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Last Updated: October 20, 2014

Jackpot Poker



Jackpot Poker is a video poker variant played at Paf casino. It has a strange pay table, starting at a pair of kings, yet with no wild cards. The game makes up for no win on a pair of jacks or queens with high pays on the full house, four of a kind, and straight flush. There is also a progressive jackpot for a royal flush in hearts.


While the base game could be played anywhere, as far as I know, this game is only found at the Paf Casino. There they observe the following rules:

  1. Game is played in five-play mode. In other words, the player gets five hands on the draw.
  2. The bet is fixed at €0.50 per line.
  3. The game uses the following pay table.

Pay Table

Event Pays
Royal flush in hearts Jackpot
Royal flush 800
Straight flush 200
Four of a kind 75
Full house 17
Flush 6
Straight 4
Three of a kind 2
Two pair 1
Kings or better 1
Loser 0


The following return table shows the probability and return for each hand. The table assumes optimal player strategy based on a jackpot of 800 for a royal flush in hearts. In other words, no strategy deviations for the jackpot.

Return Table

Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
Royal flush in hearts Jackpot 111,391,110 0.000006 ?
Royal flush 800 334,173,330 0.000017 0.013412
Straight flush 200 2,922,073,236 0.000147 0.029319
Four of a kind 75 46,320,842,700 0.002324 0.174285
Full house 17 224,955,237,420 0.011285 0.191852
Flush 6 314,094,905,964 0.015757 0.094544
Straight 4 273,814,948,356 0.013737 0.054946
Three of a kind 2 1,435,729,767,768 0.072027 0.144054
Two pair 1 2,483,099,710,704 0.124571 0.124571
Kings or better 1 2,101,798,198,620 0.105442 0.105442
Nothing 0 13,050,049,267,992 0.654688 0.000000
Total 19,933,230,517,200 1.000000 0.932425 + ?

Based on the €0.50 bet per line, the return goes up by 1.12% for each €1,000 in the meter. The game becomes break-even at 12,092 bet units in the meter, or €6046.21.


I used my own video poker strategy maker to create a strategy for Jackpot Poker. I'm afraid it doesn't treat a royal in hearts differently than any other royal, so you're on your own with that.

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Written by: Michael Shackleford

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