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As an online casino player from Latin America, when you find a casino that accepts OXXO, you’re in for a treat. This is one of the few popular payment solutions, launched in Mexico, but available in three other LatAm countries, allowing players to use several products to make the most seamless deposits across online casino sites. Depositing with it is easy and done in just a few steps, therefore, you have no obstacles to trying it. So, with no further ado, if interested in using it, stay with us to learn more about it. What is OXXO and why choose it as your payment solution across online casinos?

About OXXO

Going over the payment method lists across online casinos, specifically casinos catering to Mexican and other LatAm players, we were constantly coming across this one solution that is offered almost everywhere, OXXO. Standing next to other giants like SPEI and Todito Cash, this is one of the most popular solutions across casinos accepting LatAm players. Naturally, we needed to share it with you, to give you another option to consider when choosing a payment method to use for safe and instant deposits.

What is OXXO? If you’re a Mexican citizen, you’ll know it; this is a chain of convenience stores, headquartered in Nuevo Leon, wholly owned by FEMSA, which is a giant beverage company. With over 21,000 stores all across Latin America, founded way back in 1976, this is one of the most successful companies in Mexico, operating not only in the beverage industry today, but also in oil and gas, as well as in the financial industry.

As of 2014, it made a partnership deal with none other than Amazon. Amazon started accepting its prepaid and gift cards, which are super-easy to use for all kinds of payments and purchases. In 2017, in collaboration with the leading Mexican technology company in digital payment solutions, Conekta, however, the company announced the launch of the solution we’re actually seeing across online casinos, OXXO Pay. This is an e-Commerce solution that allows operators to receive cash payments with real-time notifications. 

The product was launched with the goal to innovate the company’s current payment system, focused on improving the transacting experience and digital charges. With it, users do not have to print a bar code, since the solution will provide a 16-digit number reference that you’ll only have to give the cashier to make your payment in cash in any OXXO store. With that, Conekta will notify the operator of the payment in real-time, according to the payment schedules and the transfer will occur automatically.

As said, the company also offers prepaid cards, so in case you wish, you could visit any of the over 21,000 local stores to buy one and use it for online payments and purchases by just providing the card’s 14-digit code. The company ensured that all unbanked users who wish to make payments and purchases online are covered, allowing them to use cash to make digital transactions. You don’t even have to have a credit card; you don’t need to use one to make online payments with this solution, you just need cash.

What’s more, the transactions are free of charge for the operators, and that’s why the solution is offered across most, if not all LatAm casinos. On that note, it is offered across LatAm casinos because the solution is not only available in Mexico, but also in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, so if a player from any of these countries, you can also use it. If prepared to figure out how to get started with it, continue reading as we'll take you through all the details.

Getting Started with It

Considering OXXO is the intermediary between you and the online casino operator, it is super easy to use and simple to get started with. In fact, you won’t even have to register an account with it; you would need to, however, visit the nearest OXXO store to deposit your cash and proceed to make the transaction in the most effortless way.

You should know here that you can also download its miOXXO mobile app, for an even more convenient experience, offered on Apple App and Google Play Store. With it, you can make fast transactions by presenting the QR code or the 16-digits number at the checkout without having to dictate the card numbers.

Now, the actual transaction will go like this. You’d need to select OXXO Pay as your payment method, request the amount you’d like transferred, and confirm the request. After a payment slip is generated, which contains a reference and a barcode, print it. Then, you’d need to go to the nearest OXXO store and either dictate the code, the 16-digit number, or scan the QR code. Submit the printed payment slip and finally, give the desk clerk the money that you wanted to deposit in cash, keeping in mind that you also need to pay OXXO’s commission at this point, between $9 and $12 Mexican pesos.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with OXXO?

We basically covered the depositing procedure just now, when we explained how to get started with the solution, but we’ll go over the exact steps you need to make once you’re at your online casino. First, of course, you’d need to choose a proper casino to join. As said, you have most, if not all, LatAm-catering online casinos to go through to find the one that would suit you most. Ever since Mexico passed the new laws for online gambling, new operators are joining the market all the time.  PlayUZU is one option that certainly accepts the solution, but so is SuperPlay, to mention a few. You’ll certainly find other options, as well. So, make sure you choose the one to go with and create an account with it.

Now, since you already know that you’d need to physically visit one of the OXXO stores to actually make a deposit, here, you better go to the store, and initiate the depositing process via your mobile device right there, for the transaction to go even smoother and be processed faster. If you don't mind waiting to request the transaction, then go to the store, and then go back home to start playing your favorite games via a desktop device, you are free to do so, too.

To make a deposit with OXXO, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to your online casino’s Deposits page.
  2. From the list of offered methods, choose OXXO.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm your request.
  4. Scan the QR code, dictate the 16-digit card numbers, or submit the payment slip.
  5. Give the desk clerk the money you requested and Conekta will immediately notify the operator that the transaction has reached its final destination.
  6. Within seconds, you’ll have the money arriving on your casino balance.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

You should know right away that OXXO is not offered for withdrawals across online casinos, but only for deposits.

Even though the company behind it does offer some withdrawal solutions, when transacting with the Pay product, you won’t be able to withdraw any of the winnings you made with it.

Therefore, you’d need to look for an alternative payment solution to cash out your winnings. Consider using SPEI, for instance, the interbank system connected to your bank.

Fees and Limits

OXXO charges a commission of between $9 and $15 pesos, depending on the transaction you made with it.

The online casino you’re playing at, however, won’t charge a fee for depositing with the solution. Therefore, you can rest assured that only the fee for the intermediary service will apply.

Allowed Countries

We mentioned that the solution was launched in Mexico, so if a Mexican player, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use it.

However, as mentioned, the solution is also available in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. So, if a player from any of these countries, you can also enjoy seamless deposits with this solution.

Available Currencies

Regardless of the eligible countries you’re from, the Mexican peso is the only currency you could use when transacting with the solution.

Therefore, if a Brazilian, Peruvian, or Colombian player, you'd need to first convert your currency into Mexican pesos to start using the solution.

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Is OXXO’s website available in different languages?

No, not really. It is only available in Spanish, as a matter of fact, not even in English. In fact, even the Google Translate tool that usually works for other websites cannot translate its website into any other language.

Is the solution available on social media?

Sure. With its years-long operations, the company behind it has made sure customers get to stay up to date with all the developments, innovations, and new products launched by it, across its profiles on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What is one of the biggest advantages of using the solution?

The biggest advantage you’ll get for using the solution is the anonymity, definitely. Considering you won’t ever be sharing any bank account details or using your credit card, but instead give cash to the desk clerk and be done with it, your personal and banking details are perfectly anonymous and safe when transacting with the solution.

Where can I see which stores are in my vicinity?

When you visit its official website, check out the last tab, Localizador De Tiendas (Store Locator). Press it and then you'll see the map with all the stores available. Zoom in your city/country/region, and you'll find the addresses of the stores that are nearest to you so that you can go visit to make your deposit using the Pay product.

Is it possible to use the solution across online casinos that don’t accept it?

Actually, no. The casino must integrate with the solution to enjoy the fee-free transfers made by players. And you need to find the solution offered in order to press its logo and request a deposit. Therefore, casinos that have not explicitly displayed its logo or listed it on the accepted methods list, are not your options.

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