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A lot of new industries have emerged in the years since the early advances of technology. Once it became easier for people to communicate, commute and share data for all intents and purposes, leisure activities were also given a due share of attention.

Interested individuals put in a lot of effort into making their favourite hobbies and entertainment forms available through the numerous tech advances. Nowadays, you can watch your favourite shows, sports and all kinds of events such as music concerts straight from your digital screen. Most of the time, all you need is a stable Internet connection and you’re good to go.



...other types of content, services and entertainment that require payment on behalf of the viewer required a safe and secure way of execution. The increased demand for such solutions eventually brought about the major companies to turn to promoting and perfecting cashless payments. On the other hand, new establishments were additionally able to look forward to a progressive environment.


...various banking and financial institutions from developing marketplaces worldwide got an equal chance, with the top services easily distinguishing themselves among the rest. Such is the case with the Japanese-based JCB.

About the Company

JCB, short for the Japanese Credit Bureau, first opened its offices back in 1961, in the same year as its national competitor, the Osaka Credit Bureau. Since the early beginnings, JCB were able to provide quality service and offer an excellent product selection which ultimately led them to become the first Japan-based internationally successful financial institution.

In the first few years...

...of setting up the financial business, JCB were predominantly focused on their credit card offering. The lack of annual fees, as well as the attractive policies and cashback benefits not only sustained the business through that decisive period, but also allowed it to purchase and take over their main competitor by 1968.

About the Company

Types of Financial Products

As the years past, the company additionally issued other types of financial products. They started off with credit cards and moved onto debit and prepaid ones, as well as gift card types, each of which features enough variety to meet everyone’s needs. What is more, their most recent attempts at expanding their offering is centred round improving their existing cards – through higher security measures such as IC (integrated circuit) technology – and introducing wireless POS processors.

The Company’s Expansion

Another key step in the business’ progress was their association with several established payment processing brand names. Starting off with American Express, through Diners Club and Discover, all the way to UnionPay, they have partnered with these companies in an attempt to benefit users and merchants alike. The former were thus able to enjoy greater availability of their chosen card which already offered a ton of benefits, whilst the latter gained in customer traffic, service quality, security and standard.

By the time...

...it built up 2 decades of successful operations behind it, JCB took a major step when they decided to take their company global. Therefore, in 1981, they opened their first international establishment in Hong Kong, but they only started issuing the cards three years later. Since then, the company continued its growth and development across the American continent, expanding their office network across several US states and Brazil. The same thing happened in Australia and New Zealand, and continued with the same pace in other parts of Asia. European countries the likes of Germany, the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain were also covered in the extent of this endeavour.


...the company stabilized and strengthened their positions in new markets, and even laid out the latest stats on their official website. By the year 2017, they boasted about managing to accumulate 117 million users in total, making payments and purchases across more than 30 million merchants, and in the same time span, reaching a transaction traffic volume of 281 billion US dollars. Still, considering that the JCB cards are issued in about 23 countries worldwide, and can be used for payment processing in over 190 countries and territories, the success is all but pleasantly expected.

Extra features

Once the company managed to establish stability and dominance along with other leading financial institutions globally, it was able to dedicate more efforts into further perfecting their offering. They focused on several various aspects as part of this endeavour, but the following are definitely among the most noteworthy.

For one...

... the company paid great attention to ensuring security to all their customers’ funds and private information. Through the greater part of the company’s existence, they used the standard cards that used to be available everywhere. However, in order to increase protection, the JCB decided to implement two key measures – J/Smart and J/Secure.

The former...

...deals with the actual card payments performed normally at retail locations, ensuring the entire data processing and funds transfer are compliant to ISO and EMV specifications. J/Secure, the latter one, has been implemented as part of the e-commerce solution, for JCB card payments performed online, as a card-not-present transaction.

This measure specifically boosts the regular authentication process consisting of the card number, expiration date and CVV code with an additional password, a key word, personal question or location. Upon making a transaction, card holders will be required to enter this second security factor, triggering a signal transmitted to the nearest issuing office. Once they confirm a match, a response signal is sent back to the merchant and they are able to authorize the transaction request.

On the other hand…

…part of the incentive behind globalizing the JCB card was so that Japanese tourists could make use of their chosen payment method at locations abroad. Due to its widespread use for travel, booking and abroad tourism activities, the company additionally decided to release the inherent travel solution, JCB PLAZA. Headquartered in Paris, it provides card holders and clients alike with the necessary assistance such as tour guides, ATM locations, key landmarks and even a dedicated call center for constant customer service and support.

As part of the card membership club, anyone using the JCB PLAZA is additionally bound to experience a range of travel benefits in terms of accommodation, flights and booking privileges, all the more emphasized for the regular, higher ranking individuals.

