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Portuguese online casino players are some of the luckiest on the online gambling scene because they have plenty of payment solutions at their disposal across casinos, MB Way being the most popularly used one. Not only was it launched by the leading interbank network in the country, meaning not only is it safe, but it is also very practical to use, especially for online gambling transactions. It is offered by major Portuguese banks, so basically any Portuguese user can use it to get the most effortless mobile payments, so if interested in using it, continue reading to figure out how. What is MB WAY and why choose it over any other across online casinos?

About MB WAY

Launched by none other than the leading interbank network Multibanco, MB WAY is a mobile payment solution that was first presented to the public in 2015. It was designed to serve Portuguese users, giving them the chance to make easy and fast transactions via their mobile devices, with a few simple taps on their smartphones. Users can use it both offline and online for shopping, money requests, generating virtual cards, splitting the bill when out with friends, and sending/receiving money effortlessly. Designed with the mobile user in mind but functioning like an eWallet, the solution comes with an app that allows users to deposit and even withdraw funds via their mobile devices, even if they don’t have a card with them at the moment.

It is unbelievably easy to get started with and also incredibly safe. You just need to link your phone number with your bank card, and just like that, be able to make all kinds of transactions with it, even if the card is not with you. As long as you have your smartphone with you, you don’t have to have your card or wallet with you to send, receive, request and withdraw funds via the Multibanco system.

It goes without saying, having read what you have so far, that the only conditions to meet to be able to use it is to be a Portuguese user with an active account with one of the many partnered banks and to have a smartphone. The “Adhering Banks” are all the banks that form part of the Multibanco network, so you probably have an account with at least one; you must have a smartphone because basically, everyone does, so you're already equipped with what you need to use it. Just link your bank card with your phone number through the MBW app, and you can use the solution via your bank's online platform or any ATM as it suits you.

The best part is, the solution is now supported by some of the most popular eWallets available out there, Skrill and Neteller. The two eWallets now offer the service on the Portuguese market, so if you have an account with either, you can use MB WAY via them, too.

With all of this in mind, you should not be shocked to learn that over 5 million Portuguese citizens have chosen to use the solution on a daily basis; it is the most popular payment app in Portugal. And by default, it should not come as a surprise to learn that the solution has managed to get offered across most if not all, online casinos catering to players from Portugal. Leading sites already offer it and many new ones are adding it to their platforms, so if it sounds like a solution you’d like to use, stay with us to see how to get started with it.

Getting Started with It

We already mentioned the conditions you need to meet to start using the solution: you need to have an active bank account/card with one of the Adhering Banks and you need to have an active phone number with a Portuguese operator. To be clear right away, 28 Adhering Banks are at your disposal, leading Portuguese banks like Caixa Agricola de Torres Vedras, Santander, Novo Banco, ABANCA, BIG, Activo Bank, BBVA and Best Bank, among others.

First, you’d need to open Multibanco and select MBW; then, enter your mobile phone number and you’ll be prompted to create your MB WAY PIN, which is a six-digit code, a personal one that you’ll be the only one to know. Then, you’d need to download the MBW app, either from Apple App or Google Play Store, depending on whether you’re an iOS or Android device user. Finally, you’d need to open the app, enter the PIN code and your phone number, and then wait for the SMS that will automatically activate the service on your app. With that, you’ll be able to start using the solution right away.

There are several services you could use with this solution. As mentioned, you can use Multibanco via the app, meaning split a bill with your contacts or withdraw money from any ATM. Then, you can use the newly-introduced Authorized Payments functionality. You can also use the Ask for Money/Send Money option, meaning selecting a contact by whom or to whom you wish to receive/money, specifying the amount to be transferred and quickly validating the transfer. The Pay with MB WAY functionality is also your option, which you can use in land-based and online stores through QR Code or NFC and finally, you can also generate a virtual card and fund it with money, to shop online with many merchants. To help you understand how to use it across online casinos, next, we’ll explain the depositing and withdrawing processes.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with MB WAY?

