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Bitcoin in German Casinos

Germany is one of those countries that regulated online gambling late; as a matter of fact, it was only made legal a few years ago, due to the pressure by the European Union. Finally, Germany decided to legalize gambling for the purpose of preventing illegal activities, and now, online gambling is legal in all 16 states. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the country has a friendly stance on it. That’s why you’ll find plenty of German casinos offering BTC. So, if a German player that would like tostart using the crypto across online casinos, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll take you through all the important details you need to know about the activity, including ways in which you could use the crypto. Why use Bitcoin across German online casinos?

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Germany

Germany is one of those countries that have not made Bitcoin a legal tender but don't oppose its use either. Even though there are no cryptocurrency regulations in place at the moment, its citizens are allowed to use them on their own responsibility. The 2013 statement by the Finance Ministry to consider digital currencies as units of account, allowing citizens to use them for the purpose of tax and trading in Germany, is the last thing we could find when it comes to cryptocurrency regulation.

As far as online gambling goes, as mentioned, Germany was one of the countries that refused to legalize it for years now. In fact, it only legalized it in 2021, due to the pressure by the European Union. The EU pushed Germany to legalize online gambling since most of the other member countries already had put their regulations in place. So, with the Interstate Treaty of Gambling 2021, Germany legalized online gambling on a state level, with all 16 states now offering operators the chance to obtain a license to operate on the market. Previously, land-based gambling was legal in some states only, and now, online gambling is legal all over Germany.

On that note, cryptocurrencies are not offered at land-based casinos, but only at online casino sites. Through different payment processors, players can use Bitcoin across many German online casinos. Whenever you find a casino licensed by the GGL (Gemeinsamen Glücksspielbehörde der Länder), that accepts the crypto, you should know that you've found a legit site where you could engage in Bitcoin online gambling.

So, if this is something that would interest you, continue reading to find out how to get started with and use BTCs for funding your casino balance and cash out winnings from it. As a bonus, we’ll even share with you some of the best payment processors that offer the crypto that you could go with to start your incredible Bitcoin online gambling journey.

Using Bitcoin Across Online Casinos

If you’re a casino player from Germany, you know that as of 2021, you are legally allowed to engage in online gambling. Now you learned that you can also use Bitcoin to place bets and cash out winnings with. So, the question remains, how to start using it?

First things first, you’d need to have some BTCs to start using them, right? Well, you could try mining, but that’s not the recommended option, since it requires a lot of equipment, investment, and patience. If you wish to get some coins quickly, you should join a trading platform. These are platforms that allow you to use fiat currencies or other digital currencies to purchase BTCs. There are several such platforms that operate in Germany, including the most popular, leading ones, Binance and Coinbase, so you could consider joining one of them.

Once you create an account with the one you like, you’d need to link a payment method to it, which you’ll use to purchase BTCs with any currency, including the euro. When it comes to the choice of methods at your disposal, there will be plenty, both local and global, like VISA, MasterCard, SOFORT and plenty of others.

Next, you should decide whether you’d want to use the account you created with the trading platform or create a crypto wallet account; you can go with either, but the latter is the safest option. Should you decide to go with the wallet, once you create your account, you'll be given a public and private address, keys that you'll use when transacting with the solution. These are strings of letters and digits that serve as your address and identification when purchasing, storing, and using your BTCs. So, once the account is ready, transfer your newly bought coins from the trading platform to your crypto wallet. And just like that, you'll be equipped with what you need to start your crypto-gambling experience.

On that note, we mentioned that Bitcoin is already accepted across plenty of German casinos, plus new sites receive approval to operate in Germany each month. So, the last step you need to make is to choose a proper, legit German casino to join, which holds a license to operate on the market. Explore a few options and join the site that would work for you best. To make a deposit with your BTCs at a German casino, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to your online casino’s Deposits page and choose Bitcoin.
  2. In the new window, you’ll see the casino’s key which you need to copy.
  3. In a new tab, enter your crypto wallet/trading platform account.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and paste the casino’s key.
  5. Confirm the transfer and watch the coins arrive on your casino balance instantly!

Cashouts with it are as simple; only this time, you'd have to copy your wallet key and paste it into the designated field on the casino's Withdrawals page, after you select Bitcoin as your withdrawal method. Again, as soon as the casino reviews and approves the request, the coins will be instantly processed and available on your crypto wallet in no time!

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Top 3 Methods Offering Bitcoin at Online Casinos

Since plenty of German casinos offer Bitcoin, you should know that it will not always be offered on its own, but sometimes through some payment processors. To make things easier for you, we’ve selected the finest payment methods that offer BTCs, so that if you already have an account with at least one, you can start using the crypto for deposits and withdrawals right away! The following are some of the most convenient modern solutions that will allow you to start using BTC instead of fiat currencies for deposits and withdrawals across many German casinos:

  • NetellerNeteller is one of the most popular payment methods across online casinos, and as of recently, it is also a solution that gives users the chance to purchase and use crypto via its app. Via its app, you can use, buy, hold, and sell crypto, meaning it will function just like a trading platform account, with the option to even convert your coins to euros, too. Along with its sister products, PaySafeCard and Skrill, Neteller is incredibly popular in Europe, Germany included, so you probably already have an account with it; just download its app, too, and you can start making deposits and withdrawals with BTCs via it!
  • MoonPay – Launched in Malta, the crypto and online gambling hub, MoonPay is one of the most crypto-friendly payment methods you’ll find. It is a solution that gives you the chance to directly convert fiat to crypto, without having to visit a trading platform. You can use over 160 currencies, the euro included, to buy more than 90 cryptocurrencies, BTCs included. The best part is, the solution is widely accepted across so many German casinos, so you just need to select it as your payment method and make the smoothest transactions in BTC with it.
  • PayPal – No introduction is needed for PayPal since this is one of the most popular eWallets in Germany; basically, every German citizen has an account with it, as this is one of the longest-operating and reputable eWallets out there. If you, too, already have an account with it, you’d be glad to hear that you can hold and trade BTCs via your PayPal account. And since PayPal is accepted at most, if not all, German online casinos, you can start using it and make your Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals right away!


The coast is clear for you if you wish to start using crypto across German online casinos. Not only that, but you have plenty of options to get started with it and use it for deposits and withdrawals. You can start with it the traditional way, or you can use it via a payment processor, the choice is yours. So, the only thing left for you to do is start the procedure and you’ll enjoy a seamless online gambling time across German casinos with the crypto.


Is online gambling legal in Germany?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Germany since 2021. The Interstate Treaty on Gambling was first introduced in 2008 but was amended in 2012 and 2017, to finally legalize online gambling in 2021. With it, all 16 states in Germany allow both online and land-based gambling.

Who issues the online gambling licenses to operators in Germany?

Since online gambling is regulated on a federal level, the GGL (Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder) is the regulator that issues licenses to interested operators. But, in different states, separate authorities exist, too, such as the Department of Economy, Energy and Business in Berlin.

Do German online casinos accept Bitcoin?

Yes, they do. Most, if not all, online casinos licensed to operate in Germany accept BTCs. You have plenty of options to explore in your search for the proper casino to join to start using the crypto for deposits and withdrawals.

Will I be able to gamble online at German casinos using both BTCs and euros?

Sure. An online casino licensed to operate in Germany will certainly offer euros, but most of the German casinos will also give you the option to use BTCs, therefore, you can switch between them as it suits you.

Can I claim bonuses if I decide to use Bitcoin as a deposit method across German casinos?

Sure thing. What's more, you might even find special Bitcoin bonuses available at some German casinos, offered to cater to all crypto-enthusiasts who wish to enjoy online casino games.