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Cheque/Check as an Online Casino Payment Method

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A growing number of payment methods have been introduced to online casino and gambling platforms over the years, with some increasing functionality of existing services, while others completely revolutionizing the process altogether.

Aside from novel processors, the existing ones still managed to find common application in online casino deposits and withdrawals, as is the case with cheques.

What is known as cheques in the UK, and checks in the US...

...is, in fact, a payment method that has come to exist quite a few centuries back. Nevertheless, its current contemporary form dates back to no more than the last century.

Prior to such machine-readable cheques issued to players in the form of chequebooks, banks and similar financial institutions made do with paper cheques that had empty lines for people to fill in themselves, and at the first point, the entire cheque was hand-written and filled. Either way, nowadays, bank account holders are able to transact their own money using cheques as a means of regulated transfer.

The Basics of Cheque Payments

Cheques have a long-standing tradition in the world of finance, considering that they have been in use even before the printing press came to exist and serve their purpose. Generally speaking, a cheque is a piece of paper, a page out of one’s personal chequebook that allows that particular holder to transfer funds from their personal bank account to another individual or establishment.

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Account holders will most likely need to request a chequebook to be issued to them by the appropriate banking institution where they keep their funds.

As such, the sheets or pages of these chequebooks all tend to contain the same mandatory information – the name of the bank, the cheque book’s number and the bank account number.

As for holders...

...wishing to make any transaction using their chequebook, there are a couple of fields left empty on the cheques, as they are bound to differ from one transaction to the next. Hence, players should input the date, the amount they wish to transfer – both in words and numbers, and their signature for verification purposes.

Cheques vs. Bank Drafts

In regard to transferring money by filling out a paper form, cheques can often get confused with bank drafts. The two of these perform the transfer more or less the same way, and with the same functionality, but they don’t actually transact the same funds - cheques are used to transfer money that you actually own, hold in your bank account.

On the other hand...

...>bank drafts allow individuals to select a specific amount that is owned by the bank and pay the institution back a higher amount, but at a later date.

Cheque Delivery

The basics of cheque transactions include one more aspect in addition to the funds and the check’s paper form information - its delivery. After all, it is only as effective as its arrival at the proper destination where the money needs to be credited. For this purpose, some banks and account holders decide to go with the standard mail service, sending the checks as letters through the post to the destination’s physical address.


...due to the lack of reliability of the postal service, especially during peak times or all kinds of unpredicted events, cheque courier services have now come to exist. These are, in fact, couriers that operate across a given region, with some doing interstate or international deliveries due to a more widely expanded network. Cheque couriers normally come at a steeper price than the regular postal stamp, but in return offer a degree of security and practically guarantee for delivery and thus transaction.

Cheques as an Online Casino Payment Method

The range of reliable and functional banking methods at online casino platforms is one of the main factors contributing to the operator’s success and level of player satisfaction. Apart from quality and diverse game selection offering, as well as proper security measures, the way payments are handled at an online casino is yet another crucial consideration.

Online casino players are known to differ greatly in their choice of the appropriate payment method. Some go with the newest instances of online payment processing services, including e-wallets, prepaid cards and even cryptocurrencies the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. On the contrary, more traditional payment methods have also found their way to the latest platform releases, as some players prefer the security offered by their longevity and stability.

This includes credit and debit card processing companies, as well as bank wire transfers, offline money transfer services and cheques, specifically. The latter are known for their simplicity and accessibility, as you will learn presently, and can be applied through a few simple steps both for online casino deposits and withdrawals.

Deposits at Cheque Online Casinos

Step 1: Players interested in using cheques as an online casino payment method first need to find the proper platform and register for an account. While most of the casinos tend to offer cheques as a payment method, the selection might get a bit scarcer when choosing a service that offers it for deposits as well as withdrawals.

Step 2: Upon registering with the chosen operator, players are supposed to write out their cheque, name the relevant amount they wish to deposit into their player account and mail it out to the casino’s physical address. To this purpose, it is useful to consider a courier service instead of the post, as well as notifying the casino’s customer support representatives of your transaction.

Step 3: A waiting period depending on your chosen cheque delivery method follows suit, after which the relevant online casino is supposed to process the money and fund your player account. Players are advised to inform themselves of the usual processing times of the operator and choose accordingly. After that, all that’s left is to wait for the bankroll funds to be credited to the account in order to start the player gameplay experience.

Withdrawals at Cheque Online Casinos

Step 1: Using cheques is a much more common banking method in terms of withdrawals, mainly due to the fact it allows processing of higher amounts than the remaining methods, without affecting the fees proportionately. Hence, all you have to do is find it among the withdrawal options and input the cash amount you would like to receive via cheque.

