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Diners as an Online Casino Payment Method

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The iGaming industry, as well as any other practically dependent an e-commerce online transactions will inevitably credit a large portion of their success to the banking methods in question.

Rightfully So

As any user is bound to take care of their finances storage, transfer and cash out. In regards to standard online stores, payers may be less concerned about the matter due to the business’ legal status, but the situation definitely changes in regard to online gambling services.

Online casinos and similar gambling operator platforms benefit from the use of proper payment processors largely dependent on the issuing bank or financial institution, their time efficiency, fee policy and security. The company’s reputability is further accounted for, especially since new innovative options became available to the wide player pool.

Background of Diners Club International

One payment processor that has long established its presence among the top online casino payment methods is the Diners Club International. Players may still be wary of its existence and availability across a more massive scale, mainly due to the fact the company’s beginnings clearly oriented it towards the hospitality industry. As the name suggests, Diners has set it its primary aim to make life less complicated for restaurant and hotel visitors and allow them to enjoy premium hosting anywhere they go.

Where it all Began

As the story goes, the Diners Club International founder, Frank McNamara was walking down the street one day when he caught an exquisite smell coming from a nearby restaurant. Upon entering and having his meal, Mr. McNamara reached to get his wallet and realized he left it in a different suit, putting him at a grave inconvenience.

Diners club international

This is when Frank McNamara decided to find a universal solution that would help people avoid such situations, and thus founded the Diners Club, at first literally and later figuratively. After all, card holders were later able to get much further with their Diners card than just the regular restaurant, ultimately allowing them to make payments straight into their online casino player accounts.

Starting as a Local Network

The Diners Club International soon spread into a global brand name that allows its users to disregard various bank issuers, financial institutions, processing and otherwise official restrictions. The company was founded in the distant 1950, although since then, ownership had shifted through various phases. Nowadays, specific country franchises of the Club have been sold to other owners or remain independently owned.

MasterCard and Discover

In 2004, the Diners Club entered into partnership with MasterCard, and only four years later, got acquired by the new bank in the business – Discover. While both events helped boost the company’s coverage in terms of use at platforms allowing credit cards and additionally, MasterCard’s processing functionalities, they also work on its reputation. Such affiliations have ultimately turned the Diners Club International into a privilege, and it definitely is one when it comes to the numerous rewards to its members.

How to Use the Diners Club International Card?

The Diners Club card functions much like a standard credit card, hence its subsequent affiliation with both one of the leading processing companies MasterCard, and a soaring banking institution Discover. Nevertheless, this card has a rather unique nature, as it is practically a charging card rather than a credit one.

This means that it still has a limit amount set for each user, and allows them to pay at locations that accept it, but the expenses accrued throughout the month need to be paid in full before the start of the next one.

Credit cards function differently in this regard, as they accumulate the debt and allow increment payments, while Diners requires it in bulk. Debt can be a risk in both cases, provided that cardholders practice bad financial management, but the important thing is that there is a max limit which can be altered to meet the specific needs of individuals.

Either way...

...other than the final payment which distinguishes the Diners Club International charge card from a standard credit one, the payment process is more or less the same. To illustrate, card holders were encouraged to seek out the Diners sign at the locale prior to accessing it, although with today’s partnership and massive MasterCard network, this is of no concern.

Online Casino Payment Method

As the Diners Club network progressed and increased over the years, it also needed to adapt to the newly created opportunities and industries, one of them being the iGaming industry. Online casino operators, as well as similar gambling establishments started offering online gaming content that required real money funding, and thus, appropriate processors that would facilitate said transactions.

This brought about a whole new market share to be explored, with Diners offering its cardholders a chance to deposit and withdraw funds from their select online casino sites. The number of casino platforms which provide their player pool with this payment method is still low, but its reputable brand name greatly contributes to the casino’s overall success.

Using Diners Club Cards for Online Casino Banking

Using the Diners Club International card at your chosen casino platform is much the same as the standard payment methods, credit and debit cards. This adds to its convenience, as there is hardly anyone in today’s tech society who hasn’t made an online payment for any goods or services.

Nevertheless, the procedure still consists of a few basic steps that these online casino players need to follow in order to get the most of their experience. For one, interested individuals need to become members of the Diners Club and get their personalized charging credit card. Once they are fully in possession of the card, players can take the action straight to their chosen online casino platform.

The Cashier

Each online casino has a separate Cashier/ Banking section where these respective players can select Diners as their chosen deposit method. Afterward, all they need to do is follow the standard procedure of depositing with a credit or debit card and input the card number, expiration date and normally the security code on the back of the card.

About diners club international

There have been some disagreements in this regard, as players normally aim to separate their banking information from the relevant casino platform, but the security measures are more than enough to put players at an ease, as you will see soon enough. Deposits using the Diners cards are instantaneous, just as with the standard credit and debit card processors the likes of Visa and MasterCard.

Withdrawal Downfall

Diners card withdrawals, on the other hand, are not as straightforward. In fact, the main issue with this transaction option is that hardly any online casino is willing to offer it, which means that players who have decided to deposit with Diners are going to have to choose an alternate option when cashing out their winnings.

