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dash_online_casinosOnline casino players nowadays love using cryptocurrencies for their deposits and withdrawals; it's simpler, more cost-efficient, and more convenient than transacting with standard banking methods – and one of the most user-friendly cryptos that gives them exactly that and so much more, is Dash. This is a digital currency that offers far more improved functionalities and features compared to other well-established cryptocurrencies, and that's why it got the attention of many online casino players. And, that is why it is offered across many international casinos nowadays, with more to surely start offering it in the future. What is Dash and why choose it as your payment solution across online casinos?

About Dash

You know that when Bitcoin first appeared over 15 years ago, it changed the way people transfer money online, for good. When it first appeared, though, it was not embraced immediately; quite the contrary, many did not believe it would persist and were sure no one would want to use it. Nevertheless, Bitcoin made the impossible, it revolutionized the way money is moved online, and thanks to it, many other cryptocurrencies exist today. The crypto scene is an ever-increasing one nowadays, but one of the most user-friendly digital currencies that you’ll find is certainly Dash.

Launched six years after Bitcoin, this crypto managed to take all of its flaws and turn them into advantages for users. It is incredibly easy to store and exchange, but also super simple to use. Even though using Bitcoin's underlying blockchain tech, it offers improved functionalities and features, to be suited for any user, regardless of whether they are new or experienced in using crypto.

What happens is, that it works on masternodes, a then-novel concept, that first premiered with its launch, which hosts copies of the blockchain and adds a second layer of superb services, InstantSend and Private Send. These, in return, boost the sending features on the chain and the storage.

InstantSend allows for the transaction to be processed in 1 to 2 seconds, practically in real-time. Thanks to the fact that the masternodes validate the transaction, and that's what's needed for the network to verify it, as soon as the coin holder confirms it, the transaction is processed and sealed, allowing for an added layer of protection. PrivateSend eliminates all traces of the transaction, on the other hand, making the crypto the most anonymous ever. The transaction is broken down and sent into pieces, mixed up and validated by different masternodes, untraceable for good.

Being so amazing, as you would imagine, Dash immediately got offered across the finest online casinos. Online casino operators have been offering cryptos since day one, since the dawn of digital currencies, and with this one, they can provide players with the fastest and safest deposits and withdrawals. That’s, in fact, the reason why you will find it offered across a number of online casino sites. So, if interested in using it and eager to get started with it, let’s see what you need to do. 

Getting Started with It

getting_started_with_itWe repeatedly stressed in the previous section that Dash is incredibly user-friendly and designed to be used by anyone, regardless of whether a newbie or an expert in the crypto scene. If you visit its official website, you'll learn so much about it, the concept it is based on, and the way it works. But this is also where you get the steps that you need to take to get started with it.

If an expert in crypto, these steps would sound familiar; if a newbie, you'll see that they are easy to follow. So, on the Individuals page on the official website, you'll learn that first, you need to get some coins, in one of many ways. Mining is, of course, mentally and financially exhausting and time-consuming, but it is an option with this crypto, thanks to its X11 hashing algorithm, which provides you with your coins immediately after you solve a mathematically difficult problem.

But, the easier way to do it is, of course, to purchase your coins at an exchange platform, or even some ATMs! There are various ATMs scattered across the world where you can purchase your coins; just visit the official website and you'll figure out where they are located. The more convenient way for obtaining your coins, however, is via an exchange platform, any big and popular one like Binance, Bitfinex, or Coinbase, as they all offer it.

After the purchase is successfully completed, you’d need to look for a nice crypto wallet to store them, options like Bitnovo, Edge, Coinomi, and Exodus, for instance. On its official website, you'll see that there are many suggestions you could go with, depending on whether you're using an iOS or Android-powered device; you’ll even find DashPay wallets, believe it or not. Of course, you can go with text (SMS), hardware, desktop, paper, or any of the web wallets listed, as it suits you.

