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Last Updated: September 18, 2019

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Live Dragon Tiger Dealer


Dragon Tiger could be explained as a simplified version of baccarat, where each side, the Dragon and Tiger, get one card only. Wins pay even money. Dragon and Tiger bets lose half on a tie. The only other major bet is on a Tie, which usually pays 11 to 1. However, beware the stingy 8 to 1 odds at Ho Gaming.

Odds Review

Here is a quick refresher on the bets that may or may not be available in Dragon Tiger, what they pay, and the house edge. Pays are based on the standard odds, which may vary. House edge figures are based on eight decks.

Odds Review

Bet Pays House Edge
Dragon/Tiger 1 3.73%
Tie 11 10.36%
Suited Tie 50 13.98%
Big/Small 1 7.69%
Suit 3 7.69%
Two red/two black 3 3.73%
One red, one black 1 3.73%

Asia Gaming

dragon tiger asia gaming

The Asia Gaming web site indicates they offer Live Dealer games of Dragon Tiger. I haven't been able to play it, so that is about all I know for now.

Asia Live Tech

dragon tiger asia live tech

Asia Live Tech offers Dragon Tiger on a an actual gaming table. I think it is in a land casino somewhere, judging from the camera above the table. The table seems to be a mixture of at least three languages, but it looks like they offer the full range of bets. They also pay the full 11 to 1 odds on a Tie.

Bet Construct

dragon tiger bet construct

Bet Construct deals Dragon Tiger in what looks like a fancy private salon. All the major and side bets are available. They offer the full 11 to 1 odds on a Tie.


ebet dragon tiger

eBet has a nice looking Dragon Tiger game with attractive Asian dealers. Unfortunately, they pay the stingy 8 to 1 odds on a tie.


Dragon Tiger Evolution   evolution football studio

Evolution has a nice clean game in what looks like a private salon. The interface indicates they offer all the major bets and side bets.

In addition, they have a Live Dealer game called Football Studio that seems to be the same thing as Dragon Tiger, except the bets are on Home, Away, or Tie. No side betting in this version. Both games pay the full 11 to 1 on a Tie.

Ho Gaming

dragon tiger ho gaming

Ho Gaming offers Dragon Tiger with lovely dealers from their studio in the Philippines. They offer a big statistics display. The three major bets are offered. I can't tell what odds they pay on a Tie.

Oriental Game

dragon tiger oriental game

Oriental Game deals a simple game of Dragon Tiger with just the three main bets. My favorite aspect of this studio is the outfits the dealers wear. The table is in Chinese so I can't tell what a Tie pays.

SA Gaming

dragon tiger sa gaming

SA Gaming offers the game on a real Dragon Tiger table. Only the three major bets seem to be offered. SA Gaming gets a stern finger wagging of shame for paying 8 to 1 only on a Tie, for a house edge of 32.77% (ouch!).

Super Spade

dragon tiger -- super spade

Like all their live dealer games, Super Spade offers a no-nonsense Dragon Tiger game with just the usual three bets at the usual odds. Be warned that I experienced a very slow video feed that often got disconnected.

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