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Bitcoin in Dutch Casinos

The Netherlands is one of those countries with a long history of regulated land-based gambling. However, the country was not as friendly when it comes to online gambling, since it is too accessible to people, so with the aim to protect players, it had gambling restricted to a monopoly-based market, highly controlled by its gambling regulator. Nevertheless, under a lot of pressure from the EU, the Netherlands did regulate online gambling; what's more, the country took a positive stance on cryptocurrency use, too, therefore, if you wish to, you can join Dutch-licensed sites and use Bitcoin for your deposits and withdrawals. Assuming you wish to know more about this, since you're here on our page, why not look over the regulations and ways to get started with BTC with us? Why is Bitcoin a great option for deposits and withdrawals across online casinos in the Netherlands?

Cryptocurrency Regulation in the Netherlands

As mentioned in the intro, the Netherlands is a country that is considered friendly to cryptocurrency use. What does that mean? It means that, while it hasn’t implemented any particular laws regarding its regulation, it has not forbidden its use either; what’s more, its citizens are unofficially labeled as crypto enthusiasts. Therefore, like it or not, the country had to accept and embrace the use of digital currencies. Nevertheless, the Bank of the Netherlands’ Monetary Director specifically announced, amid crypto market growth, that Bitcoin and digital currencies won’t be considered alternatives to the fiat. This was expected, though, considering the fact that virtual currencies are decentralized; in fact, that’s their biggest strength.

So, if you wish to engage in BTC online gambling, you have no legal issues to do it. You already know that your country is crypto-friendly, but that also regulates online gambling. This did not happen overnight, though. The country, which had regulated land-based gambling back in 1964, was opposed to online gambling, in order to protect players. The Betting and Gaming Act was the regulatory framework for the monopoly-based market. But, as the EU pushed and pushed, the Netherlands had to make online gambling legal, too, and that’s why it regulated it in 2019 with the Remote Gambling Act.

The market did not go live immediately, due to technical issues regarding player protection; the country was resolute that players need to be protected the best pay possible. When those issues were finally solved, the legal online gambling market was launched, in 2021. The same regulator introduced back in 2012, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) was put in charge of the licensing and control of operators. Plenty of local and global operators managed to secure 5-year licenses for the Dutch market, but these are required to abide by the strict rules unless they want their license to be revoked.

Therefore, whenever you find a licensed Dutch casino to join, that accepts Bitcoin, stick with it, and you'll be able to instantly start making your deposits and withdrawals with the crypto. Now, as you've understood, there are a number of sites licensed by KSA that offer BTC, so if you wish to use the crypto across one of them, stay with us to learn how to get started with it!

Using Bitcoin Across Online Casinos

On the off chance that you've never used crypto, you've come to the right site. Here, we'll take you through the getting started process, and then tell you the steps you need to take to start using BTC across Dutch casinos.

Naturally, first, you need to obtain some coins. You can do that the harder or the easier way. The harder, or better said, the more time-consuming way, would be to mine BTC. This is a procedure that involves computers, a lot of power, a lot of patience, and a guide on how to do it. That's why we'll focus on the easier way here, which is simply purchasing digital with fiat currency. That means you'd need to find a proper fiat-to-crypto exchange that operates in the Netherlands. Binance is quite popular among Dutch users, as is Coinbase, but you also have eToro and AvaTrade, to name a few. Decide on the one to join and fill out a simple form to create an account with it.

Once in, you’d need to fund your account with euros, using all kinds of payment solutions, both local and global. You can use your VISA card, PayPal account, or the local iDEAL option, whichever suits you. Then, you’d just need to specify the coin amount you wish to buy and complete the purchase. You can keep your coins there, and even use them to make payments from the platform, or you can create a crypto wallet to store them. The latter is a safer option, considering you’ll get the keys/addresses you'd need to keep to yourself so that you know no one can breach in and steal your coins.

Trust Wallet and MetaMask are the best crypto wallets available all over the world, but particularly popular in the Netherlands. So, you can go with either, or choose an entirely different wallet. Once you create your account with it and get the adequate keys/addresses, you can safely transfer the coins from the exchange to your wallet, and of course, start using them.

