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Lightning Launch Bonus Bet


Lightning Launch Bonus Bet

Lightning Roulette is an electronic roulette game with four betting stations and four balls of different colors, one for each station. The player bets on where the ball lands associated with the color of his station. For the most part, the bets and odds are the same as conventional double-zero roulette. However, they add a Bonus Bet, that pays based on the outcome of all four balls.


  1. Lightning Roulette is an electronic roulette game played on a double-zero wheel.
  2. There are four betting stations, each identified with a particular color. The game launches four balls, one for each station.
  3. The player may bet on all the standard roulette bets. The winning outcome will be determined by where the ball lands associated with the color of the betting station. For example, bets made at the red betting station will be resolved according to where the red ball lands. I assume that all bets pay the same as standard roulette, which I also assume the reader is familiar with.
  4. In addition, there is a Bonus Bet, which the player may place on any of the 38 numbers. This bet is resolved based on how many of the four balls land in the number chosen for the Bonus Bet.
  5. The pay table for the Bonus Bet pays as follows, according to the number of balls that land in the chosen number:
    • Four balls: 10,000 to 1.
    • Three balls: 1,000 to 1.
    • Two balls: 75 to 1.
    • One ball: 5 to 1.


The following table shows my analysis of the Bonus Bet. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 13.89%.

Lightning Launch Bonus Bet Analysis

Balls Pays Combinations Probability Return
4 10000 1 0.00000048 0.004796
3 1000 148 0.00007098 0.070979
2 75 8,214 0.00393931 0.295448
1 4 202,612 0.09716968 0.388679
0 -1 1,874,161 0.89881955 -0.898820
Total   2,085,136 1.00000000 -0.138918


Darkoz for bringing this game to my attention and providing the photo above.

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