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U-Turn Blackjack


U-Turn Blackjack is a blackjack variant by Shuffle Master. The twist to this one is the dealer acts first, but all the player will know is the up card and the total number of cards the dealer takes. To compensate for this additional information, if the dealer draws to 22 points, then all player bets still standing will push.


  1. U-Turn Blackjack is based on standard blackjack rules, which I assume the reader is familiar with. Changes to these standard rules are explained below.
  2. Play begins, as usual, with the player making a bet, as well as whatever side bets are available.
  3. Next, two cards will be dealt to each player and dealer, as usual, with one dealer card exposed.
  4. Next, with the aid of bar-coded cards and an electronic card reader in the shuffler, lights will tell the dealer how many additional cards to deal to himself, face down. The shuffler will tell the dealer when to stop dealing, so that the player may know the total number of cards the dealer will eventually draw.
  5. Play then resumes as in conventional blackjack.
  6. To pay for the additional information the player is given, if the dealer draws to 22 points, then any player bets still standing shall push.

Rack Card

Click on the rack card thumbnail for a larger version.

u turn blackjack rack card