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Most Popular Video Poker Games and Pay Tables


It is widely believed that 9/6 Double Double Bonus is the most popular video poker game out there, but we have been wondering if that’s actually true. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find what most players are playing at any given time. The best source of information accessible to us was the website vpFREE2, which includes information about the better pay tables across various casinos.

We decided to analyze the information on that website to come up with the most common pay tables across the United States and Canada, for which it has that information. We decided to count progressives and some alternatives (such as Ultimate X, Multistrike, or Quick Quads) separately, as they need a different strategy to play. But we are not counting games such as Super Times Pay separately, which have the same strategy as the base game, although with a different return.

There are some caveats: First, vpFREE2 doesn’t always list the number of machines that have a certain game, so we estimated very conservatively: when the number of machines was not provided, we assumed just one machine. Second, vpFREE2 doesn’t list all the pay tables in a casino, just the better ones, so the following information is biased towards pay tables that are relatively better. Third, vpFREE2 doesn’t have information about the newer and fancier games, although those games are not very common anyway.

Here are the Top 30 common pay tables, together with links to the strategies published on the Wizard of Odds website. The data is based on the latest information available as of May 1, 2023.

For games for which no strategy is linked to, try our Video Poker Strategy Maker. For the progressive games, you can modify the pay tables in the Strategy Maker to create strategies at each level.

Most Popular Video Poker Games and Pay Tables

Rank Game & Pay Table Return
1 Double Double Bonus 9/6 98.98%
2 Bonus Poker 8/5 99.17%
3 Deuces Wild 25/15/9/4/4/3 (“Illinois Deuces”) 98.91%
4 Jacks or Better 9/6 99.54%
5 Double Bonus 9/7/5 99.11%
6 Deuces Wild 25/16/10/4/4/3 (“Not so Ugly Ducks”) 99.73%
7 Jacks or Better 9/5 98.45%
8 Bonus Deuces Wild 9/4/4 99.45%
9 Triple Double Bonus 9/7 99.58%
10 Bonus Poker 7/5 98.01%
11 Bonus Poker Deluxe 9/6 99.64%
12 Bonus Poker 7/5 Progressive 98.01%+
13 Bonus Deuces Wild 13/4/3 98.80%
14 Bonus Deluxe 8/6 98.49%
15 ACE$ Bonus Poker 99.40%
16 Bonus Poker 8/5 Progressive 99.17%+
17 Double Double Bonus 9/6 Progressive 98.98%
18 Double Double Aces and Faces 9/6/4 99.46%
19 Triple Bonus Plus 9/5 99.80%
20 Bonus Poker 1000/7/5 Progressive 98.53%+
21 Super Double Bonus 9/5 99.69%
22 Deuces Wild 25/15/9/4/4/3 (“Illinois Deuces”) Progressive 98.91%+
23 Jacks or Better 8/6 98.39%
24 Super Aces Bonus 7/5 98.85%
25 Triple Double Bonus 9/6 98.15%
26 Jacks or Better 8/5 Progressive 97.30%+
27 Double Bonus 9/6/5 Progressive 97.81%+
28 Double Double Bonus 9/5 Progressive 97.87%+
29 Joker Poker (Kings or better) 940/17 98.44%
30 Double Double Bonus 8/5 Progressive 96.79%+

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Remember you can generate a video poker strategy for any common games with my video poker strategy maker.

This article is by guest writer Filius Bruce. You has a blog about video poker at blog.vidpoke.com.