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The new industry providing online casino content has been present on the World Wide Web for more than two decades now. During this time, the technological advancements have influenced this sphere of entertainment much like any other. Thus, casino gaming enthusiasts have attempted to make the most use of this innovative way of accessing such a widely preferred form of gaming experience. This is all the truer when it comes to real money players willing to risk their hard earned cash on their favourite titles, although most of them first start off in the practice mode.

Either way…

…both gameplay varieties have contributed their fair share to help the industry’s progress. In this regard, payment methods are definitely a key aspect of this industry. This is especially true when it comes to real money online casino game selections, which practically sustain themselves and their player pool through cash profit for either party, based on the outcome.

In order to ensure a prime payout experience, these platforms slowly turned from quantity to quality. What is more, international payment methods retained their top ranks and were additionally joined by some dedicated services offering suitable processing solutions for residents of specific regions.

Following this line of thought:

Citizens of countries like Germany, Finland and the Netherlands were ultimately provided the opportunity to transfer funds using payment processors customized for their banking needs – Sofort, Euteller and iDeal, respectively.


About iDeal

Established back in 2005 under the financial corporation Currence, iDeal has since been functioning as a reputable and reliable brand name in the online payment processing service industry. With over a dozen years of experience, this Dutch company has definitely made a mark on e-commerce in general.

Shortly after its initial appearance…

The Dutch online paying user pool swiftly recognized the benefits of its characteristic function and has since employed it at a number of web shops. Along with the umbrella company Currence, these financial institutions were focused on the Netherlands, thus limiting their user traffic. Nevertheless, this allowed them to perfect and stabilize their service prior to broadening their horizons cross-country, to various parts of the European continent.

The online payment processor as it is known to the public is, in fact, essentially described as more of a ‘protocol’. It contains a set of “back office” processes that practically determine the pathway of the transacted funds, between the e-commerce platform and the user’s bank. All in all, it is best understood as a form of a mediator, much alike the above mentioned Sofort and Euteller, connecting online buyers with their respective banks, without forcing them to disclose their personal information.

Before moving to the specific uses of this payment option, you should know that its user base has largely expanded in recent years. This is due to one crucial change implemented by the company’s operations.

Thus, up until 2014, 9 years since it was founded, the service only processed payments related to the following Dutch banks:

  • ASN Bank
  • Rabobank
  • SNS Bank
  • RegioBank
  • ING Bank
  • Triodos Bank
  • Van Lanschot Bankers
  • Knab

Thus, their user pool was restricted to residents of the Netherlands using any of the listed bank institutions. Still, these were among the leading such establishments on the given territory, so it still provided enough traffic to sustain a profitable business.

Once SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) was set up, the company started taking on a more EU-oriented stance, up until 2014. Back then, the payment method ultimately announced that any resident of member-states of the EU would be equally able to use it for online payments, as long as the bank where they hold an account uses Euro as a regular currency.

With an increased number of available users, the payment company also saw it fit to increase the number and variety of e-commerce platforms where it could process online payments. This ended up massively spreading across online casino platforms and other online gambling sites, and providing payment processing services to a great portion of their player pool. Considering that all they had to do is hold a EUR bank account anywhere in Europe made it all too accessible and popular.


As an Online Casino Payment Method

Such a line of events eventually brought its current position, as one of the most widespread banking methods across the pool of online casino sites. The player doesn’t even necessarily have to be a permanent resident or even stay in the country. In other words, as long as they are accessing the online casino site from a permitted jurisdiction, and hold an account at one of the valid EU-based bank institutions, these players should have no problem using iDeal for their casino funding transactions.

Deposits at Casino Sites

In this regard, there are some steps in the funding procedure that need to be followed properly in order to ensure correct transactions. When depositing real money to your player accounts in order to finance your gameplay entertainment, make sure to:

Step 1: Choose iDeal by clicking on its icon from the selection of banking options at the Cashier section of your online casino. Next, the site will take you as the online casino player, through a secure link (a kind of a protocol), to the selection of banks which are available under this method.

Step 2: Players are supposed to choose the bank with which they hold an active account, and are able to access its internet banking service. Once they click on it, another transfer will take the player directly to their well-known online banking service from the specific bank.

