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Zelle in US Casinos

With online gambling on the rise in the USA, players are often wondering which payment method to use to get the best service; the answer is Zelle. This is definitely one of the most convenient solutions US players could use since it was designed in the country and collaborates with leading US banks. It is an intermediary service that allows online casino players to get the most seamless deposits and withdrawals without having to share sensitive personal and banking details with the operator. It is easy to get started with and use, so why not try it right away? Why choose to use Zelle across US online casinos?

Online Gambling Regulation in the USA

Looking to find the right answer on whether online gambling is legal in the US, you may come across many misconceptions. That’s because while gambling is not illegal overall, it is still banned in many, and only regulated in severalstates. In the past, US online casino players faced a major block when the country passed the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, limiting their access to global gambling sites.

What happened next was, plenty of software developers that were players’ favorite decided to stop offering their games to US players, and all players were left with were games by RivalRTGBetSoft and Saucify among several others. And while the choices were not as bad as they looked, players were still eager for a wider selection of games to access.

Seeing players' interest in online gambling, some states in the US chose to regulate the activity. In the last 5 years alone, we saw Pennsylvania and New Jersey regulating online gambling, but Delaware, West VirginiaMichigan and Connecticut are also allowing players to engage in online gambling, with Rhode Island expected to launch in 2024.

With that, plenty of software developers started getting proper licenses to offer their games in the regulated US states, such as EvolutionRed Tiger and NetEnt. By default, many operators also acquired a license to launch their sites in these states, like BetUSUptown Aces and Casino Max, among others.

Now, with so many games and operators to choose from, US players are in luck, because they get a variety of different payment methods to choose from to start playing. Mostly, these are global solutions that come with certain limitations and fees. But one of their best options, a solution designed with US users in mind, which offers an impeccable service, is Zelle. This is a solution that is a real hit among US players, and for great reasons, which you’ll discover next. Stay with us to learn how to get started with it and use it for your deposits and withdrawals across US casinos.

Using Zelle Across US Online Casinos

Zelle is an intermediary service available to US players since 2017. You may have heard of it, under a different name, clearXchange, as that was its name upon its launch in 2011. But, when it was acquired in 2016 by a private financial services company owned by leading US banks, Capital One, PNC Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, and the US Bank, it rebranded to its current name. It is a solution offered to US citizens with the aim of making their digital transactions faster and easier than ever.

Via any mobile or desktop device and your online banking profile, thanks to its service, you can electronically transfer money to the desired destination within seconds, without having to share sensitive information about yourself or your bank account. You don't have to register a separate account to use it; you'll be using your online banking profile via any browser or your bank's app if already installed on your device. There is a Zelle app if you wish to download it, too, and log into your banking profile from there.

Regardless, you’d need to enroll with the service and you can start using it right away. The way it functions is the following: you need to enter the recipient’s email address or US phone number and the amount you wish to send; no bank account details, no other personal details about the recipient, nada. Next, if the recipient is already enrolled with the service, too, you’ll get the transfer confirmation within a few minutes. If not, they’ll need to enroll first to receive the transfer in the fastest way possible; they’ll receive the prompts on how to do it.

The best part is, even though launched as a joint effort of several US banks, the solution allows you touse Bitcoin, too! If interested in crypto transactions with it, though, you'd need to create an account with LocalBitcoins.com and use the tool on the account where you can locate a seller in your area that accepts Zelle transactions. Pay the seller the amount you wish to purchase in US dollars and thanks to the solution’s escrow system, you’ll receive your BTCs on your account within seconds, to then be able to use them as it suits you.

Considering this is a solution that will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals across online casinos within seconds, in both USD and BTC, you must be waiting impatiently to figure out how to use it across US casinos. Stay with us as we’ll take you through the exact steps next. 

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Deposits and Withdrawals with Zelle

As mentioned previously, plenty of US online casinos are available today, excellent, duly licensed sites that offer online gambling in your state. And, thanks to the impeccable service it offers, the solution is accepted across most, if not all, of those sites! This goes to your advantage since there aren't that many payment methods you could freely use as a US player, without worrying about paying unnecessary fees, conversion fees mostly; Zelle's default currency is the US dollar, and the solution is fee-free! Therefore, all you’re left to do is enroll with it and start using it at your favorite online casino.

On that note, once you’ve found the most perfect casino to join, register an account with it. Next, to make a deposit with Zelle, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to the casino’s Deposits/Banking page and select Zelle (or if absent, bank transfer).
  2. In the pop-up, log into your online banking profile and use the Pay with Zelle option.
  3. The casino’s email address/US phone number should be available here; if not, contact Customer Support to get it.
  4. Enter the address/phone number on your online banking profile, specify how much you wish to transfer, and confirm the request.

If the casino is enrolled with the service, the funds will arrive immediately on your casino balance. If not, they'll be prompted and informed on how to receive the payment, and in that case, the deposit will take a while to arrive on your balance. But don't worry, since most casinos that offer it as a payment method option are enrolled with it, so you should receive the funds on your balance instantly.

The withdrawal procedure is pretty similar, only the operator will do the hard job this time. All you have to do is select it as your withdrawal method and specify how much you wish to cash out. The operator will review the request and make sure to enter your email address/phone number to complete the transaction. In no time, you’ll receive an email/SMS with transaction information. 


Zelle is an exceptional payment solution to use as a US player across US online casinos. It is fee-free, pretty quick easy to use, and quite popular across US casinos. Considering the lack of other convenient options, this solution should be your number-one choice when exploring options to use for your deposits and withdrawals. You'll even avoid paying conversion fees, as the solution's default currency is the US dollar. What's more, you can even use Bitcoin via it, so it offers more than what you’ve asked for, really! Make sure you consider using it, and you’ll see how satisfied you’ll be with its service.


How many US casinos will I find that offer Zelle for deposits and withdrawals?

You’ll find over two dozen here at WoO, legit US online casinos that accept the solution for deposits and withdrawals. Explore our list, but feel free to widen your search and you’ll certainly find many other eligible options.

Does the solution offer a Customer Support service via a US phone line?

Sure thing! Since this is a US solution designed for US citizens and operated by leading US banks, it ensures all users get the most adequate Customer Care, available via the toll-free line 844-428-8542, the FAQ page, and the on-site contact form.

Is Zelle available in the US only?

Yes, this is a US-only solution. Even though it has been a massive success in the States, it hasn’t shared plans on expanding its reach to other countries or continents. At the moment, you need to be a US citizen with an active bank account with a US bank or credit union and have a valid US phone number, to be able to use its services.

How long would it take for the withdrawal to arrive if the casino was not enrolled with Zelle upon request?

If the casino was enrolled at the moment you sent the withdrawal request, the transaction will be processed within minutes. But, if not, you should be prepared to wait up to three business days to receive your winnings. And, if you haven’t received them in three days, do not hesitate to contact the operator’s Support team, since there might have been some mistake with the request.

If I sent the wrong amount when depositing, will I be able to cancel the transaction?

If the casino was not enrolled with the service yet, you can cancel the transaction; but if it was already enrolled, the transaction will have been processed by the solution instantly, hence, the casino will have received the payment by the time you cancel the transfer.