much you’d like to deposit on your casino balance.
  5. Wait for the SMS and enter the confirmation code where specified.
  6. Your money will instantly arrive on your balance!

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

As you could notice, we didn’t mention withdrawals anywhere so far. That’s because Payforit is not an option for withdrawals; it does not offer the functionality. Given the fact that it is a mobile payment processor, the casino wouldn’t get a return address to send your winnings to. There’s no receiving account; so, you can only pay, ergo, make deposits with it, and you can never receive a payment, ergo, a withdrawal.

Therefore, you would need to have an alternative solution prepared for cashing out your winnings. Whether that would be a crypto, an eWallet  or some standard banking solution, it is up to you. Do not expect Payforit to become an option, because none of the four mobile network providers has ever mentioned any plans on starting to offer the functionality any time soon.

Fees and Limits

Given the fact that this is a mobile payment solution, provided by the UK’s four top mobile network providers, as you would gather, transactions with it are completely fee-free.

The solution was designed to cater to mobile users in the best way possible, allowing them to make the smoothest transactions which are free of charge. So, as long as you have an active phone number with any of them, you can enjoy fee-free deposits.

However, there will be charges if you’re using Payforit with a mobile number with a different network provider. Even though using such a number would be an option, it won't be without fees. Therefore, you'd need to contact the Customer Support team of the respective provider to discover more about the fees involved.

Allowed Countries

It is fairly clear by now that you can only use the solution if you’re a UK citizen. And, you can use it for free only if you have a phone number with Vodafone, Three, EE or O2, that’s it.

Therefore, unless you’re a UK user with an active phone number, you won’t be able to use Payforit. You can, however, regardless of your country of residence, choose the Pay-By-Phone option at your chosen casino and check which mobile network providers will be listed, depending on the ones offered in your respective country. You’ll still be able to make a mobile payment, but not using this particular solution.

Accepted Currencies

Since you need to be a UK citizen with an active UK phone number with one of the four network providers, as you’ve assumed, you can only use the UK pound sterling to cover for your deposits.

Both your prepaid credit and your postpaid phone bill are in UK pounds; therefore, this is the default and only currency you could use when transacting with this solution. On the plus side, this is the currency you will be using across UK online casinos, so you’ll even avoid paying unnecessary conversion fees!

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What is the approximate number of casinos that offer Payforit?

You can rest assured that most if not all, online casinos in the UK offer the Pay-By-Phone option on their accepted methods lists. So, even if you can't find its logo available on the Banking page, you could choose this option to still make a fee-free transaction using the solution.

Is there a chance to use the solution even if I’m not a UK citizen?

No, that would be impossible. The solution functions through the UK mobile networks, so you can only use it as a UK citizen with an active phone number by one of the four network providers.

Does the solution offer Customer Support?

Given the fact that this is neither a full-fledged company nor a product, but a service provided by the four mobile network providers, you’d need to contact your network provider’s Support team, respectively, to get the answers you needed and the solutions to any problems you might be experiencing with the solution.

Do any limits apply when paying/depositing with Payforit?

There are some limits you should be aware of. These depend on your mobile network provider, so to know exactly how big they are, you’d need to consult with its Customer Support. Also, keep in mind that deposit limits apply across online casinos, too, as part of regulatory measures. Make sure you check them out, too.

Can I review my transactions in any way?

If you’re a postpaid number holder, yes. On your monthly bill, you will find a field labelled “Other”, where you can check out all the transactions you made with the solution. Each of the transactions will have a separate billing number tied to the number you shipped the money to, so you can know exactly how much you’ve spent over the course of one month using the solution.

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