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Last Updated: February 4, 2020

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OneTouch Software & 3 Online Casinos Reviewed


OneTouch is an online casino software developer that is based out of the Isle of Man. The company was founded in 2015 and focuses on the mobile market primarily, putting out a series of table games and slot machines that can be played on your smartphone. The group uses the Provably Fair system for ensuring that their games are on the level, and they’ve done a good job of showing that everything is legitimate with their titles.

OneTouch has an interesting mixture of games, which I applaud. I'm bored with doing reviews of slots only software brands. Of their ten games at the time of this review, only two were slots. They also have the rarely seen Russian Poker (sometimes called Lunar Poker). All due credit for trying something different.

I do have to take OneTouch to task for a couple of things:

  • Some of their pays are extremely stingy. For example, the side bet in Russian Poker has a house edge of 18.34%. However, their sic bo game is the worst. The bet on a total of 4 or 17 pays only 18 to 1, for a house edge of 47.22%. Meanwhile, their slots, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat games are competitive. They need to be more consistent with the kind of value they offer their players.
  • They clearly ripped off my rules for Russian Poker for their help file. More on that in my section for that game.

OneTouch does hold a gaming license through the jurisdiction of Malta, and they’ve been working with different platform groups to distribute their games in regulated markets. The future for this group is bright, and it will be interesting to see where they go moving forward.

OneTouch Casinos

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Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

OneTouch follows the stingy Andar Bahar rules that pay only 0.85 on Andar and 0.95 on Bahar. Here is the house edge on these bets and other side bets:

  • Andar: 4.72%
  • Bahar: 5.43%
  • 20+ cards: 7.11%
  • Suit of Middle Card: 7.50%
  • Under/over 8: 7.69%
  • Exactly 8: 7.69%

If you must play, my advice is to stick to the Andar bet only.

In Between

In Between

In Between is a unique game to OneTouch, as far as I know. It places three cards in a row and wins if the middle card falls between the left and right cards in rank. There is also a two-card hand as a second way to win. Please click the link for more information.

The bottom line is a house edge of 5.41% on the Main bet and 13.94% on the Poker bet.


Commission-free baccarat


OneTouch offers two versions of baccarat, the standard game that pays 0.95 on a Banker win, and the Nepal variant of commission-free baccarat, where a Banker win on 6 pays 1 to 2. As a reminder, the house edge on the Banker bet in the commission-free version is 1.46%, which should be compared to the 1.06% of conventional baccarat. Both games are played with eight decks.

Both games offer the following side bets:

  • Tie — Pays 8 to 1 — House edge of 14.36%.
  • Player pair — Pays 11 to 1 — House edge of 10.36%.
  • Banker pair — Pays 11 to 1 — House edge of 10.36%.
  • Either pair — Pays 5 to 1 — House edge of 13.71%.
  • Perfect pair — Pays 25 to 1 — House edge of 13.03%.
  • Small (four total cards) — Pays 1.5 to 1 — House edge of 5.27%.
  • Big (five or six total cards) — Pays 0.54 to 1 — House edge of 4.35%.

Source: baccarat side bets.

Big Six

Wheel of Fortune

OneTouch offers Big Six, which they call Wheel of Fortune. They nicely follow the liberal Australian rules, which have a house edge of 7.69% on every bet.



The blackjack game has the following rules:

  • Eight decks
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Player may double on 9 to 11 only
  • Double after split allowed
  • Player may re-split to up to four hands
  • Re-splitting aces not allowed
  • No surrender
  • Player may play one to three hands

They also offer the Perfect Pairs side bet, using the 5-12-25 pay table.

The house edge on the base game is 0.75% and on Perfect Pairs is 4.10%.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger game follows the standard rules. The player may bet on the winning side, tie, and whether each side will be red or black and high or low. The tie bet pays 10 to 1 (which is better than some competing software brands what pay 8 to 1 only). There is also a scoreboard, which suggests to me the game is dealt from a shoe. Perhaps the color and high/low bets are countable (shut up Wiz!), but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

For the recreational players, I recommend sticking with the Dragon and Tiger bets at a house edge of 3.73%. The house edge on the color and hi/low bets are 7.69% and on the tie is 17.83%.

