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Richer Spin


Richer Spin

Richer Spin is the name of a roulette game that offers side bets on individual numbers that pay up to 300 to 1, using a second wheel. I first saw it at the 2021 Global Gaming Expo. Later, in 2023, I noticed it at the El Cortez in Las Vegas.

This report is based on the rules at the El Cortez, which uses a double-zero wheel.


  1. The game is played on an ordinary double-zero roulette wheel.
  2. In addition to the usual roulette wheel, there is an inner wheel that spins in the opposite direction.
  3. The inner wheel also has 38 positions and will randomly stop to line up with the outer wheel. There are various options available from the the manufacturer on how the inner wheel is configured. The following is the configurable at the El Cortez:
    • Gold — 1 stop
    • Silver — 9 stops
    • Blue — 4 stops
    • Purple — 4 stops
    • Blank — 20 stops
  4. There are 38 Richer Spins bets, one for each stop on the outer wheel. If the ball lands in the chosen number, then the inner wheel will determine the win, as follows:
    • Gold — Pays 299 to 1
    • Silver — Pays 99 to 1
    • Blue — Pays 7 to 1
    • Purple — Pays 7 to 1
    • Blank — Loss
  5. The Blue and Purple bets pay 7 to 1 if the inner wheel lands in the chosen color. For this bet, the outer wheel does not matter.


richer spin

Assuming the ball lands in the chosen number, the average win is 32.26316 to one. Recall that a straight up bet on a single number pays 35 to 1.

The following table shows my overall analysis of the Richer Spin Bets, when the Inner wheel pays 7 to 1 on the Blue and Purple. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 12.47%.

Richer Spin Analysis

Win Combinations Probability Return
299 1 0.000693 0.207064
99 9 0.006233 0.617036
7 8 0.005540 0.038781
-1 1426 0.987535 -0.987535
Total 1444 1.000000 -0.124654

The following table shows my analysis of the Blue and Purple bets at a win of 7 to 1. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 15.79%.

Blue and Purple Bets Analysis — 7 to 1

Win Combinations Probability Return
Win 4 0.105263 0.736842
Loss 34 0.894737 -0.894737
Total 38 1.000000 -0.157895

Other Configurations

There are other configurations available to the casino operator, as shown in literature for the game by TCS John Huxley, the maker of the game. The following are the configurable rules:

  • Single, double or triple zero wheel.
  • One or two Gold positions on Inner wheel.
  • 6 to 11 Silver positions on Inner wheel.
  • Blue and Purple can pay 7 to 1 or 8 to 1.

Please forgive me if I don't analyze all the possible variations.

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