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Lucky Symbols Roulette


Lucky Symbols Roulette is a series of roulette side bets I saw at the Casino of the Empire in London in February 2014. It also can be found at the Montecasino in South Africa. There are six symbols to choose from paying various odds. Somehow, the game picks one of them as the winner and displays the winning outcome on an electronic display board.


Lucky Symbols Roulette is based on standard double-zero roulette, but with six side bets as follows.

Pay Table

Bet Pays
Dragon 80
Coins 18
Lantern 3
Prosperity 1
Yin Yang 3
Fish 18
Tiger 80
The game will pick one winning outcome and display it on an display board. According to game literature, the winning outcome is based on the speed of the ball and wheel.


Game literature shows the probability of each symbol winning and house advantage. The following table shows that probability as well as the expected return.

Lucky Symbols Analysis

Bet Pays Probability Return
Dragon 80 1.10% -11.01%
Coins 18 4.54% -13.72%
Lantern 3 21.90% -12.40%
Prosperity 1 44.92% -10.16%
Yin Yang 3 21.90% -12.40%
Fish 18 4.54% -13.72%
Tiger 80 1.10% -11.01%


If you must play the Lucky Symbols, bet the Prosperity symbol only, with the lowest house edge of 10.16%. The Prosperity bet is represented by a Chinese character and is the only Lucky Symbols bet that pays 1 to 1. Of course, you would do much better to just stick to roulette with a house edge of 5.26%.

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