Russian Poker

Russian Poker

OneTouch is one of the few software providers to offer Russian Poker, also known as Lunar Poker. Briefly, this is a variant of Caribbean Stud Poker, with lots of additional options added. The rules are not always the same, so here is how OneTouch does some that vary in the land casinos of eastern Europe, where this game is popular:

  • No instant payout for straight and royal flush. This increases the house edge by 0.43%.
  • Instead of a Super Wager bet, they have a "Bonus" bet. The analysis of that below shows a house edge of 18.34% (ouch!)
  • Dealer qualifying insurance is allowed with a player three of a kind or better.
  • The dealer card exchange option is offered.

Normally the house edge in Lunar Poker is 4.90%. However, eliminating the instant payout rule increases that to 5.33%. Keep in mind this is the ratio of the expected loss to Ante wager. With all the subsequent bets, the element of risk (ratio of expected loss to total amount bet) will be 2.59%.

The following table shows my analysis of the Bonus bet.

Bonus Bet Analysis

Hand Pays Combinations Probability Return
Royal flush 1,500 4 0.000002 0.002309
Straight flush 800 36 0.000014 0.011081
Four of a kind 250 624 0.000240 0.060024
Full house 150 3,744 0.001441 0.216086
Flush 100 5,108 0.001965 0.196540
Straight 50 10,200 0.003925 0.196232
Three of a kind 5 54,912 0.021128 0.105642
All other -1 2,524,332 0.971285 -0.971285
Total 2,598,960 1.000000 -0.183370

Finally, I wish to take OneTouch to task for copying the rules for this game on my site for their help file without attribution. They changed them a little to suit their unique rules, but most are the same word-for-word. Here is an example:

"If a player's winning hand also contains a second poker combination, then the player will be paid for both combinations, even if the second combination doesn't beat the dealer's hand. For the second combination to qualify, it must contain at least one card which wasn't included in the first winning combination."Wizard of Odds.

"If the player's winning hand also contains a second poker combination, then the player will be paid for both combinations, even if the second combination doesn't beat the dealer's hand. For the second combination to qualify, it must contain at least one card which wasn’t included in the first winning combination. Should there be more than one way to make a second combination the highest paying combination will be used." — OneTouch help file for Russian Poker.



The roulette game is played on a single-zero wheel for a house edge of 2.70% on every bet.

Sic Bo

Sic bo

OneTouch has a very stingy pay table in sic bo, as follows:

Sic Bo Analysis

Bet Pays Combinations Probability House Edge
Small, Big 1 105 48.61% 2.78%
Even, Odd 1 105 48.61% 2.78%
4, 17 50 3 1.39% 29.17%
5, 16 18 6 2.78% 47.22%
6, 15 14 10 4.63% 30.56%
7, 14 12 15 6.94% 9.72%
8, 13 8 21 9.72% 12.50%
9, 12 6 25 11.57% 18.98%
10, 11 6 27 12.50% 12.50%
Triple 150 1 0.46% 30.09%
Any triple 24 6 2.78% 30.56%
Double 8 16 7.41% 33.33%
Two die combination 5 30 13.89% 16.67%
Any number 1,2,3 91 42.13% 7.87%

It bears repeating that these wins are very stingy. Paying only 18 to 1 on a total of 5 or 16, for a house edge of 47.22% is almost stealing. I have wag my finger and say "shame on you!" to OneTouch for being so petty in this game. As I've said many times, you can shear a sheep many times, but slaughter it only once.

Slot machines

Sumo show down

Juicy 7

Steam Vault

Bubbles Bonanza

At the time of the latest update of this review there were two slot machines. The corporate web site kindly indicates the returns, but the help files do not. Here they are:

  • Juicy 7 — 96.10%
  • Sumo Showdown — 96.35%
  • Steam Vault -- 96.10%
  • Bubbles Bonanza -- 97.42%
  • Wacky Wildlife -- 96.04%
  • Fortune Miner -- 97.13%
  • Lucky Lion -- 97.01%
  • Traveling Treasures – India -- 96.13%
  • Golden Stripe -- 97.42%
  • Watford FC Slot -- 96.10%

Texas Hold 'Em Bonus

Hold Em Poker

OneTouch offers Texas Hold 'Em Bonus under the name Hold 'Em Poker. I prefer to refer to games by their original names. They follow the liberal Las Vegas rules, where a straight or better is needed to win on the Ante, for a house edge of 2.04% and an element of risk of 0.53%.

There is a side bet called the "side bet," which pays based on the poker value of the player's hand. The 2-4-6-10-20-50-250 pay table has a house edge of 6.92%.

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