The final step would be funding your online casino account with BTC. But first, you should choose a properly KSA-licensed casino to do so. As you start searching, you’ll see that there are at least two dozen Dutch casinos with a license to operate on the market that offer Bitcoin. Choose the one that offers the games you'd like to play and register your account with it. With that, you’ll be ready to start your BTC gambling. To make a deposit with BTC at a Dutch casino, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Visit the casino’s Cashier page and look for BTC’s logo.
  2. Press it and copy the casino’s wallet address here.
  3. Then, open your crypto wallet, specify how much you'd want to deposit, and paste the casino's address.
  4. In an instant, right after you confirm the request, the coins will arrive in your balance.

Withdrawals with BTC are not only possible but also quite popular among Dutch players. Players across casinos licensed in the Netherlands love its speed and the fact that as soon as the casino approves the withdrawal request, the coins instantly arrive in their crypto wallets. To request a withdrawal, you just need to copy your crypto wallet address and select the amount you wish to cash out. Wait for the casino's approval and in no time, the coins will reach your wallet.

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Top 3 Methods Offering Bitcoin at Online Casinos

We said previously that the basic ways to get started with Bitcoin are to mine it or purchase it the way we explained. However, you should know that some popular payment method providers also offer the option for you to purchase your coins via their accounts, on the spot. These solutions act like direct fiat-to-crypto exchanges, so you won't waste time creating an account with a separate crypto exchange; as long as you already have an account with them, you can start using Bitcoin right away. The following are the top 3 payment methods that offer Bitcoin, accepted across most, if not all, Dutch casinos:

  • Google Pay – Offered by the tech giant, Google, Google Pay is a type of eWallet available to all Android users who wish to make effortless transactions with a few taps on their smartphones or tables. Since it is a global solution, it is available in many currencies, but as of 2021, it also offers Bitcoin. Thanks to the fact that it integrated with Coinbase, Google Pay now helps you convert your euros to BTC in a split second! And since it is offered across most Dutch sites, as long as you already have your eWallet account, you can start making instant deposits with it right away!
  • NetellerNeteller is also a global eWallet that allows you to make direct fiat-to-crypto conversions. The functionality was not always offered, but as of a few years ago, the solution started offering it and with that, its user base significantly grew. If you already have a Neteller account, therefore, you can start funding your casino balance and cashing out winnings from it using BTC as it suits you!
  • Quickbit – Even though based in Sweden, Quickbit is an eWallet that is offered across all countries in the EU, the Netherlands included. It stands out from the rest in the fact that it offers a direct EUR-to-BTC conversion within seconds. It is getting more and more popular across Dutch casinos, so, it is another great option for you to consider.


As a Dutch player, you are free to join any KSA-licensed online casino that offers Bitcoin and enjoy a perfectly regulated crypto-gambling experience. The country offers a legal online gambling market and is friendly to cryptocurrencies, therefore, you basically have no obstacles and you can at least try using BTC for your deposits and withdrawals; trust us, once you do, you won't ever want to use any other payment solution instead.


Is the Netherlands a pro-crypto country?

Yes, indeed. Although it has not set specific crypto regulations and no laws apply when it comes to crypto trading, the Netherlands is considered a pro-crypto country, since it hasn’t banned cryptocurrencies like many other countries have, for instance, South Korea.

Is online gambling regulated in the Netherlands?

Yes, online gambling has been regulated in the Netherlands since 2019, even though the market was officially launched in 2021, due to some issues with player protection, which were completely overcome.

Can I gamble online at an offshore casino as a Dutch player?

Yes, sure. Any offshore casino operator that wishes to operate in the Netherlands can apply for a license; KSA can issue licenses to all offshore operators that abide by certain online gambling rules. So, if you find an offshore casino that holds a license from the KSA, you can freely join it.

Can I use BTC to place bets at a KSA-licensed Dutch casino?

Sure. Cryptocurrencies are welcome in the Netherlands, and many KSA-licensed online casinos offer BTC as a payment option. Therefore, as long as you find such a site, you can join it and use BTC to place bets whenever you want.

How many Dutch casinos offer Bitcoin for withdrawals?

As mentioned, at least two dozen Dutch casinos offer Bitcoin for deposits, and almost by default, they should all offer it for withdrawals, too. Don’t take this for granted, though, and before you request a withdrawal, make sure whether it is an option for withdrawals at your chosen online casino.