JCB Card as an Online Casino Payment Method

With so many perks and benefits for the whole card holder base, it is only expected that they would opt for this card when making transactions at their favorite form of entertainment – online gambling. What is more, the card is available for use in countries worldwide, meaning both players at the top Australian online casino sites and the ones oriented at US gamblers will be able to benefit from the payment processing service.

The security and convenience add to the availability of the service as additional features that would prompt players towards choosing this payment method. All you really need to do is learn how to use it at the respective platforms and experience a truly enjoyable gameplay.

How to Make Online Casino Deposits

How to Make Online Casino Deposits & Withdrawals?

The best way to perform online casino deposits and withdrawals at your chosen online casino sites is according to procedure. Just go over the steps and make sure you know what to do before starting off with your own JCB online casino experience.

Step 1: The first thing to do when looking to practice online gambling with this payment method is to choose a suitable JCB casino. Most operators nowadays tend to include it along with the standard Visa, MasterCard and Maestro banking options, but it is still advisable that you make sure your casino of choice meets all criteria – game software, bonus offers and of course, payments.

Step 2: Considering the casino meets your basic requirement, head straight to registration and create your own player account. Afterwards, all you need to do is go to the Banking section and choose JCB from the list of methods. In some cases, you will need to look under credit card payments, while other operators offer it as a separate option.

Step 3: Click on the icon and fill in the boxes provided to complete the payment. These include the card details mostly, as well as some of your basic personal information. Once all fields have been filled in, you can just confirm it with any added factor of authentication you prefer and play away.

The withdrawals procedure is more or less the same, with the exception that the transaction is performed in the opposite direction. Other than that, players will inevitably need to share their credit card information with the platform and confirm the transaction. Nevertheless, considering the safety precautions taken by the JCB team and the reliability of the respective platforms offering this payment method, players’ details are safely and securely handled.

Pros of JCB Online Casino Payments

Extra benefits
  • Accessibility & availability – People are already skilled at the practice of making online credit card payments. With such widespread familiarity regarding the process, all players need to do is find a suitable casino. And due to the numerous benefits JCB offers to their partnering e-commerce merchants, there is no doubt you should be able to seek out some of the finest eligible in your jurisdiction.
  • Reputability of service – With over 50 years in the business, and a number of awards, recognitions and accomplishments speaking to the service’s reputation, JCB is bound to appear as a trustrworthy option. Its track record and impeccable service further boost player interests, accumulating more and more card holders and customers in general every minute.
  • Legally compliant – A key consideration for such a delicate industry is the legal laws behind each component. Generally speaking, and in regards to specific games such as roulette and blackjack, online gambling is normally subject to a range of laws and acts it needs to abide by, which is why a fully legally compliant payment processor such as this one is a welcomed convenience.
  • Range of financial products – As mentioned earlier, the company deals with issuing much more than just credit cards. In fact, it is equally known for its debit and prepaid cards, as well as payment processing and security solutions. Players and merchants alike can keep up to date with all novelties, and choose the ones they will benefit the most from.
  • Extra benefits – Speaking of which, players are more than likely to benefit from the credit cards themselves. After all, one of the keys to the company’s success was their fee-free policy and their user-oriented approach. As a result, they offer 1%-3% cashback on all transactions, casino payments included, turning the process of casino depositing into a sure win every time.

Cons of JCB Online Casino Payments

  • Risk of overspending – Some users are yet to experience the benefits of this type of online casino payments, mostly due to fear of overspending. Considering that they mainly turn to the credit cards products, some are still concerned about the risk of getting carried away and spending over your budget plans. However, with the latest limits available straight from the credit card company and most casino sites alike, players are eligible to impose limits to their spending and prevent any unplanned expenses.
  • Sharing personal information – Even with such measures in place, the fact that players will need to share the personal information on the card is still a major inconvenience for some interested individuals. Most players are skeptical about sharing such details with their chosen casino platform, and therefore opt for an alternative payment method.

JCB Casinos

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Will I be charged any fees when signing up for a JCB credit card?

No, card holders are not charged any fees for application, use or maintenance of the JCB credit cards.

What types of casino bonuses can I claim when playing with this as my chosen casino banking method?

Interested players can claim all the regular bonus offers and promotions they can qualify for, regardless of the fact that they are using JCB as a payment method.

Are there any suitable alternatives for players who won’t or can’t make JCB deposits or withdrawals of their funds?

Naturally, players who for some reason need to use an alternative payment method will be provided with the company’s closest competitors – credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard and the likes. Other than these, players could additionally opt for a different banking format – e-wallets and online payment processors the likes of PayPal, ZimplerTrustly etc.

Where can I get my own JCB card issued?

As explained above, the card company is currently available for issuance in branch offices and partnering establishments across 23 countries globally. Just go to the website and seek out the locator in order to find the one nearest to you – the application process afterwards is rather simple.

Specifically in the USA, which states allow legal use of the JCB card?

There are currently nine states in the US which allow use of this card: Connecticut, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois, California, New York, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington.