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OTT Online Casinos

The South African online gambling market is stronger than ever, with new operators and payment methods appearing, to provide players with the most convenient experience; among them, you’ll find OTT. This is not a new payment method, but one that has become a hit with players in recent years, worth your attention. It is a voucher launched by a leading South African company to allow users to shop online and use cash to pay across the internet with. It is perfect for all those unbanked players from the country who wish to join an online casino and use cash to fund their gambling time. What are some of the reasons why you should choose to use OTT as your payment method across South African casinos?

About OTT

OTT Mobile Technologies, a company part of the CliqueFin Group, launched the voucher product in question here in 2011. With aims to facilitate the lives of South African users and make their online banking faster, better and more convenient, the company headquartered in Durban, created the voucher that completely changed the way South Africans transacted across the internet. With it, users can move cash online securely leveraging the countless possibilities offered by the digital world.

With an aggregated network of over 150,000 selling or distribution points and a user base of 2+ million users at a growing rate of 3,800 new customers each day, the company grew immensely. Today, over 30 million consumers can access it thanks to the ever-growing list of partners and the over 150,000 authorized stores and establishments where you could purchase the voucher from.

Even though it works on a stop-and-load-with-cash basis, the company behind it made sure to partner with leading banks and financial institutions, service providers and retailers, and that’s why you can even top up your voucher with money online! You can even have people send you money, and that’s partially thanks to the fact that the company behind it has launched other products to provide users with the most seamless service, so regardless of whether you’re under or unbanked, you can still pay online with it.

Given the fact that over 85% of users in the country still prefer using cash instead of cards or bank-based methods, it goes without saying that the solution is immensely popular with the South African population. South African users are more than willing to load cash on their vouchers on their way home from work, stopping at any local tuck shop, tavern or Spaza shop. They simply love using it online for payments with it but they are also thrilled with it because thanks to the aggregated instant cash payout solution offered, they can also have money sent to them online! The OTTPayout solution is one of many other products offered by the company, but so are Second Chance, Powerload, and Collect, which are also popular with users.

Having these in mind, it should not come as a surprise to learn that the solution has become increasingly popular across the online gambling industry. Players were desperate for a solution like this one, which they could load with cash and use for deposits and even use to cash out their winnings with. So, if interested in using it, too, stay with us to learn more about the getting started procedure first, before we go into detail on how to use it across online casinos.

Getting Started with It

As you’d expect, since you’re not required to have a bank account or a credit card to use the solution, you won’t ever have to share any banking or credit cards details with your casino operator when transacting with it, nor with the store employee when topping it up with money. Since you can simply use cash to fund your voucher in-store, you’ll be blessed with the anonymity that comes with no other payment method whatsoever.

To do that, you’d need to physically visit one of the 150,000 authorized shops to top up your voucher. The number of top-up points is really huge, so you will have no problem finding one in your vicinity that you could use, where you’d only need to provide the cashier cash to purchase your voucher.

However, you should know that you can also do it online, using a credit/debit card powered by MasterCard or VISA, or Instant EFT. You’d need to visit its official website, locate the Buy Voucher button, and provide the needed payment method details and the amount you wish to have on your voucher. Pay the exact amount of money you wish to have on your voucher and not a R1 more, since the solution comes with no fees whatsoever! Plus, you can top it up with any amount you wish, so if you wish to play at your favourite casino with R200, just top it up with R200 and that would be it!

Regardless of the way you choose to purchase it, the voucher will be given to you along with a 12-digit PIN Code on a slip. You need to keep this slip safe as you’ll need it when transacting with the solution; the PIN Code will be the only thing you’d need to provide when requesting a transaction with it. On that note, let’s now go over the depositing process so that you know exactly what steps you’d need to make when using it across online casinos.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with OTT?

OTT, as mentioned, is accepted across most, if not all, online casinos targeting South African players. You’ll certainly have a lot of options to consider, such as GBets and 10Bet Casino Africa, for instance, so do your thorough research and choose the site you’d want to join, which accepts the solution. Register an account with it and you’ll be ready to start using the solution.

To make a deposit with OTT, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to your online casino’s Deposits/Banking page.
  2. Locate OTT’s logo on the list of accepted methods and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, enter the 12-digit PIN Code and select the Redeem option.
  4. In an instant, the money will arrive in your online casino balance; as easy as that!

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Considering the company behind the voucher has provided you with many other products you could use, using the OTT Payout solution, you can actually make withdrawals with the voucher, too. You can specify to the operator whether you’d like them to send your winnings to the voucher or other products, the ones offered by the casino.

To actually make a withdrawal, visit the casino’s Withdrawals page, select the solution and specify how much you’d like to cash out, and where you want the money to be sent, out of the given options. Wait for the casino’s approval and in no time, you’ll be able to go to the nearest stop to collect your winnings.

Fees and Limits

You can rest assured that OTT comes with no fees or limits whatsoever. It is clearly one of the most inexpensive solutions to use, and there's no limit as to how much you could top up your voucher with.

Therefore, since no hidden costs apply, you can rest assured that the money you top it up with will all be at your disposal to use at your chosen casino; with it, you’ll certainly get more value for your money as a South African player.

Allowed Countries

South Africa is the only allowed country where you'll find the solution. It was launched in the country, by a company based in Africa, for South African users, so unless one, you won't be able to use it.

Over 150,000 major South African petrol stations, tuck shops, retail shops and Spaza stores are your option for stopping by to top up your voucher, so your choices are basically limitless. However, if a player from any other country, as you’d assume, you won’t be able to enjoy its services. You’d need to look for an alternative voucher if you wish to get the same cash-based experience.

Available Currencies

With all of these pieces of information in mind, it must be clear to you that the South African rand is the only currency you’d be able to use when transacting with the voucher.

You should know right away that no other currency would be an option. However, as long as you’ve joined a South African casino that accepts rands, you can freely transact in your native currency without having to pay any conversion fees. And since the solution is offered across casinos catering to South African players, it is a win-win situation; you’ll be able to make your deposits and withdrawals in South African rands for sure.

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Do I need to show an ID when purchasing an OTT voucher at an authorized stop?

No, you don’t actually. That’s the beauty of it; as long as you provide cash to the cashier, you can digitize it without having to show an ID, driver’s license or passport. You’ll completely keep your anonymity with it and that’s where it truly shines in.

Can I top up my voucher in any value online?

Sure, any value is your option online. But, in-store, there are pre-set value options you could use R5, R10, R30, R50, R100, and then R200, R500, R1,000, R2,000 and R5,000.

Is its official website available in different languages?

Even though a solution that comes from South Africa, none of the South African languages is an option; you can only use English to explore its website. But considering English is one of the official languages in the country, too, you'll probably manage to explore it in English just fine.

Will I find OTT on social media?

Sure. This is a very popular method in South Africa, especially with millennials, so that’s why you’ll find it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as on LinkedIn. In case you wish to discover more about it or simply keep track of any new features or products launched by the company behind it, make sure you follow its profile on one of these social media platforms.

Other than Spaza stores, which are my options to go and buy an OTT voucher?

Other than the Spaza stores, among the 150,000 stops you could visit to purchase the voucher we can mention Boxer, Moya, Kazang, GloCell, Fresh Stop, Caltex, BP, Rhino Cash & Carry, Sasol and Puma Energy, to name a few. Go to the official website to find all the other options at your disposal.

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