Once the coins are safely stored on a crypto wallet, and you’ve got the needed keys(addresses) for using it, you can start exploring sites to find one that you’d like to join. Follow our lead, as next, we’ll take you through the steps you need to make from joining a casino to making a deposit with Dash, and then cashing out your winnings with it.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Dash?

We mentioned already that Dash is pretty popular across online gambling sites that support and accept digital currencies. So many online casino and sportsbetting operators are offering it, and so many users are choosing it over any other crypto, mainly because of the user-friendliness we talked about.

So, explore options like KindomAce, NevadaWin, JeffBet, and FairSpin, for instance, and select the site you wish to go with. After you create an account with it, you are ready to make your Dash deposit; just do the following:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Banking page.
  2. In the Deposits section, skim through the methods offered and find Dash.
  3. In the pop-up, you’ll find the casino’s wallet key(address).
  4. Copy it and then enter your crypto wallet.
  5. Paste the casino’s key(address) and specify how much you’d like to have on your casino balance.
  6. Confirm the transaction and the coins will arrive in real-time.

Side note: if an expert in crypto, you know this, but as a newbie, you must understand that copying and pasting the exact key(address) is crucial when transacting with this and any other cryptocurrency, for that matter. Since transactions with cryptos are irreversible and made even more untraceable with this cryptocurrency, it is impossible to get your coins back in case you make a wrong transaction.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Withdrawals with this crypto are, naturally, possible and as fast. And, if we may add, as easy to request. You go through the same first three steps, only this time you select it from the Withdrawals section. You copy your wallet address and paste it into the designated field, along with the amount you wish to cash out. As soon as the casino approves it, the withdrawal will reach your wallet instantly.

Fees and Limits

While online casinos almost never charge fees for the use of cryptos for deposits and withdrawals, you will need to pay a fee each time you purchase this digital currency.

These are super-low fees, though, of under US$1, of course, charged by the exchange platform you go with. So, before you decide on the one to go with, make sure you check first about the fees they are charging for each purchase.

Allowed Countries

It goes without saying, being decentralized and all, that this cryptocurrency is accepted all across the globe. Sure, some country restrictions apply, but not on its end, of course.

What we mean is, some countries have banned cryptocurrencies, like Turkey or China but others have fully embraced them, like Finland, El Salvador and Malta. Most of the key regulated online gambling markets, though, welcome them with open hands, so if a player from these countries, you’ll be free to use this crypto whenever you want, at any casino that offers it and accepts players from your respective country.

Accepted Currencies

When purchasing your coins, you can use any fiat currency and digital currency, that is, any currency offered at the exchange platform you chose.

Big, mainstream fiats like the US dollar, the euro, the UK pound, the Australian and Canadian dollars are an option almost anywhere, so are the top cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, for instance. You’ll surely have plenty of other choices, so just explore your options and you’ll probably find your native fiat or your favorite crypto to use to purchase your coins.

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Can I explore its official website in different languages?

As a matter of fact, yes! Aside from English, you can use mainstream languages like Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, in addition to more country-specific languages like Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Filipino, and Greek, to mention a few.

Will I find Dash on social media?

Sure, you will find it on all popular media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Reddit. The crypto itself invites you to join in the discussion on its Blog and Forum, too, as well as on Telegram, Discord, and GitHub.

What was its peak value so far?

So far, its highest value was around $1,642, although nowadays is much, much lower; at the moment of writing, it was around $30.73. However, considering fluctuations are expected, because this is a crypto after all, who knows how much it would be by the time you check it out?

How many international online casinos accept Dash today?

While we cannot say a number with precision, we can assure you that you’ll find over 150 legit online casino and sportsbetting sites that accept it; most of these are international sites that accept players from all across the globe, so you should have no difficulties locating the one to join fast.

Does Dash offer an app I could download to get even faster and more convenient deposits and withdrawals across online casinos?

As you'd suspected, there is! In fact, there are three apps you'll find on its official website, one for desktop devices, one for Android, and one for iOS. So regardless of the operating system or the device type you're using, there will be a dedicated app you can download to get an even more seamless experience when using this crypto across online casinos for your deposits and withdrawals.