Step 3: After reaching the familiarity of your own online bank account, players will solely need to enter the username and password they normally use for access to their funds. Upon doing that, they will be provided the chance to name the specific amount of funds they wish to transfer to the online casino platform, i.e. their player account.

Step 4: Before the transaction is completed and players are transferred back to their online casino site’s Cashier page, where they first started from, most payments will additionally require confirmation. This is normally done through the two-factor authentication feature of the service – upon accessing their bank accounts online, these players are provided a unique, expendable code (most often on their mobile phones) that should be entered during the confirmation process. That way, banks make sure that the person accessing and transferring funds from the given bank account is indeed, the holder.

Step 5: Once the transaction is confirmed at the player’s chosen online bank account, a different secure link transfers them back to the casino website. This is once again iDeal working its protocol to provide players with the necessary extra level of security between their casino site and bank account. Thus, they use their own funds without opening any additional account profiles and remembering even more complicated credentials, getting optimal security.


Unfortunately for iDeal users across Europe using this payment method to fund their casino player accounts, withdrawals have not yet been made available. Transactions are only permitted when transferring funds to the online casino from their bank accounts. For cashouts, players can choose from a range of suitable alternatives, like withdrawing straight to their bank accounts through wire transfers, credit and debit card processors, or from a range of e-wallets.


Advantages of Payment Method

  • Payments are a safe and secure way to process deposits to online casino websites. This is due to the high encryption certificates used by the payment processor. Plus, this payment method practically provides an extra layer of security between the online casino and the player’s bank account, so that players are free from providing their personal information directly to such websites.
  • Payments with this method are processed instantly, in real time, so players can use their funds momentarily to enjoy prime online gambling.
  • Anonymity is one other advantage of using iDeal as an online casino payment method. This is again a result of the protocol’s role as a mediator between the casino platform and bank account.
  • Device compatibility is also an advantage with this payment method. Online casino players can deposit to their accounts, regardless whether they’re playing casino games on their computer or mobile device.
  • This payment option can alternatively be used to fund other services. Thus, players can use it to deposit cash funds to their prepaid cards, as well as e-wallet accounts, and then proceed to deposit at their player accounts.
  • iDeal as a payment processing service does not require players to create separate accounts. This saves players from remembering additional usernames and passwords and complicating their deposit procedure when they wish to enjoy gameplay at the chosen website.
Online Casino Payments


  • An obvious disadvantage of this payment method is that it solely processes deposits to the online casino platforms which include it in their Cashier. While most players prefer using a single option for all transactions, they would need to choose from the remaining selection to cash out their winnings.
  • The user restriction is another disadvantage of this method. While it has been facilitated slightly since all players using the Euro currency were able to make iDeal deposits, the service still has a long way to go to becoming a global online payment option.
  • Ultimately, the irreversibility of the transactions made with this payment option is considered a disadvantage. While the player goes through various check-ups before confirming the payment, once it is done, it cannot be undone.
  • A less noted disadvantage as a payment option is the two-factor authentication included in the transaction process. Some players consider this as an added hassle, while others are pleased to know that the service takes their funds processing seriously and provides suitable security.

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Where can I play using iDeal as an online casino payment option?

Nowadays, there are hundreds of online casino operators providing players with iDeal as an available payment method along with credit and debit card options, prepaid cards and e-wallets.

What are the most suitable e-wallet alternatives?

A range of e-wallet options have been established since the rise of the iGaming industry. Among the top alternatives to the iDeal payment processing option, players can choose Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Zimpler, POLi and numerous other services. Some are available internationally, while others provide dedicated payment processing to residents of specific regions.

How has iDeal’s use progressed since its establishment as a service?

Since its early beginnings, iDeal has achieved massive progress. Today, it is used to process more than half of all online payments made to online casino websites and e-commerce platforms in general across the Netherlands. In payments volume, the service has recorded about 4.4 million payments back in 2006, up to 142.5 million payments in 2013.

Is there a fee charged for processing?

No, payments processed to online casino sites using iDeal are not subject to any fees. Players can fund their accounts without any side expenses. In this regard, they are still advised to check with their chosen casino operator, although the top iDeal casinos listed here tend to provide free deposits.

Can I claim bonuses when using iDeal as a payment method?

Online casinos allow players who choose this payment option a range of extras and player benefits. Some even include specific deposit match bonuses for making deposits with the given company, while most operators give players a chance to enjoy their full range of offers when using this deposit option.