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Safe Bet for Blackjack



The Safe Bet is a side bet available in the Jackpot blackjack game by Dragonfish, a provider of software to Internet casinos. The idea is simple, the bet pays 3 to 2 if the player's first two cards are a hard total of 12 to 16 and composed of two different ranks.



This side bet is based on the player's initial two cards. It pays 3 to 2 if the player has a "stiff" hand, meaning a total of 12 to 16 with no aces and can't be split.

In the game I found it by Dragonfish, four decks are used.



The following table shows my analysis of Safe Bet, assuming four decks. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 7.84%.

Safe Bet — Four Decks

Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
Win 1.5 7,936 0.368636 0.552954
Lose -1 13,592 0.631364 -0.631364
Total   21,528 1.000000 -0.078410

The next pay table shows the house edge only for various number of decks.

House Edge Table

Decks House Edge
1 6.49%
2 7.39%
4 7.84%
5 7.93%
6 7.99%
8 8.06%