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In the online casino and gambling industry, there are many chances for various companies to boost and revitalize their business. Admittedly so, there are some that didn’t manage to hold their ground at the Banking sections of these websites, but this was mostly due to issues in terms of security, reliability, accessibility, and ultimately, even popularity.

For others however, this growing and rapidly developing industry is much like the promised land, allowing them to boost transaction volume, user base and ultimately, revenue.


... the top picks for online casino banking range across a wide selection of methods. They include the standard existing bank account transfers, as well as top credit and debit card companies – MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, AmEx and more.

Moreover, recent tech advances have modernized funds management, and people these days can complete digitalize their online banking experience through e-wallets and online payment processing intermediaries.Prepaid cards – digital and plastic – are also used in online casino transactions, while the latest type of banking invention points to cryptocurrencies.

With such diversity in banking formats, operators eventually shifted focus towards more dedicated solutions, all with the purpose of achieving greater player satisfaction.

As a result...

... more and more services started catering to niche markets – at a national level, to specific account holders at partnering institutions, or for select merchants exclusively. Due to their unique approach, their success ultimately depends on a number of factors, with some reaching a prominent client pool, while others fall behind.

About Bancontact

About Bancontact

Bancontact is a payment processing company from Belgium, which is its primary market. It issues debit cards that function much like Maestro, the debit card branch of the MasterCard corporation, which explains why so many people associate it with this solution.

However, this company differs...

... from this and other such debit card processors in one key aspect – security. Bancontact performs fund transfer using the specific 3D Secure technology that comes with an extra layer of verification before conducting the payment.

Aside from this, the service offers a range of other perks, such as its dedication to the Belgium market. In fact, interested users need to hold a bank account at one of the partnering institutions from this country in order to qualify for this debit card. These include:

  • Argenta
  • AXA Bank
  • Bank De Kremer
  • Belfius
  • Beobank
  • Bank J. Van Brenda
  • bpost bank/ bpost banque
  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • CBC Banque
  • Crelan
  • CPH Banque
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Fintro
  • Hello Bank
  • ING België
  • KBC Bank
  • KBC Brussels
  • Keytrade Bank
  • Nagelmackers
  • VDK Bank.

Recently, the company has been able to expand its presence into other countries as well. The Netherlands is their second-largest market, with residents of this country being able to conduct Bancontact payments to a number of merchants. They have additionally established a somewhat limited UK presence; still, their efforts show a notable progress in the right direction.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Bancontact

The payment processing company offers a range of payment options for their debit card holders.

Their latest move in this direction saw the company merge with a popular mobile banking method in Belgium – Payconiq. Previously, individuals who wanted to use these services had to access them separately through each of their apps in order to perform mobile payments. Now, the Payconiq by Bancontact app allows them to handle payments anywhere they find either of these companies’ logos.

As their official site suggests, the current range of payment processing solutions includes the following:

1. POS payments

The plastic debit card by Bacontact is accepted at numerous land-based and online locations, meaning holders can use it like any other card issued by their local bank. Once the partner merchant incorporates their POS solution featuring the company logo, holders can easily recognize them as available locations.

What is more, these POSs also have the added capacity to perform contactless transactions. Just spot the contactless symbol on your card and make sure you inform the cashier of your intentions. The amount of the charge will appear on the terminal, and all you need to do is hold the card near it. Bear in mind that this method is only authorized for payments up to €25, so for anything over this amount, you will need to enter your PIN as usual for safety purposes.

2. Online payments

As mentioned earlier, this debit card functions more or less the same way as regular ones we’ve grown accustomed to. One key difference is in the added security layer – for this, you will also need an additional card reader device. With everything in place, you can simply access the e-merchant platform and choose the items in the e-cart. When you select to pay for the amount, you will need to enter the card in the reader, and type out your PIN in order to confirm the payment.

Instead of finalizing the payment, this will redirect you to your online bank account (at one of the partnering banks listed above) which is linked to the card. Confirm the transaction here using a one-time code and the payment is instantly processed.

Mobile payments

3. Mobile payments

The partnership with Payconiq is crucial for this type of payments, and users will need to download and install the specific app on their smartphone or tablet in order to use it. It is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, and functions on the basis of scanning the QR code of the specific transaction.

Both land-based and online retailers have come to use this principle – they generate a QR code for the payment, and the user scans and authorizes it through the app. Even utility bills and invoices which carry a QR code with the Payconiq by Bancontact logo can be paid the same way.

4. Small amounts

This specific payment option is developed for everyday users who are known to pay high fees for payments of smaller amounts. In case of using this payment processing provider, users enjoy much lower rates for small amounts, up to €25.

Using Bancontact for Online Casino Payments

As you can see, this payment processor offers quite a range of services, which helped them spread across a varied network of partnering merchants. The entertainment industry, more specifically interactive online gambling, is one of many that have made use of the perks of this banking method to their own, and their customers’ advantage.