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Step 2: After a given waiting period of 3 business days up to a week most often, players are likely to receive the cheque with the chosen amount of funds from their online casino accounts. In most cases, this is performed via a third-party institution in order to minimize the risk of compromising the payout due to online casino operator involvement. Therefore, players are able to cash out the cheque as soon as they receive it via the relevant mailing or delivery service.

Bonuses & Rewards at Cheque Online Casinos

Player bonuses, promotion offers and rewards at online casino platforms can be awarded on various bases. Some operators aim to reward players for trusting their casino and registering for an account, while others prove their trustworthy nature by matching their deposits to a certain percentage – initial and reload deposit bonuses alike. Moreover, there are those that offer players a range of benefits for their chosen payment method.

In order to promote the use of one or another processing service, online casino operators tend to include banking-specific bonuses and promotions. While this is hardly a practice for cheque payments, players are normally able to enjoy the greater portion of the promo page offering whilst using cheques as their deposit and withdrawal method both.

Customer Service & Support

Every reliable online casino platform is bound to provide customer support services to their player pool, where they can address their praises, complaints and possible inquiries. The sites that include cheques in their payment options are no different than these, even though players who choose this banking method have more than one support option.

Practically, players using cheques to deposit and cash out of their online casino accounts are further able to address the customer service and support representatives at their financial institution. The bank or organization in charge of issuing the players’ chequebook and processing such payments is just as in charge of the transaction’s proper execution.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Like any other payment method used to process funds in the iGaming industry, even this traditional standardized option is bound to have both good and bad features. As a result, most players tend to weigh in the pros and cons of the payment processing service before deciding, as in this case.

On the one hand...

...players are likely to benefit from the payment method’s main features. For one, it is widely accepted and incorporated in online casinos dating back from the early days of the industry up until today. Plus, it is extremely simple to use, with less than half a dozen steps in total in regards to cheque deposits and withdrawals both. Its accessible and rather simple features allow players to be more confident in their approach to the service, and much more liberal in terms of limits to the processed amount.

Both deposit and cashout amounts can reach relatively larger limits, predominantly due to the fact that payment fees are not directly related to the funds transferred, but rather to the actual mode of delivery.

Additionally, online casino players are known to be rather skeptical regarding payment processors, especially those that have yet to establish their reputation at these gambling platforms. Just the fact that this pay-by-cheque method allows players to avoid learning and tackling new procedures and risking their funds to check their respective functionality is a major advantageous circumstance.

On the other hand...

...not everything is perfect when it comes to cheque payments at online casino platforms. For some players, the relatively long wait time of one business week per average is more wait time than they can afford to experience. What is more, even under such circumstances, this isn’t always available, as not all platforms support the payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.

A third feature that some players view as a shortcoming when choosing cheque payment processing is the lack of encryption. In fact, cheques travel via courier or postal services, meaning that their contents – cash, personal and banking information – can be disclosed or even misused by third party intruders.

Currency Conversion

Still, most such services acknowledge the seriousness of their task and guarantee successful execution, ultimately leaving players with the matter of currency exchange rates. To be more specific, fluctuations in these rates can somewhat influence the online casino player experience, as their deposits and withdrawals may not be worth the same in a different currency from the one specified in the request by the time these payments are processed.

This is rather unlikely to happen with other methods, either due to shorter processing times or direct conversion into the target currency, showing players the converted value beforehand.

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What is the e-check option available at casino depositing payment methods in recent times?

The e-check option available at some online casino platforms is a recent alternative to the regular process of depositing via a cheque sent through the mail. It is an online version of the cheque you would normally need to fill in with the personal information in order to send it to your appropriate bank and get the funds deposited to the relevant player account without an actual visit to the bank.

What are the best offline payment method alternatives to online casino cheque payments?

Alternatives to the cheque payment method are all likely to offer a different payment processing experience to various extents. Nevertheless, when it comes to offline options, cheques can be substituted by debit and credit card companies, as well as bank wires and money transfer services the likes of MoneyGram and Western Union.

What are the best online payment method alternatives to online casino cheque payments?

Online alternatives, on the other hand, include prepaid card services, online payment processing services, e-wallets and even cryptocurrency wallet options.

Are US-oriented casinos known to offer cheque payment processing options for their player pool deposit and withdrawal needs?

Yes, the US online gambling market is known to have benefited greatly from cheques as payment processors. After all, this massive potential market was long restricted by legal regulative that prevented regular processing services such as credit and debit card companies from facilitating gambling activities. With a mail or courier delivery, cheques enabled players a more subtle, yet just as effective payment method for their online gambling entertainment.

Can I play at cheque online casino platforms via mobile devices, on the go?

Most online casinos nowadays tend to provide their game software content in versions compatible to both PC browsers and mobile device operative systems. In line with such tendencies, it is normally expected for cheque online casinos to allow players the same compatibility across various platforms.

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