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Turn3 Roulette Side Bet


The Turn3 is a side bet in roulette. The only placement I'm aware of is at the Barona in California, where a method other than a ball alone must be used to determine the outcome. Most casino use cards. The outcome of the Turn3 is based on the card that represents the winning outcome for standard roulette bets, plus two more.


Following are the rules for the Turn3, as played at the Barona in California.

  1. A 37-card deck is used, with one card for every possible outcome in single-zero roulette.
  2. In addition to all the standard roulette bets, there is the Turn3.
  3. After betting is closed, the first card in the deck will determine the outcome of all standard roulette bets.
  4. Then, two more cards will be dealt. The Turn3 will pay based on all three cards and the following pay table:
    • 0-1-2 straight: 100 to 1
    • All other straights: 25 to 1
    • All same color: 3 to 1

Rack Card

If my rules weren't clear, click on this image for a full version of the rack card.



The following table shows my analysis of the Turn3 bet. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 3.31%.

Turn3 Analysis

Bet Pays Combinations Probability Return
0-1-2 straight 100 1 0.000129 0.012870
All other straights 25 34 0.004376 0.109395
All same color 3 1,632 0.210039 0.630116
Loser -1 6,103 0.785457 -0.785457
Total   7,770 1.000000 -0.033076