Before we go into detail on the service you’d need to use to start depositing with the solution, we need to reinstate that MB WAY is offered across the leading online casinos that accept players from Portugal. The market grows each year, and online gambling is booming, so many operators that offer the solution keep on appearing. You’d need to explore a few options to find the one that would work for you best, and join it.

Now, you must know that you’ll be using the Send Money functionality on your app to make a deposit at an online casino with the solution. So, the following are the exact steps you’d need to make when making a deposit with MB WAY at an online casino:

  1. Head over to your online casino's Payment Methods/Banking/Deposits page.
  2. Find MB WAY’s logo on the list of accepted methods and press it.
  3. Open your MBW app, select the Send Money option and specify how much you’d like to deposit.
  4. Enter the casino's phone number (look it up on the Contact Us page or homepage, and if you cannot find it, get in touch with Customer Support).
  5. The funds will reach your online casino balance immediately.

If you’ve, for some reason, joined a site or you’re already a player at a site that does not accept MB WAY, and you have an account with either Skrill or Neteller, you can still use the solution via your eWallet. These two are accepted across most, if not all, online casinos, so you’d just need to select the solution once inside to make a successful deposit with it via your eWallet.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

As you’ve assumed, since you had to use the Send Money option to make a deposit, to make a withdrawal with MB WAY, you’d need to use the Ask for Money option.

The procedure will be pretty quick; you'd need to go through the same first two steps as previously and choose the solution as your withdrawal method. Step three would be specifying how much you’d like to withdraw through the Ask for Money option, and validate your request. After the online casino receives your request, it will review it. After it approves it, the money will automatically be processed.

Fees and Limits

Given the fact that it was launched by Multibanco, as expected, this is one of the most inexpensive mobile payment solutions to use as a Portuguese player. In fact, the app is free and no fees are charged for operations carried out via it.

The only fees you might be charged would be those imposed by your bank, if any. You’d need to get in touch with your bank to see whether any fees are charged when using the solution. In addition, when requesting a Send Money transaction, you are given a display informing you whether there are any additional amounts to be paid so that before the transaction is completed, you can decide whether you'd like to go with it or cancel it.

Allowed Countries

You already know the conditions you need to meet to start using MB WAY; to be a Portuguese citizen with a bank account with one of the Adhering Banks and an active phone number with a Portuguese operator.

However, if you’re using the Multibanco service through it, even if you’re a player from Spain, Poland, Algeria, Romania, Timor or Malta, you can still use it! You can send and receive money to and from users registered to the Multibanco network with their international phone numbers.

Available Currencies

Given the fact it was designed for Portuguese users, it goes without saying that the euro is the default currency when using MB WAY. It is a solution designed for the Portuguese market, which you link to your bank account, so this was expected.

Therefore, if playing at an online casino with a different default currency, expect to pay conversion fees each time you’re depositing/withdrawing. But if the currency can be changed at your chosen casino, by choosing the euro, your transactions will always be fee-free.


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Does MB WAY offer its own Customer Support?

Sure. On its official website, which is pretty informative by the way, you will find a FAQ page where you can get answers to the most commonly asked questions. But, there's also a Support team available from 8 am to 6 pm during business days via the phone line 217 918 725, in case you wish to get a more precise answer to your question or problem.

Is the website available in many languages?

No; in fact, the website is not even available in English, but only in Portuguese. That’s expected, of course, considering the solution was crafted with Portuguese users in mind. But, if you still wish to explore it in a different language, you could always use the Google Translate tool, which appears the minute you load the site, and use any language you want.

How many cards can I link to my app?

You can link up to a maximum of 8 bank cards from different or the same bank.

How much can I withdraw at an ATM using the solution?

If you’re a Multibanco user, you must already be familiar with the limits; in short, you can withdraw a maximum of €400 per day and not more than €200 per transaction.

Do any transaction limits apply when using MB WAY?

Yes, sure. Since this is a mobile payment solution, the transaction limits are well-defined; so, there’s a €750 limit per transaction, and you can send and receive up to €2,500 per month. In total, not more than 50 transfers can be received per month.

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