The number of online casino operators that offer this option is still relatively scarce, but it is useful to learn the basics of the process, especially if you are already a resident at the available countries.

How to Make Online Casino Deposits with This Banking Method?

Step 1: For online casino players looking to deposit some funds into their gambling account, there are a few simple steps that help guide the process. Before actually initiating the transfer, check for the logo at the casino Banking page, and make sure you hold a valid account and card. If everything is in place, simply register or log into your online casino player account and head to the depositing section.

Step 2: When you select Bancontact as your deposit banking method, the casino will ask you for the card details, just like with any other credit/debit card payment. You will need to input information such as your card number, holder name and surname, expiration date and CVV2 code. Don’t forget to specify the amount of your deposit, and check if you have enough available funds in the linked bank account for the transaction to go through. After this, simply confirm and proceed.

Step 3: Normally, other credit/debit card transactions would end here, but with Bancontact, there is an additional step to go through. As with the general online payments explained above, players at this point will need to enter the debit card in their card reader and input the PIN. The casino page will redirect you to the online banking service you use, so that you can confirm the transaction and your identity for additional protection.

Step 4: Having done all this, players are redirected back to their online casino platform. Bear in mind, the banking page you visited previously will generate a single-use code that you will need to input to authenticate the transaction. Finally, players are able to check their balances – the transfer should have taken effect immediately, and the funds are instantly credited at their destination.

How to Make Withdrawals?

This service is much less frequently available as a withdrawal method, which is common for such payment processors alike the standard credit/debit cards and bank transfers. When it comes to Bancontact, the service itself does provide the option to receive money via its available channels. Users can even create a QR code with the amount of the transfer, and their own account as the destination, and have it scanned by the person who is supposed to send them money.

The same functionality is available for businesses and legal entities – brick-and-mortar retailers and e-merchants. They can choose between a local POS terminal, or full integration of the payment method’s software into their e-commerce platform. Either way, they will be able to charge for their services or products offering, and collect revenue through this payment method.

Should you find a casino among the Belgium-oriented operators catering this market which offers Bancontact withdrawals, just go to the Banking page and select the option. Then, input the necessary information and verify your profile; you should have the funds credited over to your associated bank account in just a few business days.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Security – The 3DS security technology you have been familiarized with is the key aspect which makes Bancontact different from regular credit and debit cards. Aside from it, the payment method has already built up a reputable track record, which additionally contributes to its trustworthiness.
  • Dedicated service – While market coverage may belong to its weak points, the results of it are definitely one of the service’s strong suits. They are able to analyze and respond to the needs of the particular client base, and achieve ultimate satisfaction rates.
  • Ease of use – Its intention to reflect the credit/debit card banking process for the most part has definitely contributed to this method’s ease of use. People are already familiar with the greater part of the process, and by the time they need to verify the transaction once again, the overall intuitive layout makes everything easy and simple.
  • Low fee charges – This is definitely an advantage for online payment processors, since most of them charge rather steeply for their intermediary services. However, with Bancontact, this convenience is further extended with the extra low fees for small amounts mentioned above.
  • Easy integration – Merchants that choose to integrate this payment option in their retail venue, land or online, can do so easily. The procedure can start straight from the website, and with the numerous terminal partners and suppliers, as well as partnering payment processors, these merchants can choose the most convenient access and integration point.

Still, there are some inconsistencies that need to be improved, such as:

  • Country restrictions – The country restrictions are bound to result into some disadvantages. Thus, the user base isn’t able to use the payment method at sites oriented towards audiences from countries other than Belgium, as well as the Netherlands and UK, to some extent.
  • Withdrawal restrictions – Even online casinos that do accept payments with this banking method are often restrictive in regards to their withdrawals. In fact, hardly any of them offer this option to their player pool.

Bancontact Casinos

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Can online casino players using this banking method claim any bonuses or rewards?

Yes, they can claim any bonus or promotion that they are eligible for, regardless of the fact that they are using this banking method for making deposits.

Is there a contact option for customer support, in case I need to get some answers about the payments?

Yes, the company’s official website offers an instant, ready-made contact form where users can simply fill in the boxes with the specific issue or inquiry. Should they prefer to solve the problem themselves, there is an equipped and extensive FAQ knowledgebase as well.

Which casinos offer Bancontact as a banking method?

Among the few online casino operators that offer this banking method, there are Extraspel Casino, bwin Casino, BigBang Casino, b-Bets and Ramses Gold.

Are there any suitable alternatives for online casino players who can’t use this banking method?

Yes, due to the fact that it is rather restrictive, this method is only available to a select portion of the player pool. Thus, these players turn to alternative methods such as regular credit cards, debits and bank wires, or online payment processors.

Could I use Bancontact as an online casino payment method as a regular card, by clicking on the credit/debit card payment option at the banking section?

No, this card cannot process payments the same way as regular credit and debit cards can. Due to the added 3D Secure technology, it needs to go through its specific payment gateway in order to perform a successful transaction.