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Super Peek and Play


Super Peek and Play is an optional feature added to some multi-play video poker games. For a fee of three credits per play, the player may enable the peek feature, allowing the player to peek at the next card in the deck, before the draw.

Unlike regular Peek and Play, the player may burn the next card in the deck, if he doesn't want it. Of course, nothing is ever truly free in the casino. Peek and Play costs two credits per play and Super Peek and Play costs three.


  1. Super Peek and Play is an optional feature added to multi-play video poker, which I assume the reader is already familiar with.
  2. At a cost of three credits per play, the player may enable the Super Peek and Play feature.
  3. With the feature enabled, the player will be able to see the next card in the deck after the deal and before the draw.
  4. In addition, the player may burn this next card in the deck, if he doesn't want it.


This is a common situation in Super Peek and Play. I was dealt a low pair, which I would have kept only in conventional video poker. However, I could see the next card in the deck was the king of spades, which paired up with the king of diamonds I otherwise would have tossed. So, I chose to hold both kings, guaranteeing at least a two pair on the draw.

Super peek and play example 1

On the draw, one of my hands improved to a full house.

Super peek and play example 2

Return Tables

VideoPoker.com, where Super Peek and Play may be played, kindly discloses the games, pay tables, and returns available. As always, returns are based on optimal player strategy.

Super Peek and Play

Game Pay Table Return
Jacks or Better 9-6 99.844%
Jacks or Better 9-5 98.676%
Jacks or Better 8-5 97.414%
Jacks or Better 7-5 96.363%
Jacks or Better 6-5 95.310%
Bonus Poker 8-5 99.465%
Bonus Poker 7-5 98.246%
Bonus Poker 6-5 96.983%
Bonus Poker Deluxe 9-6 99.795%
Bonus Poker Deluxe 8-6 98.678%
Bonus Poker Deluxe 8-5 97.776%
Bonus Poker Deluxe 7-5 96.517%
Bonus Poker Deluxe 6-5 95.639%
Double Bonus 9-7 99.400%
Double Bonus 9-6-5 98.022%
Double Bonus 9-6-4 96.560%
Double Bonus 8-5 94.344%
Double Double Bonus 100-10-6 99.419%
Double Double Bonus 130-10-5 98.323%
Double Double Bonus 150-9-5 97.208%
Double Double Bonus 170-8-5 96.181%
Double Double Bonus 110-8-5 95.070%
Triple Double Bonus 9-7 99.949%
Triple Double Bonus 9-6 98.698%
Triple Double Bonus 9-5 97.562%
Triple Double Bonus 8-5 96.461%
Triple Double Bonus 7-5 95.557%
Deuces Wild 25-15-9-4-4-3 99.146%
Deuces Wild 20-12-10-4-4-3 97.766%
Deuces Wild 20-12-9-4-4-3 97.396%
Deuces Wild 25-16-13-4-3-2 97.183%
Deuces Wild 25-15-10-4-3-2 95.296%
Deuces Wild 20-10-8-4-4-3 95.023%
Deuces Wild Bonus 9-4-4-3 99.919%
Deuces Wild Bonus 13-4-3-3 99.281%
Deuces Wild Bonus 10-4-3-3 97.707%
Deuces Wild Bonus 12-4-3-2 96.437%
Deuces Wild Bonus 10-4-3-2 95.714%


VideoPoker.com, for the complimentary membership and use of the screenshots in the example.