Advantages & Disadvantages to Using Diners at Online Casinos

There is no denying that the Diners card has managed to expand its use into completely foreign markets compared to the initial idea, and even successfully incorporate it to the benefit of entire player pools from a wide range of online casino platforms.

Advantages of using the Diners Club International card for online casino exploits revolve around its ability to incorporate speed, stability and security into a single transaction. This means that they retain the instantaneous deposit timeframe of credit and debit cards, as well as the intuitive Cashier banking process, yet include the security Diners are known to provide.

Trademark Features

Just the company’s reputation in the global business sphere is enough of a guarantee when looking for something to back up your online casino deposits. Having a major financial institution supporting the players’ interests, especially during payment disputes, is a considerable advantage due to the company’s worldwide credibility.

Disadvantages, on the other hand...

...simply balance the head start players are likely to enjoy with this specific payment method. They mainly refer to the fact that online casino players should not expect to find Diners card withdrawals too often, as the method itself is often provided under the credit cards section instead of a separate service. More generally speaking, Diners as a casino payment method is overall a rarity in the industry, but it is precisely due to this that its presence on a given platform is a firm indictor of its reliability.

Diners Bonuses & Promotions

Online casinos that do feature the Diners payment processing option in their Cashier section are no different in player benefits from other top-notch operators. Thus, they include all kinds of bonuses and promotions as part of their offering, rewarding different player profiles in order to maintain a level of satisfaction across the entire pool.

Normally features include the standard bonus options as a form to pay players back for registering, depositing and playing at the given platform.

These include:

  • No deposit
  • First deposit welcome offers
  • Reload bonuses
  • Refer-a-friend promos 

and the likes. In line with the site’s reputation, these offers provide generous bonus rewards under acceptable wagering requirements. While these are not normally related to the specific deposit method, there are still some sites that may include additional offers should players employ Diners as their chosen payment method.

Diners Club Online Casino Game Selection

The game selection at online casino platforms featuring this payment method is no less diverse and player-oriented. Only a scarce number of casinos include Diners for their player deposit needs, but the platforms able to support such secure transactions inevitably include titles from multiple providers.

In this fashion, gambling portals come to offer the full range of game types, from the player favourites - slots, through table and card games, scratch cards and even some bingo or Keno titles, all the way to the top innovative live dealer casino games and VR software products.

Mobile Gambling at Diners Club Online Casinos

So far so good, as no evidence has been found indicating that online casinos featuring the Diners Club payment method in their Cashier section will witness consequences in their functionality. For what it’s worth, the opposite could be easily proclaimed as soon as players access any of the platforms.

Namely, casinos nowadays feature software developed on HTML5 format, thus eliminating lengthy downloads and installations, and allowing complete device compatibility, on the other.

The most frequently used mobile devices – smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS operative systems further allow players to enjoy optimized gameplay from their portable screens. Players may be better off checking for an inherent mobile app, but a HTML5 casino site is bound to run just as smooth and seamless gameplay across the devices’ respective browser apps.

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Are US players able to enjoy online casino gameplay funded by Diners Club International payments?

US online gambling is mostly prevented from enjoyable online casino gameplay funded by Diners Club International card payments for dual reasons - on the one hand, the payment method is generally a rarity in the industry, and on the other, due to its similarities to regular banking institutions, it becomes a matter of the state legal authorities, with the majority prohibiting any such transactions.

What is the main difference between Diners Club cards and the newer e-wallet and prepaid online casino payment methods?

Diners Club cards are fundamentally much alike regular credit and debit cards, which puts them at a direct contrast to the newest e-wallet and prepaid online payment processing services. These modern banking methods normally aim for extra safety layers preventing direct inputs of private information onto casino sites, which are normally required by Diners cards holders, but nonetheless both enable a fully secure gambling experience.

In terms of security, is there anything other than a brand name to boost players’ trust in putting their cash at the casino website?

While the brand’s name is quite valuable, when it comes to player trust and security, Diners goes above and beyond. Thus, they feature a fully responsive, competent and polite customer support and service representatives, available 24/7 on all current contact options. While casinos normally feature the same, the Diners Club take it upon themselves to ensure their users’ security isn’t compromised and the casino complies and responds to all their needs.

Could players claim deposit match bonuses even though their deposits were performed using a Diners card?

Yes, unless the deposit method is specifically indicated in the bonus terms and conditions as the only qualifying one for the benefit, all players who deposit using Diners Club cards or any other banking method will also qualify for the bonus (should they meet all other requirements).

Which are the top online casino payment option alternatives for players accustomed to using Diners for their gambling entertainment?

While players get accustomed to a specific casino site and payment processor, it’s often that one of the two isn’t present at the newer gambling option, causing players to choose. In order to allow players to enjoy the gameplay at whatever casino they prefer, and still find a suitable alternative for their Diners Club payments, experts recommend sticking to credit and debit card payments or money transfer services. Nevertheless, as more and more online processors appear, players are just as encouraged to go with that range of payment processing options.

Author - Shelly Schiff